Aisha North: You Are Quickly Approaching the End of this Cycle

By Aisha North | The Manuscript of Survival (Part 212)

The seasons are changing, and so too, the energies. As the year is making its turn and you are all starting to approach the end of this cycle, much will be thrown up in the air because of this. As you have already noticed, the energies are churning up much that has been hidden away and forgotten, and now, you all have to face things sooner or later that you would rather be kept hidden away. We do not say this as any form of reproach, just as as reminder that for all of you to pass over and into the next phase of your development, the thorough house cleaning you all have been enduring for quite a long time now will reach its peak. For some, this will not be too apparent, because you have managed in some ways to already rid yourselves of any residue that might still be lurking in the deep recesses of your closets. But for others, this period might become a little bit more challenging. Again, it is important to remember that any issue that might surface now is not something that needs to be grappled with, it needs only to be acknowledged and released. So we do not estimate this to be a prolonged period of ”airing dirty laundry”, to call it that, but more like the final squeeze on the sponge to drive out the last vestige of dirty water. After all, you would want to be squeaky clean before you enter the great halls of tomorrow. For you would want to show the real you, the one that has shed these superficial layers of grime and dust that have accumulated throughout your sojourn on this planet. And if it might sound like a rather challenging process to remove the last stains that you might have acquired during all of your lifetimes here, know that it is something you will be able to accomplish in a very short amount of time.

Again, it is important to remember that all of the things that may come up is only so that you can better see what you have had to contend with during your stay here, and it is not some sort of incrimination or accusation against your deeds. It is just an inventory of the challenges you have been through while you have occupied a phyiscal body on this planet, so it has in many ways been an important part of your training while you have been here. But now, it is important to let go of all of this accumulated baggage, and thereby readying yourselves to step into your new roles.

This is not a sort of witch hunt to smoke out any unsavoury deed or action you might have participated in so that you should feel worse about yourselves, rather the opposite. It is just a way of making sure that you do not take along with you anything that you had supressed because it was painful for you. Because in the future, there is nothing that will need to be hidden away ever again, because shame, remorse and humiliation are words that belong to the past, not to the future.

So take a deep breath, dear ones, and when you expel the air, make sure to give yourselves the permission to expel whatever it is that you have managed to hide away deep down. For you all carry old wounds from things that have been done by you or to you, and for some, the wounds need more air to be fully cleansed. So give yourselves the permission you need in order to set yourselves free from these old burdens, and know that whatever form it may take on the way out, it will only signal that it is coming up to be released once and for all, not to haunt you again.

Remember, some of you may have a lot on your plate in the times ahead, but for others, this process will feel much lighter, and you will mayhaps not notice much in the way of regurgitating any old detritus that have been clogging up a part of your system. But the most important part is to have patience in this, not just with yourselves, but also with those around you, for you never know what may come up in the times ahead. And we mean that literally, beause you might all get a surprise occurence coming from the inside, from something that has been lodged so deeply in you that you could have no way of knowing of its existence.

Please remember that any surfacing of goo is not a signal of you reversing your process and plunging back into the old morass of despair, it is just a clear signal that you are lightening yourselves. So take it as a sign that you are in fact taking another giant step forwards and upwards, even if the process itself for some of you might be construed as the opposite. Again, we say this as a reminder that the appearance of negative thoughts or emotions in the time ahead is not a signal of you entering a denser layer. It is actually a sign of you LEAVING a denser layer and enabling yourselves to lighten your load sufficiently to move up another notch on the scale. So again, we remind you to take a deep breath and embrace whatever comes up, but then let it go and bid it farewell, for it will never be a part of your life ever again.

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