Cosmic Awareness: What the Mainstream Media is Keeping Hidden From You

October 17 in Canada, October 18, 2012 in Australia

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghof | Cosmic Awareness

The Law of Love is that Law which places the welfare and the concern and the feelings of others within self.  The Law of Love is that close affinity with all forces that we associate with as good. The Law of Love is that force which denies the existence of evil in the world that resists not. Love is the path of least resistance.

Does Awareness have an opening message or any topic It would wish to discuss at this moment?

There is no opening message. Rather this Awareness would prefer to answer the question that has been sent in
to you.

Thank you. Very good. The first question is from Bill C. in Utah ( Re: Nibiru

“Cosmic Awareness, given that there has been no official disclosure of Nibiru, nor of the extraterrestrial presence, in addition to the Galactic Federation shielding Earth from the full effects of Nibiru, such that seismic and volcanic activity has remained relatively calm, combined with the absence of any massive displays of Galactic Federation ships, it is somewhat difficult to imagine that there will be any cause whatsoever for a mass awakening of Humanity prior to December 21, 2012. Without revealing any strategic plans of the Galactic Federation, is there any information you can share with us to dispel the notion that the status quo will remain in place right up to December 21st, or is that the plan, to maintain the status quo?” Your comments please?

That this Awareness would say that simply because there is no reporting of extraordinary events through the public media, that there is no reporting of events through official channels does not mean that nothing is happening. Quite the opposite is indeed the truth here. There is much happening, and when one is aware of where to go to find this information, one will be astounded indeed as to what is truly transpiring. As for example, the matter of Nibiru and its approach where it is not seen on the 6 o’clock news, this does not mean that one cannot find evidence of its approach, cannot find pictures of Nibiru, cannot find pictures of other spacecraft, that surround it that are working to prevent the catastrophic results that might happen if Nibiru were allowed to simply come as close as it is designed to come.

There are many websites available that are showing these pictures that have information as to the effects of Nibiru on Mother Earth and on humanity at this time, and this Awareness says that it is already quite sizeable the affect of Nibiru on planet Earth, on humanity. It is not always what can be seen physically and tangibly that matter here, but rather to know that the energies that are being affected are often subtle, often invisible seemingly to observation. Therefore, in response to this first part of Bill C.’s comments, that this Awareness does say that one needs to search out the evidence and see it for themselves and not rely on their own local media, their own television station, or their newspapers to show the evidence, for it is indeed part of the authorities’ plans, the controllers’ plans. The Powers that Be, do not report this information for they could not deal with the public reaction and it is still part of their agenda, a major part, to keep the masses dumbed-down and ignorant. They could not handle the riots in the streets if disclosure came to planet Nibiru’s approach and what may occur as a result and it is so part of their way of control to keep the masses ignorant and under control that they will not chance this now.

Therefore, one could say that it is the intention of the Powers that Be, the controlling cabal, to not publicize this information and maintain the status quo. It is relatively easy to do for them, for they know that the majority of people will only believe what they see on the television, hear on the radio, or read in their controlled press. Therefore, they simply are continuing with their agenda of maintaining that which known as the status quo. It is easier for them to keep all ignorant and asleep but many are awakening, many are putting this information “out there” and it is part of the responsibility for those who are seekers of Higher Truths to find this information, to search it out, to be open to alternate sources of information, underground sources that are being presented.


For example, there are many astronomers who knew of the approach of Nibiru many months ago and were ready to report this to the masses. Many of these astronomers are now dead, dead through mysterious circumstances, under mysterious circumstances. Is this reported in the press? Have the stories gotten out on the local news of these astronomers and their assassinations? It has not. Therefore, this Awareness says there is much evidence but sometimes this evidence is indirect. Why would these astronomers die under such mysterious circumstances if there was not something they knew that they wished to share that the Powers that Be deemed as intolerant, or rather unacceptable, to allow this information out. There are other cases that are there that many can see forthemselves and one does indeed have to be open and questioning of this information, but it is still there to be viewed.
Furthermore, this Awareness also says that there is a downplaying of certain events. That this Awareness says for example, as far as the physical evidence such as earthquakes goes, that there are many earthquakes, many of them degraded in the reporting of their power; that many earthquakes are indeed downgraded from the actual size and magnitude to a lower, less significant level. Even before this Awareness came through today, that it was noted by the partner of the Interpreter that there had been a major earthquake south of Australia, towards the Antarctic. It was labeled as a 5.2 earthquake, but the truth is that it is actually more in the range of a 6.2 magnitude event. This is simply one way that the Powers that Be do not let you know anything is happening, nor does the news report these events. Most earthquakes are occurring in the oceans especially around the Rim of Fire. It is only when an earthquake strikes in a built-up area where there is damage and death that they will finally report these earthquakes. Yet one can go to different geological sites where earthquakes are tracked and one can see that there are indeed many more earthquakes happening now than previously.
It is true that the “big one” has not yet occurred, but it is also true that the Galactic Federation has indeed been doing much work to ensure that the tectonic plates do not shift radically. They have maintained key positions including the position close to the location where the Interpreter and his partner now live, this being the southern ocean tectonic plate. That this serves as a kingpin and if the kingpin were removed or allowed to move violently, it would have a domino effect on the surrounding tectonic plates spreading out around the planet. There are nightly activities that can be observed, lights in the skies of the space ships out over the ocean that are holding this kingpin in place. It is realized by the Galactic Federation forces that eventually the Earth will have to go through a massive event where some of the plates will shift and there will be huge earthquakes as a result, as well as volcanos, but in their efforts to mitigate the extreme damage that could be done on various timelines, they do serve this important duty. They are not acknowledged, they are not reported, they are not seen, the press is not here taking pictures, yet they do their work nonetheless.

This must also be understood that while the reports are not available of this activity, it does not mean that activity on behalf of Mother Earth, on behalf of humanity is not taking place, it is simply not being reported. Finally there is the issue of mass sightings of Galactic Federational craft. This Awareness outright denies this to be the case, for there are many, many sightings available to those again who go to alternative sources of information. If one simply maintains that that the controlled press is telling the truth and they are not reporting such events means that there are no such events, then they are indeed gullible to an extreme degree and unwilling to open themselves up to this information. The Galactic Federation has been presenting itself more and more since October 10th several years ago when Blossom Goodchild made her announcements that a first contact would occur. This Awareness did comment at that time on the failure of first contact and did say that the Galactic Federation forces realized at that time that such a mass event would be met with hostility and resistance and that the controllers would use that event to create great harm and damage, blaming this on actions of the Galactic Federation that were hostile.
It was determined at that time that the original plan of an initial first contact earlier on was not viable but it was also decided that there would be smaller contacts, more of them around the planet, and this has been so since that time. There are many UFO sites that one can go to and see actual footage of alien vessels from the Galactic Federation there in the sky and then zooming off. There are pictures of clouds with the lighted windows in them. There are pictures and videos of lights in the sky, that there are many cases indeed that are being reported and the amount of contacts that have happened since that day several years ago have increased. This Awareness at the time did indeed say that this was the plan and it has continued to be so. Again, one must search for this evidence, it is not on the 6 o’clock news, but if one is willing to search out this information, it is there, it is available and it is quite overwhelming and shocking when one is awakened to this, and becomes aware that indeed much is happening and has been happening. Finally as to one’s willingness to truly be open to this information, this is an individual process, many do not wish to have their worlds shaken up. They love the status quo…

I’m sorry Awareness, we have lost power…

That this Awareness will pause at this time.

That this Awareness is ready to resume the recording, that the necessity for the pause was indeed due to the power going out in the home of the Interpreter. This was an unusual event, but it is seen by this Awareness that this event was orchestrated due to the information this Awareness is sharing at this time. It is not the type of information that the Powers that Be wish to release to the public for them to be awakened to the truth of the situation, not the illusion of normalcy, not the status quo, the status quo that they are enforcing and keeping in place. This having been said, this Awareness is now prepared to proceed with the final part of the answering of this question.
The final part involves that which is the responsibility of each and every human being on this planet at this time. It must always be remembered that each individual is a spiritual being having a physical experience. This Awareness has spoken this many many times and yet it is very hard for many to comprehend the full implication of this truth. It does mean that those who have come into the physical have come with a purpose, a point to the journey and it is not always to have a spiritual life of evolution, growth and development. It is not even for the majority to have an Ascension experience where they ascend to higher levels of comprehension and awareness of themselves as spiritual beings having physical experiences.

The majority on this planet at this time are seeking to have a secondary experience of Ascension and of shifting consciousness. They seek to have an experience based in the physical where they are experiencing the results of massive upheaval to help their whole soul growth and development, not specifically perhaps the individual’s soul experience in the individual life. Therefore, they would return after their experiences where they did not awaken to their higher spiritual nature but they had experiences that helped them shake up the container, that helped them look at a deeper experience, one where they may have had physical experiences as a result of their journeys, but many are here to have the Ascension experience, many high level souls have come to ascend at this time. It is still their responsibility to enact those procedures that they need to enact that will help them awaken more fully, develop and grow spiritually.
One cannot simply say that because these events that are occurring that are not being reported or shown to the public because they are happening. Nothing is happening, or more accurately, it is not shown that anything is happening, that nothing is happening but rather to see that much is happening and there is responsibility here to seek this information out. Also at this time, it would be folly to think that one does not have a responsibility for their own soul growth and development. There is much that is occurring that is not about the physical results but rather about the energies that one is indeed living in and experiencing.
That energetically there is much happening due to the approach of Nibiru. There are forces that are playing out here that are having physical affects, mental affects, emotional affects, such forces as the K-index, the proton belt, the magnetosphere compressions. These energies have deep and powerful affects on the bodies of all human beings and those who are much more sensitive and spiritually aware will feel these results dramatically. It will be perceived as aches and pains, light headedness, a sense of disconnection; emotionally many things may be happening in the individual’s life, and mentally there may be the challengings of beliefs and attitudes long held.
Many are engaged in that which is known as the Light Body Process, the process by which that which is the Light Body of each and every human being, the spiritual template, is starting to be integrated more fully into physicality. The majority of individuals are not aware of this, are indeed still asleep and ignorant to this. It is that which is their spirit being that is now integrating itself into physicality but as most wish to maintain the status quo and as the authorities maintain the status quo, they do not understand that many of their symptoms, many of their experiences are to do with the Light Body Process. Many are experiencing difficulties with their eyesight, with headaches, with sinus conditions, the list goes on and on; major digestive problems, etc. but the importance here is to understand that this too is the result of the approach of Nibiru as well as the oncoming Ascension process that is underway and will be completed on December 12th (see part 2) in the sense of these energies will be complete. There will still be the times after Ascension to integrate and see the effect of this process and many will become acquainted with their Light Bodies and indeed, even now are becoming acquainted, but the point that this Awareness is trying to make is this unseen level of activity, unknown level by the majority is also indicative of the great changes that are coming.

This is a period to go deeply within oneself. This Awareness has often spoke of the Garden and the need to go within one’s Garden or into one’s self to find those areas of ego, those dark areas of belief, those areas of inner turmoil and resistance, and to work on them, for this is the timeframe where this is readily available to one and all – if they desire it, if they seek it, if they work it. If one does not and one wishes simply to be asleep, to believe the authorities, to maintain the status quo, then apparently, nothing is happening. For those who are not content with the status quo, for those who are driven internally and spiritually, they will be recognizing whether they seek out the information actively or simply turn within to deal with the inner turmoil and the inner compulsion for change, to make change. They will be driven to this, they are being driven to this. It is an ongoing process that is highly accelerated at this time. Look to yourself, one’s own being, to see what shifts and changes are happening in your life. Needing to see evidence is not always the answer if one is not willing at the same time to do the inner work that is extremely necessary at this time. It is not important if one succeeds in the sense of reaching a point where one says “I am now enlightened, I have succeeded.” What is important is that one takes the energies that are available and does the work. One will attain the level that they will attain. It is important however, that one indeed does the work and makes the attempt. Let all else sort itself out in the Ascension process.

But those who do make this effort will find great openings happening in their awareness and their understanding. They will start to see evidence happening around them, proving and showing that events are indeed happening. Today’s power outage is an example of this. That the power was removed to stop this communication. It failed. But this is an example of how things will start to happen in individuals’ lives that they will recognize as much more than normal and much more than the status quo. That in the end this Awareness says to one and all, these are important times, these are critical times and,
indeed, much is happening. One needs now to take the responsibility in one’s life to seek the information both externally and internally, and to be open to those energies from Spirit, from the Galactic Forces, from one’s own inner being that will guide one forward through these most interesting times.

Is there additional please?

That this Awareness is complete at this time.

Thank you, that was excellent. Thank you so much.

12-10-17 CA session part 2

That this Awareness is again available to clarify point made in the previous dissertation. Please present your
question now.

Thank you. The date of December 12th was mentioned. Does the 12-12-12 have any special or significance?

Indeed it does. As the Interpreter was explaining between the sessions that often information comes so rapidly to him, images, thoughts, the energies of this Awareness, that it is difficult sometimes to keep it together and on this occasion, there was a slip if you will, where the date December 12th was mentioned. That first this Awareness would say that the intention was to mention the date of December 21st, 2012 as the date when everything will be completed, the actions of Ascension come to completion. But, at the same time, the date December 12th, 2012 or 12-12-12 is also of great significance, for it is the final portal to the higher states of consciousness that will be opened at that time and much of the higher spiritual energies will come through at this time. It will also be a time on many timelines where extraordinary events both in terms of physical events on the planet as well as astronomical or astrological events may also be seen. Nibiru’s effect most radically felt, even the masses becoming totally and finally aware of this planet and her approach, but, it will also be a time of intense spiritual upheaval and many will find their worlds turning upside down, even without the massive external events that may happen on many timelines. It is as if the race has finally truly begun, the flag come down and the curtain taken away and that which is the truth of the journey of this time, finally obvious to many many indeed. Therefore, the 12th of December is seen as a very important date indeed. It is not simply that many will ascend on that date, but many will begin their final process. It being completed on the 21st of December and that many of those who are spiritually aware will find this is the time of crucial importance in their lives on that which has been their Ascension journey.

Again this has much to do with the individual intent of experience in this physical reality and many may not go through such upheaval but it is seen that the majority of timelines will be affected greatly from the 12th of December to the 21st. It will be a great opportunity despite the upheaval, despite the challenges and it will be the prelude to the completion of the Ascension energies sweeping through on the 21st of December, 2012. After that point, those who have meant to go to Planet A, ascend to Planet A, will have completed this action. Those who are ready to live on that which is the new balanced harmonized planet, Planet A/B will find these experiences commencing, and those who are not interested in spiritual ascension or living in a harmonious balanced world will begin their journeys on planet B. December 12, 2012 will be that portal to the final changes. Those who need to use that experience to shift will do so and the time between the two dates of the 12th and the 21st will enable them to do the final work that is needed in preparation of the Ascension date of December 21st and the completion of the Ascension energies at that time.

A very important date indeed.

Indeed, it is a very important date. It is always, it is as important as one makes it. The energies of the Divine Spirit will be available. The physical energies will be underway and the effect of planet Nibiru’s approach will be at their maximum. That these are all energies that this Awareness can now speak of, moreso than earlier, more so than last year, for it must be understood that this Awareness was never here to simply make predictions but to assist and guide humanity in the process of Ascension, and that many things move in and out. There are many timelines that this Awareness works with and sees. Not all agree to one another and depending on the focus of awareness at any one time will depend on the information that It is able to bring through for those who are interested, for those on those timelines. At this time, with the coalescing of many timelines, it is possible now for this Awareness to bring this type of information through for it does not have to pander to a series of timelines or individual timelines, but can speak in the greater terms of many many timelines coming together to share these events and at this time, this Awareness says one now needs to recognize that this is occurring, that the many timelines are coming together for the common experience of Ascension one way or another. Some will have an Ascension experience that takes them to the heightened levels of understanding and awareness. Others will have a lesser experience, and others will reject it altogether and depending on one’s intent, and spiritual purpose will indeed determine the timeline one finally chooses.

But at this there is certainly availability to shift timelines to focus oneself to the higher more positive timelines and to take actions both internally and externally that will bring them to the higher timelines that they can experience.

Thank you. Is there additional on that?

There is always additional but at this time, this Awareness is complete. It does support one and all in the journey of a lifetime, in the journey of one’s lifeline.

Thank you. May I ask an additional question concerning the Ascension and what is involved?

There will be an opportunity but this portion is complete.

This recording is done.

Thank you

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