Dr. Joshua David Stone: The Importance of Developing Full Consciousness and The Three Levels of Enlightenment (Part 4 of 5)

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My Beloved Readers, none of this is meant as criticism, it is just a loving Spiritual discernment and observation of the reality of the consciousness of the New Age Movement and our world in relationship to the Spiritual ideal we are speaking of which is “full consciousness!” The only way to develop “full consciousness” is to see where blindness and deafness lie. It is for this reason Spirit, the Masters and I are pointing out the true reality of the world as it now stands. Spiritual leaders in this world have developed some degree of Spiritual enlightenment, and psychic enlightenment and even some physical/Earthly enlightenment; however, they are deaf and blind to the fact that they have missed the most important level of enlightenment which is the development of “full consciousness” enlightenment! This is what Lord Buddha developed as he sat under the Bodhi Tree! This is what we all need to achieve.

The I AM University Can Help You

The I AM University has been created by the higher forces to help everyone develop enlightenment on all three levels, not just one or two. For if one does not develop enlightenment on all three levels, to be perfectly honest it is not enlightenment, it is fragmentation and disintegration which results in the corruption of the Spiritual level and Earthly level, which is why the New Age Movement is a vast wasteland of fallen and corrupted Spiritual leaders and Lightworkers, who are blind and deaf and know it not. Their negative egos are telling them they are masters and this is the self-delusion and self-deception they live in! The cause for this is because they have not developed “full consciousness” as their foundation! This is what I humbly did and this is how I was able to then accelerate myself Spiritually in terms of initiations and Lightbodies and how I was able to manifest my Spiritual mission and puzzle piece on Earth in such an effortless manner! For I built my Spiritual House, Temple and Church in the proper order, building the foundation first and then the rest came easy.

My Beloved Friends, this is what the inner and outer plane I AM University will teach and train you to do! It is based on proven teachings, training, tools and methods that work and I am humbly living proof of this! Everything I have been given by Spirit, and the Ascended Masters, and all the creative ideas and tools I have come up with myself, Spirit, the Ascended Masters and I are all giving to you on a silver platter if you but have the eyes to see and the ears to hear! This, My Beloved Readers, is the “kicker!” To develop the eyes to see and the ears to hear, you must develop and refine your consciousness and develop a “full consciousness.” This lesson and chapter has been given by Spirit, the Ascended Masters and I, to raise your consciousness and fully open your Third Eye so you will have the eyes to see and the ears to hear the absolute profundity of what the I AM University on the inner and outer Earthly plane has to offer you.

This ideal of developing a “full consciousness” is one of the revolutionary, cutting-edge and important Spiritual ideals and concepts you will ever learn about in balance with my previously mentioned description of what Spiritual enlightenment and Earthly enlightenment is.

Your Success in Life Depends on Mastering all Three Levels

Listen closely to this final thought as well, for your success or lack thereof in this lifetime will depend totally on you understanding this! To achieve your initiations and Lightbodies, which are the key integrators of your level of evolution and to achieve ascension and become the Christ, the Mighty I AM Presence, and an Integrated Ascended Master, is totally dependent on your working on all three levels. Even if you master two levels but are totally weak in one, you will not achieve your higher initiations and levels of Lightbodies. This is the massive blind spot, and deaf spot that pervades the New Age Movement! Most Spiritual leaders and Lightworkers have either fallen, or are stagnant in their evolution because they do not realize they have to do all three to qualify to even take higher initiations and Lightbodies!

My Beloved Readers, this is why the inner and outer Earthly plane I AM University has been created! To help you achieve enlightenment on all three levels, and hence qualify your self to achieve initiations 12 through 22! This is what I humbly did, so I know it works and I know it can be done for this is not just theoretical wisdom and knowledge it is also experiential wisdom and knowledge. It is also channeled wisdom and knowledge coming directly from Spirit and the Ascended Masters! This is what Spirit, the Ascended Masters and I would like to teach you and train you to do. However, the Prime Directive of the infinite Omniverse is that you have free choice and we would never interfere with your free choice! So all we need from you is your enrollment in the inner and outer plane I AM University and we will collectively give you everything we have on every level to help you to realize this! We have this entire process of how all Lightworkers and Spiritual leaders can master this down to a perfect science. Never has the process of becoming a Christ, a Mighty I AM Presence, or Integrated Ascended Master been made so easy! There is no reason to reinvent the wheel when we have done this for you! We have this down to a science that you do this in the comfort of your own home without ever leaving your house, except to serve of course for service is the law of life! One cannot posses a thing unless one gives a thing! One of the reasons I have humbly progressed so quickly, and integrated all of this so quickly, is I understood this Spiritual law of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit, so everything I received I instantly gave away, and in the giving, I gained it myself and in the giving I integrated it for myself, and in the giving I made myself available to receive more! Most reading this do not fully realize the incredibly profundity of that which Spirit, the Ascended Masters and I are humbly giving you! We are literally giving you, God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Mighty I AM Presence, in full realization if you but have the “full consciousness” to see and realize this!

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