The Most Significant Event Ever to Occur in Our Space-Time Continuum

Jeshua ben Joseph: The Most Significant Event Ever to Occur in Your Space-Time Continuum

Jeshua ben Joseph via John Smallman | John Smallman’s Blog

The excitement mounts as the moment for your awakening draws ever closer. It seems that you have been waiting a long time and that there have been many delays and disappointments, but this is not really the case.

Time is illusory, as you well know, and so although it appears to you that dates for various events have come and gone without anything of note occurring, enormous changes have been happening on humanity’s inner or spiritual levels in preparation for the most significant event ever to occur in your space-time continuum.

On Earth it may well seem that all is going on as usual: populations growing inexorably, also suffering, poverty, violence, greed, financial crises, and corruption – and the mainstream media confirms this for you, enthusiastically. But what is going on in your hearts and minds is very, very different.

The divine field of Love is infiltrating every human heart and bringing about the most wonderful changes that are enabling and encouraging you to look for and perceive that all are one, that you are all beings of love and compassion. You are starting to recognize yourselves in one another, loving beings that you are, with increasing frequency and ease, and that is indeed an uplifting and inspiring experience. It is what happens when you stop judging!

The love that you are, that you are offering and sharing, and that you intend shall sweep through the hearts of all humanity is extremely effective – yes, you truly do intend that, even if you are not immediately consciously aware of it. You are the Light-bearers and way-showers, which means that your task is to love everyone with whom you interact unconditionally. You incarnated on Earth to show, to share, and to extend the Light and the Love that your heavenly Father instilled in you at the moment of your creation.

With His help and with the help of your spiritual guides you planned a life path that would inevitably lead to your doing this, but on the way you had your own lessons to learn, some of which have been very demanding, bringing down upon you crises that often appeared to be hopeless, incomprehensible, and even catastrophic.

At first it was very difficult because you all had personal issues concerning suffering that you had experienced and for which you sought acknowledgment and restitution: the egoic mind asserting itself. However, the personal lessons or crises you experienced were the triggers that widened your perspective and enabled you to understand that your anger and need for restitution would not bring you any peace. That was a shocking realization.

But you were also spiritually aware, or became so as a result of the lessons or crises, and you turned inwards for guidance and found it. Many of you then remembered that you had always had an indescribable yearning, a sense that you had a mission apart from the mundane earthly task of growing up and earning a living, and so you accepted the inevitable and allowed your hearts to start awakening in love. Doing so brought you to a place of peace within that is always available to you, although often you do have difficulty in accessing it.

This was the point at which you realized that earthly tasks and ambitions, while to a certain extent necessary for survival, were not your main reason for living and that you had a much higher calling. It was indeed a moment of great import for you because it put to rest an anxiety, a strange doubt that used to seep into your mind when your life was apparently going well: “Is this really all there is to life?” At the time it made no sense, but it was unsettling. Now, you understood.

The waking of your hearts gave you a new sense of purpose along with a sense of responsibility that you had never felt before. You were not alone, you were one with all of humanity, and yet the majority of them seemed totally unaware of this – as you had been. You began to understand that love had been missing from your lives. Yes, you had parents, friends, loved ones, children whom you cared for, but the love that was awakening in your hearts was so much more than this. It was the divine spark within that was starting to glow.

Despite the challenges of living on Earth among so many unaware and unawakened people, you found that your hearts were expanding in love for them. You were now able to see that their anger and fear were cries for love, and you could identify with those feelings, having experienced them yourselves so many times. The larger meaning of your own lessons and personal experiences became far clearer to you. You have learned; you understand that each has her own path, and you know that your task is just to love and to demonstrate love by allowing, accepting, and listening.

This is what ever-increasing numbers of you have been doing for the last few decades, at first with little apparent effect, but now the effects of multitudes of you living like this are rapidly changing the whole world, and the results are beginning to show. You are truly enormously honored and respected for your wondrous achievements as you continue showing the way and bearing the Light in preparation for and in expectation of the moment of awakening. The Light enveloping Earth and all of humanity grows ever brighter.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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