Cosmic Awareness: The Spiritual Energies are Greatly Intensifying as Ascension Approaches

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

November 23rd, 2012

Welcome, Cosmic Awareness. We are wondering if you have a message that you would like to give to us tonight.

That this Awareness, this Cosmic Awareness, is indeed available tonight to share a thought, to give information, to provide insight in these most interesting times. That this Awareness declares that It is indeed the time of the ending or that which has often been referred to as the End Times, a phrase that has historical precedence. This time period does indeed mark the final phase of a journey that has lasted thousands and thousands of years. That the experiment into dualistic reasoning, dualistic reality, dualism of mind and heart, is now complete. And that, indeed, these times, these interesting times, mark a great success in the experiment of the negative force being stronger than the force of Light, or that which would be understood to be the essence of God. This experiment was designed to see what would occur if those of spirit who descended into the body did not realize their fullness of being, did not truly evolve to a point where they understood that they are indeed spiritual beings having a physical existence.

At the same time, it was determined in this experience of consciousness, that the negative would be predominant, that it would take ultimate control and lead the planet to the brink of destruction. That this situation had indeed occurred in other times, that which is of great importance, is the time that is the time of Atlantis. And it could be said that this time around, it was decided to see if the result could change. That this has been a continuance of those Atlantean experiences and experiment, for many who are the leaders of nations, many who are the authorities, are indeed the same ones who were there during Atlantean times, and who misdirected that continent towards a merging in dark forces, the reptilian/Orion forces, which did eventually take control there. Just as they have taken control once again in this modern historical time. The difference this time is that it will not be allowed to again occur. That these dark ones completely submit this planet, Mother Earth, Gaia, to the same fate that occurred on the continent of Atlantis, which also led to a downfall of civilization at that time.

Indeed, at this time, the intent and design of great spirit, of the Divine, of the essence of God, has been and is to allow these ones to come to this point, but, instead of destroying the continent of North America and subjecting the whole world to catastrophe, a greater event would occur. This greater event is the extinguishing of that experiment and the uplifting of human consciousness, as well as the planetary consciousness. The planetary consciousness did not evolve at the time of Atlantis. That is why the experiment continued onwards, after those peoples of Atlantis reassembled themselves in various locations around the world. That, on this occasion, the force of consciousness has indeed finally reached a point where Mother Earth, Gaia, is ready herself, first and foremost, to ascend into a new level of consciousness that will be 5th dimensional in nature.

That humanity has also come to a point of crucial decision. And that while the forces that are in control and in power still would have it their way, there is a sizeable number that constitute a tipping point, that has finally been reached. That number is one that is in some ways irrelevant. For what is of more importance is that the tipping point has been reached, and a sizeable number of humanity has reached this point. That there is some speculation by individuals of what that number needs to be. But, it is inconsequential, for truly, what is of importance, is not even the amount of people on the planet’s surface who have reached that point, but that many have reached a high point of conscious awareness.

And that also what is of extreme importance is that individuals are taking responsibility for their own journey towards evolution of spirit and soul. Ultimately, it does not matter if two billion reach this tipping point, or twelve million or ten. What ultimately matters here is that each individual takes full responsibility for their own ascension process. And that in achieving this, they will spread their consciousness outward and they will connect with the many others who are also blossoming at this time, who are also spreading the wings of their consciousness outward to touch the many who have reached this point.

Why this is relevant is because it now means that the living force of the Divine can be stronger than it has ever been. Can be of a nature that it can promote even more, this acceleration of consciousness. That many are concerned that in these times, mass destruction will occur. But, as the web of consciousness spreads around the planet, and as many more are reaching this tipping point, the web creates a matrix of higher consciousness. The living force that is the Divine, indeed, is such that It now is available and is accelerating in these end times. This means that it is not only the machinations and plans of those dark ones who have, indeed, a hidden agenda that are in force, but also that the Divine essence of God Itself is participating now in ways that have not been seen before on this planet. And the ways of the Divine are much more powerful than any machination and plans of the dark ones who have had control for so long.

Many find it hard to believe that the force of the Divine could be as potent or as powerful, for the truth of the matter is, for most they have not ever experienced this in a personal way or a collective way. Thus, many would energize the dark force before the forces of Light, before the forces of the Divine.

That this Awareness brings this information forward at this time to assist the many of the lightworkers, those who have volunteered to be in physical existence during these crucial times. To have hope. To have a deeper understanding that one and all of those who are the lightworkers are not alone. That you, each individual hearing these words, who is of the light, who is of the Divine, who has been seeking their inner awareness and connection to the Divine, awaken now to a much greater truth than has ever been popular in recent times. That the presence of the Divine God essence is now available, and can be tapped into. It is increasing in Its strength and it will bring about a mass conversion of many who are straddling the fence, who have some precepts of these times and of their purpose and plan here, but have doubts, are still held back and constrained by their negativity and their lack of faith and belief.

That the living force of the Divine is in all things, is in the air and in the earth. It is in every creature, every plant, flower. In every molecule and cell. It is in the essence of Mother Earth, in her being. It is in the fabric of each human being. In each cell. In the DNA structure itself. And as the tipping point has been reached, as the energies of the Divine have touched a significant number, that this consciousness will begin to spread very quickly to those who have long prepared themselves, and even to those who have waffled, who have toyed with and played with, but have not yet made the deeper commitment. This energy is now available on this planet. And this Awareness wishes at this time to make this announcement, that it is so.

Do not simply look to the proof that is being presented on your television each and every night, that it is a dark world and that there is brutality and violence with little hope. Look instead inside of yourself to see the burgeoning energies of the Divine that are now increasing. Look around you to the planet herself. See her beauty and her radiance. Understand that as you accept this living Divine force, it will energize you. It will enhance you. It will elevate your frequencies and vibrations and it will lead you forward. This is not, unfortunately, to say that all will be open to this living force, all will understand it or accept it. For many have stayed asleep. Many have as their spiritual purpose, the intent and desire to have the experience of a planet in chaos and destruction while the ascension process proceeds, not ever understanding that this is a moment of a shifting consciousness, of the intervention of Divine consciousness and it is a state of ignorance and being asleep.

But, as it was and is the soul purpose to have such experiences, this Awareness says that, even this is part of the higher plan of the Divine. It is part of the ongoing and the evolution of each and every soul, and each and every aspect of the soul that is having a physical experience.

For those who are awakening more and more to the Divine essence that is beginning to truly stir now and will accelerate over the next three weeks until the 12th and then go into super mode from the 12th of December until the 21st of September. This Awareness says to you: all, look for the miracles and the magic of life. Look for the wonder and the joy in the unfolding events. Recognize the greater purpose behind the events. Do not be fooled or misled by those who preach violence and destruction, chaos and doom. That even while the events unfold around you, that are chaotic and upheaval, that are destructive and demoralizing, do not be led into these energies. Recognize them for what they are: the death throes of a experiment in consciousness.

That you are, each and one of you, Divine in your nature. That each and every one is a part of the Divine plan for these times. And that many have come specifically, indeed, this Awareness would say, all have come specifically at this time to have the experience of these times. Those who have volunteered to be present in this time of unfolding, this time of ending, this time of new beginnings, have done so with clear inner awareness that they indeed did volunteer. They have come to the planet at this time to have this experience. Those who stay asleep, those who stay within the control and the manipulation of those dark forces also have come onto this planet at this time to have their own unique experiences. And those who have played in darkness, taken control, enslaved, destroyed, manipulated, and controlled the masses for so long are also here by intent, even if it is not recognized by them ultimately. They may think that they have control yet. They may feel that they can still manipulate events in their favor and maintain the blindness and ignorance of the masses to their benefit, but they are wrong.

Many forces are at movement here, are in movement now, in motion now, beyond any plan, thoughts, ideas that those who have played in darkness for so long can even fathom or entertain. That they cannot fully see the future any longer, for even though they are based in a 4th-dimensional consciousness and have much of their information from this level of consciousness that is not controlled by time, thus they can see many of the timelines, many have been hidden from them. And, therefore, they have continued on their way in the assumption that their viewing of future scenarios will all work to their benefit. They will not.

There is indeed the X-factor that is now beginning to make itself understood, known, perceived and recognized. This X-factor is the Divine spark, the Light and Love of the Godhead, the God essence, the Divine being that is all and everything. It is even beyond that of the comprehension of many of the lightworkers, but it is in unison with their inner perception, their inner feelings, their inner sensitivity. They understand from places beyond the rational that they are here to be part of this great unfolding. As each understands this, each moves towards a greater participation in these unfolding events. Move beyond the point where fear dominates and controls, for they will see the unfolding events as those that have so long been promised, both in many of the historical predictions made throughout the centuries, as well as the inner state of awareness that is rapidly accelerating. Absolutely expanding into new levels of comprehension that have for so long been unavailable and inaccessible. Thus, it is that this Awareness says: be joyful. Be uplifted. Be spontaneous in the celebration of the Divine and the unfolding events. This is not a tragic time, but rather the heralded time that has so long been predicted, so long awaited by so many. That this is indeed the end times of the old and the new dawn of the enlightenment and ascension of consciousness.

That this Awareness is open for questions at this time.

Thank you, Awareness, for that opening message. I would ask for further clarification regarding a statement you made in the opening message where you indicated that the influx of energies coming through, which would start to increase on the 12th of December through to the 21st of September, I think it was that you said. Does this mean that this energy will take around the 21st of December and then slowly taper off towards September of next year? Or what entirely was the reason for you mentioning September?

That indeed you are correct. This Awareness will explain further, though. That the 21st of December is the time of completion. That on some level, this Awareness meant the 21st of December as the date of completion, and that the nine-day period between the 12th of December and the 21st of December would see the most intense events of all, the most intense energies at play, in order to bring the planet to that time of transition and ascension.

But, that this Awareness is also stating that there will be a continuance of those energies after the date of completion, as things indeed wind down. That it took many months to build the energies to this point. Indeed, this Awareness would even say it took many years, decades, and centuries to reach this point in time. And it will not simply shut off for those many timelines that will continue on the Planet A/B and A. And that for those who move into the balanced and harmonized energies of timelines that will be on the balanced and harmonized Planet A/B, that there will be a continual wind-down until the 21st of September, 2013.

That many do think and believe that the planet will be destroyed or completely wiped out up until the 21st, which is final destruction at this time. This Awareness does not entirely see it that way for all timelines. There are several scenarios, indeed, that will lead to Planet B, where a huge extinction event will occur and life on the surface of this planet will no longer be as abundant or fertile as it once was. And many of those timelines in this post-apocalyptic scenario, these post-apocalyptic timelines, will experience the destruction of the planet to a large degree and will exist underground. It is the main reason why so many of the Powers That Be have focused their attention to building their bases and habitats underground, for they know what is coming above ground. And that for them, they will scurry into their rat holes in order to survive, allowing the masses on the surface to be eradicated. But, this is only in those timelines of a Planet B scenario. And it is seen that on those levels, that what will be left is not the fertile and vibrant planet that exists now, Mother Earth, Gaia, but rather the shell of Gaia. The essence and consciousness of Gaia having left, having ascended, leaving that which is the shell of her former body behind, which will become the Planet B location for many of those who wish to experience timelines in such a survivalist environment. There are many timelines involved on the Planet B scenario. Not all will be of this nature, but this Awareness speaks of this now so that it is distinguished that the energies that this Awareness was speaking of, of winding down, will not apply strictly to the majority of timelines experienced by those choosing a Planet B experience after the completion of the ascension process on December 21st.

But for those who will continue to experience the dualistic experiment in consciousness, but a new variation of that theme, one that will no longer have those dark forces in control and dominant, will no longer see the imbalance that has been the design and purpose of this present experiment. That these are the ones that will be experiencing the winding down of the energies that have ramped up over the weeks and months of this past year, 2012. That if it is so that they have experienced major events of chaos and destruction, it will take many months to clear things up for those who have those timelines that they will be experiencing.

There will be others who will go through the three days of the void. And it is during these three days, that the planet itself will be reformed and reintegrated into the new matrix and model that will be the new version of Planet A/B. This, of course, the balanced and harmonized Planet A/B. Let this Awareness be clear: It is stating that some will come through the event and they will remember the upheaval. They will remember the chaos and they will deal with this and recreate their societies, energies being available to assist them over a period of time, coming to a gradual tapering and ending, in and around September 21st, 2013. Yet, there are other timelines on the Planet A/B scenario, where many will not be as subject to the memories of the upheaval and chaos. This is that period of time that this Awareness has referred to as the three days of the void. Many call this the “three days of the darkness.” But it will be a period where many who choose to carry on without the traumatic stress that might accompany such upheaval will indeed go into this state of suspended animation, if you will, while all around them is reformed and re-installed. And that they will come out of it, seeing the planet in a way as if all continued without interruption, and they will not necessarily have the trauma experience that others, who choose to have it, may have.

That this is why this Awareness inadvertently spoke of the 21st of September, without first mentioning December 21st. It is simply seen as a winding down period. But let this Awareness be very clear again here: that the period of time between the 12th of December and the 21st of December will be that which is the most crucial period available in the ascension process, and it is here that the greatest changes will have affect. Is this clear?

Yes. Thank you, Awareness, for making that clear. Can you also help us at this time in giving us some idea of how we should be using our imagination?

That this is extremely important at this time. That this Awareness has talked of the importance of imagination, previously. But It wishes to re-emphasize what It has said before. That it is imagination about all that will assist individuals during these times to create the timelines that they will choose to experience. Imagination is a very powerful force of creativity and creation. And the Powers That Be know this. They know it so well that they have tried to extinguish it in the human psyche. They have created educational systems where those who have strong and powerful imaginations are restricted and even sometimes punished. Their educational system does not value free thinking and imagination, but repetitiveness and no thought, no thinking, original thinking, that it is rewarded when one simply follows the teachings given. Whereas free thinking is often punished, as this Awareness has said. This does not stop imagination, it simply makes it harder for those who have imagination in the school system, especially in America at this time. But, this is a world-wide trend as well.

That imagination is the tool of the mind and the heart and the spirit, that can see something being so, can image it or imagine it. It is that which will most direct the individual in the creation of the timelines that they wish to experience and are guided to experience. Imagination works both in the light and in the dark. That those in power have manipulated for a long time, the imagination of the populace with their films and their books and their news and their teachings. Thus it is, when there is a preponderance of negative films, for example, stressing and emphasizing time and time again, the violence of the world. The negativity. The brutality, that is there. That the imagination is funneled into such perceptions and the individual begins to believe, because they imagine it, because their imagination is being coerced to the belief that it is a violent world and they thus believe this to be so.

And they create the timeline experience that validates this. They live in cities of violence. They experience random acts of violence. They do not trust one another any longer. They do not help one another. This was seen, unfortunately, during Hurricane Sandy, when individuals barred their doors to others in need of help. One case, where a woman in desperation knocked at the door of one who refused to open the door and her two young children were swept away. This is the type of world that those in power have created and it has been created by the manipulation of the beliefs of individuals by curtailing and restricting their imagination and their ability to free think, think freely.

That the imagination can also be that of the Light, where one imagines and images the new world, the world that the individual, each individual, would love to live in and exist in. Where they can imagine a planet free of pollution. Free of violence. Free of the dark ones. All of this is part of the imagination.

It has often been said that truth will set one free, but imagination will see it to be so. Will create it. Imagination is truly that which sets one free. And that this is something that all must understand and use in these times now, where the Divine spark is indeed finally coming through strongly, where one can align their imagination to this new energy and allow themselves, each and every one, to see themselves in the energy, to experience the energies of the Divine, and to imagine the bright new world that lies ahead. Does this answer your question?

Yes. Thank you, Awareness. In a recent personal reading, you mentioned the term, “The Children of God”. Would you like to explain that concept in relation to what you have just told us about using our imagination as being part of the Divine?

Indeed. The children of God are all of those on the planet at this time. That all are the children of God, if one understands that all are spirit beings having a physical existence.

But, more specifically, that this term, “The Children of God”, is in direct reference to the many who have come onto this planet, specifically from those higher levels of consciousness, as volunteers to assist this process of ascension of Mother Earth, Gaia, and humanity. That they are also often called the lightworkers. The Wanderers. The Servants of the Divine. But, that the term “The Children of God”, also refers to those who are the Elohim. The Elohim are those who were of the original inhabitants of the original experiment of Planet Earth, millions of years ago. They evolved. They moved into higher levels of spirit, higher levels of consciousness. They have always been involved with this planet and her evolution, and the evolution of humanity as well. That there are many who come from this level of consciousness, who are inhabitants on the planet itself, inhabiting the bodies of the many who are the lightworkers.

That these are the ones that the term “The Children of God”, or alternatively, the Children of the Elohim, refers to. That this Awareness also suggests that there are two versions of the Elohim as well. There have been the Elohim of the Light and the Elohim of the Dark. The dark ones are also participating on the evolutionary process of Mother Earth, as well as those who are indeed in cooperation with the dark Elohim. The Orions are also part of that construction in consciousness.


But that it is now time for the light Elohim, the children of god, to make their move, to come into power, to guide humanity forward. Thus, the lightworkers, the wanderers, the servants of the Divine, the children of God, are now indeed coming finally into their power. And it is a power that will lead the planet to her ascension and those, the many who are the servants, the children of god, into their ascension.

Thank you. Thank you for explaining that.

We have no further questions tonight. Do you have an ending message for us?

That this Awareness says, in speaking tonight of the introduction at a higher level than ever before of the Divine energies as they now begin to ramp up, gear up, involve themselves to the highest degree in the unfolding events, It has spoken of imagination and how powerful the tool of imagination is in this process of imagining oneself connected to the high Divine energies, of creating the timelines that one wishes to participate in and not simply being prisoner to the machinations of those Powers That Be, who have operated in darkness and from the dark.

It has mentioned as well the children of God, the children of Elohim, that those who are the lightworkers, the wanderers, the servants of the Divine, will begin now to recognize themselves more and more as those who are the children of God, participating with their imagination in the acceleration of the Divine energies that are coming forward at this time to redefine the world. Redefine consciousness. To elevate humanity and Mother Earth into higher states of consciousness.

That all of this and more is indeed that which is present now and is ramping up, as this Awareness has said. It is crucial to hold these thoughts, this knowledge, this knowing, for there will be many forces there, out there, that would knock one off of the log, would divert one, would entrap one in these false imaginings, that it is a world that is being destroyed, that is hopeless, that is without merit and without reason.

That this is a planet of ultimate reason, God’s reason, the Divine reason, and that as these times unfold, remember always that you, each and every one of you, who hear these words and those who know it from within who have not heard these words, that they are the sparks of God, they are the acceleration of Divine consciousness into the darkness that has been bringing new light, new love, new hope, new compassion, and new joy into this new world. It is a time of great rejoicing and celebration that, finally, the forces of the Divine that has seen to be so absent for so long are indeed making themselves known, showing themselves. That the illusion of destruction, death, chaos, that many will see around them, must always be remembered as that which is necessary at this time to sweep away the old, to sweep away the dross, and to clear the way for the recreation of the planet and the matrix that is now being formed. That they do not descend down into the chaos, but rise above it. Know that as things seem to vanish and extinguish and are removed, it is simply part of the reformulation of the planet that is underway, and that this will be completed by December 21st.

For those who feel nothing is changing, be, indeed, satisfied that you are creating a world where you are not necessarily needing to go through the death and chaos. But, even on those levels, there will be many changes and simply because it seems that there is no change, does not mean that change is not happening and that many timelines are full of change. It simply means that the timeline you are creating as the individual is one where you may not necessarily perceive these changes. But, this Awareness says indeed many will see and know the changes. Many will see and know the inner truth of these changes, and many, indeed, will move now towards acceleration and expansion, will move now towards the attainment of that which they have come for: planetary ascension, personal ascension and ascension of that group of beings that this Awareness calls the Children of God.

This completes tonight’s message. It is done. In beauty, it is done. It is complete.

Thank you, Awareness. We appreciate the message that you have given us tonight.

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  1. Can admin, truth, or somebody reply to these comments and questions?
    How accurate has Will been in channeling Cosmic A? At one time says changes are beginning the 12th – good in enlightenment but bad in destruction and winding down after Dec 21 2012. Sounds pretty certain but can be changed either by enlightenment or imagination? Is this not a shared experience on the earth on which we stand? Also says those who do not look for change might not see it or might not be as bad. That makes no sense to stick your head in ground and it pays off? Is Cosmic A saying this will happen in Dec or not? Also refers to difficulty surviving on surface so “elites” who have bunkers survive? It works that way? Contradictions cover all possibilities and use imagination of individuals to determine the collective outcome? Crazy….

    • I have replied to your emails, but received no reply in return.

      I can’t address every question you listed as I simply don’t have the time. However, i think you are misunderstanding what Awareness is saying. Every person will experience their own personal timeline based on what they have created for themselves, hence the continual references to different timelines. Some have chosen timelines with destruction and chaos, others have chose timelines of peace and spiritual enlightenment. Both are accommodated, which is why it may seem Awareness is contradicting itself. It is not, it is simply referring to both scenarios being possible and simultaneously occurring. If you are not familiar with String Theory or the concept of timelines it can seem contradictory, but I assure you it is now. You just have to understand that there are multiple realities occurring. Some in chaos in destruction and some in ascension and calm — and everything in between!

      Awareness says that the energies will peak on Dec. 21st, 2012 and unwind over the course of 2013 to approx. Sept. 23rd.

      Hope that helps and check your email!! Make sure to also look through your spam folders. I replied to your email a few days ago…


  2. This message is directed to the entity called Larry Prescott;

    Greetings Larry:

    As a fellow Spiritual teacher ( of which Will Berlinghof is one of the strongest ) I also come from that learning and perspective that Will offers and can validate for you, Larry, that the individual called Will Berlinghof IS a valid channel for Universal Consciousness or what has been called…”Cosmic Awareness”.

    Larry, I too, used to live in the world of ’empirical logic’ and duality of perception. It took many, many years or mental discipline and great emotional inner trauma, in order to free myself of those limiting beliefs that we all learn as a child.

    I was very similar to you, Larry, in that, my perception of reality was colored by my ‘focus’ through the ego and lower levels of my consciousness.

    Learning to develop new areas or levels of conscious focus while removing my reliance on the mental faculties changed my entire understanding of how reality works.

    This also, created new and greater ‘self-awareness’ of my inter-connectivity with others and consciousness itself. And so, Larry, I am suggesting that, you also, begin that journey in self-awareness and open yourself to new beliefs, attitudes and mental constructs.

    For if one continues to attempt to catch fish in the river, using the same outdated or ineffective methods, then, one will always be limited to that perspective or ‘way’ of experiencing that event.

    But, if one decides to…open oneself to new or innovative ideas, concepts, principles or methods, then…one can learn and understand reality in a new and empowering way, would you agree Larry?

    You have asked for learning support regarding the info. here in this website.

    And, if you will allow me, I will offer you that support, but remember, to always doubt, explore and investigate that input or knowledge to find out…”WHAT IS…TRUTH….for you”.

    Now, Larry, relating to your comments here on this page…it appears you are suggesting that “Also says those who do not look for change might not see it or might not be as bad. That makes no sense to stick your head in ground and it pays off? Is Cosmic A saying this will happen in Dec or not?”

    This is what you have stated.

    As I intuitively listen to your energies / thoughts, it appears that….your perspective is based in limitation and Absolute thinking. I used to do the same thing, so it is clear and easy to understand or perceive when others do it, ( smiling warmly ) .

    It appears that it is not the insight from Awareness that is causing you problems…but rather, it is your own misplaced focus of attention, in that, you are perceiving reality from a ‘dualistic’ perspective ( right or wrong perspective ) rather than a multidimensional perspective.

    Another limiting perspective that makes it difficult for you to understand is….the belief that you do not have FREEWILL. It is clear, that you DO perceive reality from this angle. This is what appears to be creating the confusion in your present perspective, my friend.

    Now, to continue, it appears that Admin. has clarified this for you by stating:”Every person will experience their own personal timeline based on what they have created for themselves, hence the continual references to different timelines. Some have chosen timelines with destruction and chaos, others have chose timelines of peace and spiritual enlightenment. Both are accommodated, which is why it may seem Awareness is contradicting itself.”

    This is as clear as it can be, Larry.

    If you, Larry, have further questions….please feel free to ask.

    With respect…..


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