The Team

The Team: How to Keep Yourself Prosperous in the Coming Months

The Team via Peggy Black Morning Messages We are here to offer a clear coherent vibration of revitalization to you. When we observe those who have been anchoring the new reality with their…


The Team: You Are the Bridge

HJ: I first came across channelings from Peggy Black and The Team in the Sedona Journal.  Peggy is an excellent channel and the messages from The Team are always filled with pertinent, succinct…


The Hathors: Light the Path

The Team (Hathors) via Peggy Black 15 July 2012 We are here and honored to express our gratitude and acknowledgment, for you are reaching a turning point in your evolution. More and…


The Hathors: Divine Partnerships

The ‘team’ [Hathors] via  Peggy Black July 3, 2012 We are here and ready to invite and empower you to step forward in partnership with the divine stream of consciousness. We have often…

aurora borealis

The Team: Healing a Wounded Heart

The Team via Peggy Black We are here embracing and empowering you as you hold and anchor the new reality. You are pioneers as it were, moving across the landscape of vibrations…

psychedelic spiral

The Team: 11-11-11 and the Awakening of Humanity

The Team via Peggy Black We are here, and we acknowledge and embrace you as the Galactic Citizens that you are. This is a time of unparalleled opportunity, in which all eyes…

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