Sandra Walter: The Significance and Effects of the 10-10-12 Portal

Saturnian Energetics, Photonic rumbles and October tumbles

By Sandra Walter |

Welcome to the 10-10 portal, another leap up the invisible ascension staircase. Those of you who are sensitive and/or empathic can sense the rapid jumps in frequency now – and it feels different than even a month ago. Shaky and personal, deep self-examination, global anxiety on the rise, heart centers bursting with light intelligence, and a rollercoaster for the body vehicle.


Symptoms surfacing are nausea, body aches, vibrational flu, sleeplessness and fatigue, energy rushes, emotional purging, kundalini sweats (thought we were done with those, eh?), louder ascension tinnitus (ear ringing), vagus nerve activations (neck aches – stretch when you see a double/triple digit sequence), belly swells for the ladies and a few men (new glands forming in the abdomen), craving grounding foods (not emotional eating), buzzing sensations in the throat/thymus (high heart) and more popping sensations during expansion of the heart center. For the love of Source, get thee to an Epsom bath. Take your shoes off and stand on Gaia in the Sunlight, or lay down on her surface and command  Body vehicle, De-Magnetize. Feel it release, then re-polarize. Do circuit balancing to keep up with the changes this month.


Gaia is moving into a major magnetic balancing game now. As our beloved planet passes through the photon belt, the intensity of proton bombardment blasts the command for order into her core, surface, and every kingdom, element and creature who lives here. Photons are all about order; demanding balance and alignment. Photonic light is a fine, subtle substance which penetrates deeply; there is no hiding from photon is light. It is focused in its mission through our galaxy. It is a light intelligence of singular purpose: order, balance, harmony. It shakes up the electrons and magnetics of our energy fields because our physical bodies are part of Gaia; as she adjusts, so does the body consciousness.

Electron flux


This demand is reflected in the subtle changes we have seen in the last few years; the awakening phenomenon and awareness of lower-level consciousness at the helm of our reality. Now that we are fully in the photon belt and about to align with our Sun and the Galactic Center in December, we experience the wild flux and flushing effect of photons and magnetics on our planet and in our bodies. Energy blasts upward one day, then sucks down the next – and now it happens in the same day, same hour in some spots. Shasta has been in this daily magnetic flux for a few days now, and it can get intense for sensitives. My mission in Kauai during the Full Moon was similar; I could barely stand at Polihale, my whole body was shaking with the frequency arisement in that spot. Shasta and Kauai feel like someone is playing with the inflow/outflow switch: energy up, energy down, energy out, energy in. It’s like an energetic plunger, pushing and pulling at the clogged drains until the blockages are sucked out.

Energetically, it is all about magnetics, as is (most) everything in this Galaxy. The command for balance affects Gaia’s magnetic fields, and is creating anomalies in some areas which baffle (and frighten) scientists. This is Gaia’s answer to the pole shift; a multi-pole distribution of magnetics rather than a dualistic North-South system that flips during certain alignments. She will adjust, integrate, adjust again until balance is REstored, the same process which our bodies and lifestreams are undergoing during the Shift.

Saturnian Energetics

Certain alignments in our Solar System assist with the shift to harmony. Saturn going into Scorpio last Friday, for the next 3 years, is part of that REorganization of this planet. Saturn examines the deepest levels of disorder, and Scorpio is about surrender – the death of that which is uncomplimentary. It presents a grand opportunity with even grander challenges. Evolution by brute force of energetics. October is the beginning of the end of wavering about emotions, money, sex, power. Many decide to step up to the plate and bring order to the chaos – finally. We start going in a new, positive direction despite minimal support. It’s the Mastery challenge personified; conquering the external constructs with internal sacred fire. And at last, we get to prove that we can create the internal life we desire against all external odds, which thereby changes the external reality permanently.

The Unknown

October surprise is a catch phrase with a new meaning this year. Expect the unexpected. Energetic flux, zippy highs and can’t-rest-enough lows. Change on a global scale. The old games will. not. work. any. longer. This means taking responsibility for moment-to-moment awareness, flexibility and knowing yourself well enough to make decisions in zero point based on the highest interests of all concerned. It speeds up the action of the photonic flush – anything less than authenticity gets the plunger until the old paradigm is sucked out of your psyche. Resist and it may get painful for the body and lower levels.

Co-creating Financial overhaul

The financial world can get the photonic blast this month – if HUmanity will kindly stop being so afraid of financial collapse. When the changes in the financial systems begin this month, please see that it is a GOOD thing. REstructuring is imperative to creating service-to-all systems, especially global monetary systems, and we must view change as good, good, good. Please do not lock up your abundance in CNN-generated panic. I would like to think we are wiser than that by now, but ironically our attitudes about money are a huge block to prosperity. Threaten the money and you threaten the man – so itwas. REmember to sing like the Whos in Whoville while the fear matrix weeps at its inability to control us any longer. Help those who are helping the New to take shape. Help those who are afraid of change, or HUmanity’s reaction to change, and show them all. is. well.

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