DL Zeta: Accessing the ‘Dreamer’s Doorway’ Between Worlds

By Dl Zeta

Celestial Vision

There are portals in consciousness that bring access to fifth-dimensional realities and beyond. As we perceive and recognize these portals, we are able to step through them and experience realms of love and peace beyond what we imagine possible from an earth-bound perspective. One second inside these realms heals and empowers us to the level of world servers.

Our Future Self Guides us to Healthy and Harmonious Futures

Perceiving portals in consciousness is a skill honed through thousands of successful nightly journeys through the dreamer’s doorway between worlds. During these journeys, we meet with our future self to receive instruction on the highest and best potentials we have seeded in our fields of the future. During these sessions with our future self, we receive insight into the care of our physical body and guidance on restoring any imbalances that were created in the past. Our future self helps us cultivate and actualize futures where balance is restored to our physical system and realities containing the essence of love, peace and harmony are central to our experience.

The Upward Spiral to Ascension

As this plan of self-actualization moves forward, our intuitive perception expands in our present moment, allowing us to perceive and access portals in consciousness within each moment. As we perceive and work with portals in our present moment, we create the causes of more empowered and enlightened future potentials. This upward spiral is both the result and the cause of past, present and future working together toward ascension.

Emotional and Sleep Disturbances Bind us to Physical Reality

This is how the system is set up but there are ways it can malfunction. Emotional disturbances are the greatest obstacle to the movement into fifth-dimensional awareness as they can bind one to lower-vibrational realities. One way a person is held back from self-actualization is sleep disturbances. These most always are the result of emotional turbulence in the energetic system, firing erroneous impulses across the horizon of our nighttime journeys and preventing the deep states of relaxation needed to access the dreamer’s doorway.

In other words, emotional turbulence prevents one from letting go of physical existence sufficiently to access other realms and commune with aspects of the self that exist beyond the radar of our conscious mind. In order to visit the place between worlds in our sleep states, we must be ready, willing and able to let go of our earthly existence.

Awakening is Based on Learning to Sleep

It is the great paradox of life that in order to awaken we must learn to sleep well. If we don’t learn to sleep well, we will not be able to enter the state that is needed to pass through the doorway between worlds. When we sleep well, we are rested and ready when the door between worlds opens. When we sleep well, we are sufficiently detached from our physical reality to venture into other realms.

Increased Brain Activity Marks the Space between Worlds

The door between worlds opens at a certain moment in our sleep cycle. We undergo several REM dream cycles during the night. There’s a moment before the final REM state begins. This is when the doorway between worlds opens and we’re able to meet with our future self. The timing of this moment and the activity that occurs can be observed by using electrodes to record brain activity during sleep. During this sleep phase just prior to the last REM cycle, increases in brain activity can be detected that are greater than than that of waking states. This is where the information exchange with our future self takes place. It happens in a flash – in a space of time less than the blink of an eye. This information is downloaded into our subconscious and filters up to our conscious mind as intuition, premonitions and other forms of higher knowing.

This is why those who receive adequate sleep are healthier, more intuitive and self-actualized – they have cultivated the sleep states that allow them to become adept at accessing the doorway between worlds.

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