The Hathors: Divine Partnerships

The ‘team’ [Hathors] via  Peggy Black

July 3, 2012

We are here and ready to invite and empower you to step forward in partnership with the divine stream of consciousness.

We have often acknowledged you as a multidimensional being; the physical aspect that you are experiencing is only a small part of who you truly are. In this reality it is an important aspect, we know that you would agree with us on that matter.

Your human form allows the interface with this dense dimension, yet your true essence is expanded consciousness. As multidimensional starbeings, it is time that you recognize and claim that you are galactic and inter-galactic citizens with incredible abilities that mold and sculpt your very existence, as well as give you privileges and rights to interface with other realities and kingdoms.

We realize that humans love the aspect of the thinking mind; it is this aspect that many humans “think” defines who they are. However, it is the feeling nature, the emotional component that is truly the most powerful. It is the emotional frequency felt from within the heart that truly elevates consciousness and transforms your reality. We continue to invite each of you to bring the thinking mind and the feeling heart together in your awareness.

Humans are rarely taught or made aware of their incredible authority, their omnipotence, their personal power to bring into reality and manifest their highest vision as well as join the counsel of other conscious life forms.

We continue to invite you to transform the dense incoherent emotions of fear, hatred, judgment and prejudice, any and all emotional vibrations that are life diminishing.

Many of our transmissions have focused on this invitation and this service. We have offered many tools to support this work, always acknowledging that it is the chalice of the heart that is the true transformer. The use of intention, sound and other conscious energy work will continue to uplift the dense vibrations of dysfunction in the collective matrix.

When your awareness is within your heart, it becomes the portal or the gateway to the non-visible realities. You heart is the doorway and the connection to other streams of consciousness and other dimensions. This is a most important aspect for you to realize and understand. Part of what is occurring within the evolution of humanity is that many humans are beginning to realize that part of their role is to be the inviter, the physical connection to these higher realms of vibrations and frequencies.

You are awake and aware, an intuitive in a physical and human form, and you are also an anchor or receptor in your reality, capable of connecting with other beings and forms of consciousness that vibrate at a different frequency. It is time that you acknowledge your ability to interact and reconnect with the energy streams of consciousness offered by other expressions of life.

Your world is teeming with non-physical beings ready to make contact and offer information and guidance. You are not meant to be in the dense physical reality without support. There are beings of light and love awaiting your invitation. However, all beings in the non-physical will never impose themselves, they will always honor your free will.

We know that many are beginning to connect to the essence of these invisible beings. Each individual person is unique in the ways that they connect and with whom they connect. We just want to remind you of this ability and this privilege.

Remember that your experience with this suggestion and this expanded exercise will depend on your beliefs and your openness to all possibilities.

There have been those in your history and your myths who have connected and been guided by their ability to sense, hear, or see these beings and receive and translate their guidance. You have given those with this extrasensory ability titles and names, such as sage, seer, oracle, channel, medium or prophet.

These words that you are reading at this time are offered by our beloved ‘transducer’.
She receives our energy and is able to translate or transduce that energy into a form of words and transmissions we offer to you. This is an ability that more and more human/multidimensionals are experiencing.

You are free to travel or to visit other realities and dimensions. It is just a matter of where you place your attention. Remember that energy follows thought. Shift your thoughts and shift your feeling nature, throw off your limited beliefs and the limited net that keeps you anchored in only one reality. Everything you experience as solid and “real” is vibrations of energy, held or locked in place by belief systems. If you could set aside all the mental programs about your reality, you would experience a different reality.

There are dimensions and multi-realities available to those who can allow and invite.

We are inviting you to expand and connect with these higher vibrations of consciousness. This is your next step in your own personal evolution. Begin to consider an active partnership with the divine, allow yourself to connect with your own personal ‘team’ or guides. Begin to consider that you can willingly open the possibilities to receive communication and guidance from ascended masters, avatars, celestial or star beings, angels as well as the consciousness of the elementals, the elements and the faerie realms.

If you reviewed your life experiences you would recall times in which you did receive guidance that supported your well-being and your safety. This guidance is always available when you willingly begin to open that portal or doorway. Begin to ask, begin to invite. Divine Spirit in all its many forms of love and light wants to be in conscious partnership with you.

It is time.

It is valuable to meditate, walk and allow quietness and creativity to flow. It is in these places that you gently slip into another frequency and allow yourself to begin to sense other forms of vibrational expression. Nature is an excellent place to practice connecting with other subtle realities. Increase your personal vibration to a higher resonance. Balance, laughter, joy and gratitude are vibrational tickets that allow you to move into these new realities of wonder and awe. Be open and receptive to the possibilities.

Allow yourself to be playful with this; being lighthearted is the key here which will open the doors to the realms and the other realities. Imagine for a moment that you might be able to hear/feel/sense the vibrations of the essence and the overlighting elemental of a beautiful tree or an amazing stone formation. Allow yourself to imagine and visualize a meadow of grasses and flowers and call forth the energy of a divine being to join you there. See yourself traveling to a star and be open to intuitively connect with what is offered. These are simple and basic processes, we know that you will be creative in your exploring of these possibilities.

Remember to put aside any and all expectation of how the connection might occur. You are unique and you are beginning to open to all your paranormal abilities as a starbeing.

So allow your connections to the other realms to unfold with ease. It might be visual, or a sensation that is felt within your body, you might hear within your inner awareness. We assure you that in time, with practice and willingness all your extrasensory abilities will emerge and you will connect and form partnerships with loving non-physical beings of love and light.

It is with communication and divine partnership that together you will transform your world. Imagine that you could receive information and methods that would assist your planet in cleaning the water and the air, or processes which would replace the detrimental use of oils and gases as a source of energy. Imagine receiving a download of data which would shift the entire paradigm of health and healing within the human body.

We believe that you get the idea of what we are suggesting.

We hold you with great respect and honor. We delight in sharing this invitation with you, for we know that you are ready to expand. You are feeling and sensing these shifts realizing that the veils between the worlds are becoming more and more transparent. So step into your true magnificence as a galactic citizen in partnership with other divine and magnificent beings of love, light and truth. This Divine partnership is the next step for humanity. We are available to all who invite; we offer our gratitude for your courage to be the anchor for this service.

The ‘team’

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