Cosmic Awareness: Galactic Federation, the Olympics & First Contact

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

Cosmic Awareness
QUESTIONER: “It is now established and was decided as of Earth date Wednesday, July 25, 2012
by the Pleiadian High Council in alliance with four other Galactic Councils under Galactic Codex
guidelines that we, the Pleiadian Family of Light, will now intervene fully into Gaia’s Ascension.
Furthermore it has been decided that we will make full contact with Earth beings in 8 days from
this transmission, on August 4, 2012 at the World Olympic Games in London, England for the
entire world to see. This will be for our introduction as well as our first efforts to work directly
with you in the correction and Ascension of Gaia and to assist with your own Ascension.” That is
the first paragraph.

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it is the intent and design for a First Contact
to occur. However, this Awareness does state that it is not seen clearly by this Awareness that this
will occur on August 4. There are too many mitigating factors and circumstances at this time to
guarantee this event. Furthermore, this Awareness would also stipulate that when a date is given,
that this in itself is highly questionable, for it is not seen yet that the Galactic Federation Council
wishes to announce itself so strongly to the world, building up yet again a high degree of
anticipation only to have this dashed if this did not occur. It has been so in the past where certain
entities such as Blossom Goodchild announced that there would be a First Contact and this did not
occur. There were many who became very disillusioned and upset because the announced First
Contact did not occur.

This Awareness points out that there is a battle raging between the Orion Reptilians and their
forces and those of the Galactic Federation and their allies, and one does not announce such a
major event so openly because the matter may be blocked, it may be altered; it may well be that
those who are the opponents of this occurring may take actions that prevent this to occur. What
this does of course is disappoint the many who have had the anticipation of this event occurring,
and it would be a great disappointment, one that could again disillusion, and one that could again
create great antagonism towards those who have made such announcements.

One does not normally announce one’s plans in advance to the enemy, if you will, unless one is
naive and unable to appreciate that the opponent may well act on their own behalf against this
occurring. Often when such dates are outright stated, there is manipulation and those who state
this to be so are not the ones who are truly intending this action, for it is seen that the Galactic
Federation does not intend to announce itself. It will simply occur, not giving their opponents the
opportunity to sabotage these efforts. There are many announcements, many dates that have been
given in the past that have all gone for naught. This Awareness simply asks those who have heard
this prediction to not energize it, but also not to close the door to it. There are indeed plans for
something to occur and one simply needs to stay open and available for these actions to take place
and not to build up great energy of anticipation towards them happening.

This Awareness says that although there are indeed plans and intent, that this is not necessarily
the moment it will occur; but always hold the possibility, always know and support the goal of the
Galactic Federation to finally intervene and to step into this matter. One thing that this Awareness
will say is that the Galactic Federation has come to a point now where they have awaited the
awakening of the masses, and it is not seen that it is occurring as anticipated and hoped for, thus
forcing the hand somewhat of those who are the Galactic Federation forces, and they may well
indeed finally present themselves. But again, it will not necessarily be according to a grand 3
announcement such as this.

The energies are indeed accelerating, and there is much activity of the Galactic Federation in
preparation for their First Contact, for their disclosure of their own existence, and there is that
which will of course due to this disclosure, due to the first contact, be brought up for inspection,
especially the roles of those who are the Power Elite at this time. This is of course what will occur
when those who are the allies of humanity, the true allies, make themselves known.
But at this time, simply threatening the Power Elite with disclosure of their presence if they do
not agree to the demands of the Galactic Federation, does not seem to this Awareness as a
particularly clever action, and as the Galactic Federation forces are much more clever than this,
this Awareness asks all who hear such announcements, and read such announcements over the
Internet, to always question whether or not this is a truthful statement. Many are anticipating this,
many have been awaiting this for a long while indeed, and to hear such pronouncements indeed
excites the many who have been awaiting this for such a long time, but discernment must still be

One’s intelligence must not be abandoned; one must look to these matters and truly let go any
energy around them, allowing them to manifest as they will. If it does occur that this disclosure
occurs on August 4, then one will have not lost anything by holding it as a possibility. But if one
puts much energy into it in the form of anticipation and excitement only to have this yet again not
be the case, the degree of disappointment is so extreme that it becomes a negative energy that
those who are in power can use for their benefit. It must be remembered, the Orion Reptilian
factions often feed on negative energies, and announcing such events only to have them sabotaged
and fail creates such negative response and negative energy that these beings then use to their

Simply be neutral on this matter, know, as this Awareness has said many times in the past, it is
indeed the intent to have that which is First Contact. It is now the recognition of the Galactic
Federation that the numbers they wished to achieve before they show themselves may not occur,
forcing some peremptory action, but still hold neutral, do not abandon hope; but also do not wave
the banner just yet

QUESTIONER: Patience …

COSMIC AWARENESS: Patience, indeed. This Awareness would add, there are energies of Ascension that are speeding up, there are works afoot by the Galactic Federation to assist the ascension process, to firm up the grid-work of the planet, the grid-lines, the templates, and this is work being
done at the moment by the Galactic Federation to ensure that the disasters this Awareness has
spoken of and many have predicted, may not be as extreme as some have predicted they will be
and as some think they will be.

Remember also that this Awareness has always spoken of various timelines one can create for
oneself, and this too is important to remember, as one is creating the future that they wish to
experience. Giving their power away yet again by simply believing a prediction they have read in
the blog sites on the Internet does indeed mean that one has not quite learned the lesson of being a
creator being.

One must always hold that one will find that truth within oneself and create that truth, manifest
that truth in their lives, and as one does so, one adopts a more neutral stand on such
pronouncements and allows them to unfold as they will, holding that they will experience this at
the right time, not at a time where such a grand announcement is made, creating such speculation
and such energy.

Is this clear?

QUESTIONER: Yes, it is very meaningful, and the members will be pleased. Should this go on the 4
web site ahead of time or…?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This indeed should be released as soon as possible. This Awareness is not
trying to squash the hopes of those who are hearing these words, reading this message, but It is
simply saying take everything with a grain of salt. Know that there are always manipulations and
often when there are pronouncements of dates, that these must by themselves be suspect, for no
force would announce the exact timing of an action they wish to take for fear that this will prepare
the opposite side to launch a repulsion of this event or to sabotage it somehow.

That is why this Awareness warns against those pronouncements where a date is given, where
many anticipate it as being so, energize it and then are disappointed if it is not so. If one can be
neutral, be aware, be open to the possibility it could occur, but it also may not occur, then one is
not as crushed or devastated when it does not, if this is what transpires. If it does, then the plan
moves forward. It is seen by this Awareness that while it is indeed very much in the plans to create
an event during the Olympics that will awaken many, many more, it may not happen on that date.

That is all that this Awareness has to say on this matter at this time

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  1. Stop promising things. Do it or say nothing,

    You have been promising things, we hear you and we tell others. In the end nothing happens and we are the crazy ones for saying crazy things.

  2. Forgot to say that this awareness did talk a lot of nonsense too. Go read the 2012 forecast and find out yourselves

  3. Don’t read these messages with any anticipation. No “alien ship” is going to come down to save people from the economic tyranny and collapse of our money system.

    Read these messages to open your mind up to these new possibilities. say to yourself “I believe that an upheaval/energy changes may occur, but I will continue to live my life”
    It’s merely an alternate reality that may set in for Earth. That’s it.

    Don’t write the End Date on your calendar and sit in anticipation for aliens.
    Live your life as if it won’t matter to you when aliens come or not. Do your lightwork, finish your job here without “alien saviors” clouding your minds. That’s the whole point. Read these messages to be aware. Accept the possibilities and move on with your life. Don’t dedicate yourself to channelings.

  4. That’s some wisdom that we had to come close to the end of 2012 to acquire. It’s easy to understand what you are saying now in 2012. But how could we know that in 2008 or 2010 when they were talking about the marvelous times that were about to come.

    They talked of mass arrests, what a deception that was. Of a new economic system and so forth.

    Surprisingly my life did get on the right track because i got a job in these tough times but the economic crisis is still a burden and a stress for everybody. We cannot ignore that and live in our little world.

    Or maybe we can. If we develop a sense of not caring for others.

  5. alot of these “channelers” are eccentric story tellers, aspiring creative writers etc. They probably get stoned, sit on their asses and explore their imaginations…..
    Probably 80% of this site is BS. Though there are some great articles on here that are realistic.

    all this “galactic federation, galactic light community, galactic brother bullshit……don’t even bother with that.

    There are some “starseeds” who offer guidance and information….they are making a lot of videos at these times and not once do these people predict bullshit events or even mention the “2012 phenomena”. they teach of ascension, yet they do not go on about “preparing for the major event” It’s all about individual ascension. Very interesting stuff, much more relevant. Check them out if you want.

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