Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 190

By Aisha North

The Manuscript of Survival

You have been walking through the valley of darkness for a very, very long time now, and we cannot reproach you if you feel convinced that there is no end to this valley. After all, this is not something you have had to contend with in this lifetime only. Mankind has been literally forced to wallow in these depths for eons, and now that some of you have actually managed to lift your eyes from this darkened ground and look up to the skies searching for more than a glimmer of hope, it will be hard not to be tripped up by all of the debris still cluttering up the ground. Let us explain further.

As you are well aware of by now, the rest of the world seems to be spiraling ever further down into the murky depths of despair, as the systems of finance, governance and everything else seems to be literally hell bent on making everything worse for the inhabitants on this planet. And now, as you have managed so successfully to wipe the dirt and grime away from your own eyes, you see this ever so much more clearly than before. Hence, the feeling of despair and sometimes pessimism, as you cannot look around you without seeing an overwhelming burden of proof that this planet is heading in the wrong direction. But what about all of the hard work we all do, not just by clearing ourselves of all of the old dross, but also enabling the light to become anchored here, why does that not do anything to literally enlighten the rest of this planet, we hear you say. It does, dear ones, it does in so many ways, you have no idea. But as yet, not much is visible on the outside, and the reason is a very good one indeed.

Remember, mankind has been preprogrammed to be literally trapped inside this system that has been deliberately set up to hold you down, and as such, you have a hard time seeing beyond the limitations all of this have on you all. You have in so many ways become free of it, but it still has an effect on your mind, and therefore, your mind cannot see all of the changes, but your heart and your spirit can. In addition, the ones hiding behind the scenes as it were, controlling all of these systems, are more than aware that the stream of consciousness that has been beamed onto your planet has literally set so many free, and therefore, they are certainly not about to let you go off in another direction than what they deem to be beneficial to them. So they have also literally amped up the volume as it were, to try to bring you all back down again by scaring the wits out of you. And they are certainly giving it their best, or rather, worst, to try to pull this off. Never before has the direction of mankind seemed to be more hopeless, as the media is awash with ill-omened stories about the destruction of the environment, and the collapse of the civilization as you know it. Greed, hatred and violence is becoming rampant, and humans engage in the most unspeacable atrocities seemingly without even blinking their eyes.

But remember, this is only on the surface, this is only a part of the drama literally being played out in front of your eyes. And now that you have all opened your eyes even wider to all of this, it will make an even bigger impression on you all. But do not get lost in the drama dear ones, it is only make-believe, put into place in order to ensnare you once again, and to make you literally lose not only hope, but also the will to go forwards in the direction you yourselves have picked out. In other words, they are trying their hardest to bring you back into line, trudging ahead on the narrow path they want you to follow. They do not want any free spirits, and that is what you are. Never ever forget that.

So lift your eyes once again, and see how the light over the rim of this seemingly dark and lost valley of humanity is growing brighter by the day. And take a deep breath and feel how the quality of the air has improved. You are not heading for disaster, far from it, but it behooves these dark creatures to try to convince you that you are. So again, stay in your hearts, because that is where the real truth is. And there, you will see that darkness is not falling, it is in fact starting to fade away, being replaced by the most glorious sunshine you could ever imagine. We are here, and we will never let go of you, but remember, do not let go of yourselves. For you are the only ones who can plunge yourselves back into the dark depths again, by giving away all that you have learned on this journey so far. You are strong, and you are becoming ever stronger, so do not let any outside drama lure you back into thinking that you are not. It is only a show, but you are not meant to be a part of this show. You have a far bigger role dear ones, because you are the builders of the new and true world, where this old and decaying drama has no place at all.

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