Jeshua ben Joseph: Life For All On Earth is About to Change Dramatically

Jeshua ben Joseph via John Smallman | John Smallman’s Blog

Humanity is on the verge of an amazing development of enormous significance in your spiritual evolution.  Your entire Earth history has been leading you forward towards this moment, so it really is a very special time in which to be experiencing a human existence.  Although most of you who are reading channeled messages and are seeking your true spiritual identities or purposes chose to be here to assist in humanity’s mass awakening, none of the population of planet Earth at this point in your and her spiritual evolution is here by chance. Everyone on Earth at this time is here by their own choice and has an essential assignment that no one else could fulfill.  Each soul has a supreme and unique value established within them by God at the moment of their creation, and their spiritual purpose is simply to demonstrate this.

While much is occurring on Earth of a negative nature which causes suffering and pain for many, it does have a purpose.  The illusion, which you built so many eons ago, has gone through many evolutionary and crisis-torn stages that need healing, and that healing is an ongoing process that is nearing completion as the moment for your awakening approaches.  Wherever activities are planned or are taking place that are in opposition to Love there is an opportunity for healing to take place, and the divine field of Love surrounding and enveloping humanity and the planet is intensifying and refining its focus on those places to ensure that it happens.

When you meditate or pray the power of your intent to send love and healing to wherever on the planet disharmony, confrontation, suffering, or violence is occurring is always magnified exponentially because of this divine field of Love in which all are enveloped.  Never think that your prayers, intentions, or meditation moments are ineffectual, they are of immense value in the awakening process with which you are all here to assist.  Your assistance is always needed, is always helpful, and is always most gratefully received.

Life for all on Earth is to change dramatically as the changes that awakening will bring about take effect.  Awakened people cannot, and would not wish to, engage in modes of behavior or activity that are in the slightest way intentionally damaging to another.  Peaceful, gracious, and harmonious interactions will express themselves throughout all relationships at every level of personal and group encounter.

There are so very many ways in which sentient beings can communicate and interact which are positive, joyful, and fulfilling, that here in the spiritual realms we often wonder why you choose to spend so much time in angry confrontation and disagreement.  You cannot fail to see how ineffectual those modes of communication are, and yet you persist in using them.  They are indeed ego activities, and they cause you at least as much suffering as they cause to those against whom you direct them.  However, we see that as you move towards awakening more and more of you are at last realizing the idiocy of many of your present methods of communication — e.g. an inflexible statement of intent followed by the threat to carry it out forcefully regardless of the wishes of others or of the consequences of those actions.

This realization is not localized, but is spreading throughout humanity. Nevertheless, there are still many individuals in positions of authority, or who are seeking election to positions of authority, who have not yet become aware that these old, insensitive, and unworkable methods have not only fallen out of favor but will no longer be accepted, possibly because they are so busy pushing their own egoic agendas.  As a result they will no doubt be rather surprised when they find themselves removed from their positions of authority or not elected to them because due to their views and attitudes it is no longer appropriate that they should hold them.

To awaken into Reality is a most magnificent achievement.  And yes, it was always God’s Will that you should awaken.  Absolutely nothing could prevent you from doing so, eventually, but there was a vast amount of necessary preparatory work that you each had to complete before you were ready to move into the divine environment of pure and infinite Love.

Without that preparation entry would have had to have been denied to you because the brilliance of God’s divine Presence, the Light of His Love, would have induced in you a state of such extreme shock that it would have taken further eons for you to recover from it before you regained sufficient strength to restart your ascent.  His Love for you is so far beyond your ability to conceive of that no attempt to describe It could do It justice.  Just know that all that you have been going through in your illusory world, as you played with the idea of separation, became so dark that for your own protection your return to the divine realms could be undertaken in no other way.

Now the journey is almost over.  Your Father’s Love shines on you in every moment at an intensity that warmly encourages and protects you while you complete the last stages in this long and arduous endeavor.  You are nearly Home, so rejoice in the knowledge that nothing can prevent your arrival, and that the ensuing welcome will raise you to levels of happiness far beyond your fondest imaginings.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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