The Universal Laws: The Law of Love

By Truth

The Healers Journal

Today, we present the Law of Love.  This law has been heralded by many great masters who have walked the Earth in times past, and even some today.  For me, the phrase “…no strings attached and no expectations.” jumps out as being a cornerstone of this Law.  Often times we give our Love, but with strings attached — i.e. conditionally.  Here, Awareness speaks about the importance of giving purely for the love and support of others.  My meditations on this law primarily revolve around the cutting of the strings he speaks of.  Striving to give for the sake of helping another and taking satisfaction in that with the expectation of nothing in return.  As we will see as the Universal Laws series rolls on, this law is a central concept in many of the other Universal Laws.

The Law of Love — The Law of Love is that Law which places the welfare and concern and feeling for others above Self. The Law of Love is that close affinity with all forces that you associate with as good. The Law of Love is that force which denies the existence of evil in the world, that Resists Not. For Love follows the course of least resistance. The greatest gift that an entity can give to another is that portion of them-Who, In Fact, You Really Are selves which is given with Love that has no strings attached and no expectations. In giving yourself, unconditionally, the spiritual self moves in communion between you and the other.

For an explanation of the Universal Law Series, please see the first entry here: Universal Laws Series – Part 1

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