DL Zeta: Awakening ‘Dreamwalkers’ Illuminate a Future Based in Love and Compassion

Awakening ‘Dreamwalkers’ Illuminate a Future Based in Love and Compassion

By DL Zeta | Celestial Vision

As we move further into the new time, many souls incarnated into this timeframe are receiving guidance in dream states designed to help them remember their purpose for being here. Their future self knows their abilities and wisdom are needed to help transition the earth and begins whispering to them in dream states that it’s time for them to awaken to their mission.

These souls have encoded into their consciousness knowledge that can shine a light on misunderstandings that exist as barriers to a sustainable, healthy, and peaceful future based on principles of love and respect for all life. In dreams these souls walk through cities of the future where the prevailing atmosphere is steeped in compassion and cooperation. Their purpose here is to anchor energies in the present moment that will create the causes of such a future.

‘Dreamwalkers’ Begin the Process of Remembering” 

These “dreamwalkers” incarnated in the forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and early nineties and are now being called to action. Many are waking from dreams where they have seen themselves taking on new roles, identities, and shifting to new timelines. This is part of the process of remembering who they are at the soul level.

Each person upon being born forgets the role they came here to undertake, but slowly remembers their purpose through a number of awakenings, including “nighttime conversations” with wise aspects of their consciousness. These aspects prepare them to serve the role they signed on for this time around.

Dreamwalkers Carry Cellular Memory of a Future Built on Love and Compassion

For many of these souls, awakening to their purpose is the answer they have been looking for. Many have held within them the knowing they came here for a purpose and once that purpose was understood, the rest of their lives would come into focus. Often these souls look at the world around them with dismay for the images they see don’t match the future earth that resides in their cellular memory. Some of these volunteers have existed in future timeframes where love and compassion, intuitive knowing and world peace is the basis for human existence.

Souls choose to incarnate into past timeframes for various reasons, usually a combination of reasons. Most often it is the desire to complete a needed understanding combined with the desire to assist and transition humanity to a new paradigm.

Other souls who incarnated to assist the earth during this transition time are from other dimensions and locations in the universe. Some have not previously incarnated into physical form and as a result, struggle with the energies they encounter here.

Wayshowers Shine a Light on the Path Ahead

Some of these wayshowers serve by pointing to realities that exist beyond the physical; they send out messages in many forms to serve as a beacon for those newly awakened to their purpose. Other beings serve as teachers, mentors and guides for those seeking answers. Healers also fit this category.

A number of souls are here to create new paradigms that will help shift humanity as a whole to new realms. Innovators in past timeframes helped usher in new times and new ways of seeing and now new innovators among the dreamwalker volunteers will teach humanity how to feed itself, how to heal the planet and how to heal the heart of suffering and struggle perpetuated through misunderstandings on earth.

Inner Technologies are the Wellspring of Physical Technologies

New technologies are sometimes seeded decades in advance and then pulled forward when enough beings are ready to embrace them. Inner, spiritual technologies are the wellspring of physical technologies. The masters who incarnated to earth throughout time have brought forth new technologies they perceived and translated them through the lens of human consciousness.

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