Emmanuel Dagher: Our New Eyes

Energy Forecast – July 2012

By Emmanuel Dagher


Hi my miraculous friend, I am so grateful to connect with you once again, and share some of the energetic happenings going on at this time.

Surrender Time

The energies pouring in right now are guiding us to move into a place of surrender.

The idea of surrendering has nothing to do with giving up anything. In fact, giving up and surrendering are completely different vibrations. To surrender simply means we are able to release all that hinders us from living in the natural flow of life where we are able to create our greatest lives. For many of us who were/are hanging on to dear life as a result of the current energetic climate, are literally being pushed to our breaking point so that we can finally come to a place where we completely surrender.

If we are someone who is still identifying themselves by their story, past experiences, or what society has told us we should be, then we may still be holding on to the old fear based Earth Matrix. In this vibration, there is still great struggle. If we are in this space, let’s be willing to give ourselves full permission to let go and surrender all the doubts, worries, fears, and resistance still keeping us there. Let’s allow ourselves to enter our very new miraculous lives. It’s here, and it’s waiting for us.

It’s important to note that living from a place of surrender does require some practice and intention. The more we practice living our lives from this space, the more second nature it will become.

Seeing Through the Eyes of the Universe

For those who have consciously made the choice to surrender, there’s some major magic happening right now. We are being gifted with the opportunity of remembering that our eyes and inner sight are indeed the eyes of the Universe. In return, we are actually beginning to see the world in a brand new way. The veils have completely lifted.

When a newborn baby comes into the world, he or she sees the magic and wonder in every person, place, thing, and experience. The only difference is that their mind is not fully developed enough to digest & comprehend it all the way we as adults can. With all that we have learned and remembered about ourselves and life itself (which mostly comes through lifetimes of experience,) we are now able to look at everything with childlike wonder as we take in all the beauty and splendor around us. At the same time, we are able to see through our magical eyes with an expanded awareness and wisdom that can only come with experience. Every single experience we went through no matter if we deemed them good or bad at the time, are what have led us to this miraculous moment in time where we are able to see the magic in everything. This is what it means to see through the eyes of the Universe.

Everything is New Again

As we start to see through the eyes of the Universe, many of us may notice that everything becomes new again. Energetically, many of us are feeling called to see old friends that we have not seen in a very long time. Some of us are feeling a pull to visit our hometowns or locations we grew up in, that we may have moved away from a long time ago. This pull can also be to locations and geographical vortex points we may not have necessarily been to in this lifetime, but rather a previous lifetime. Others are feeling guided to resolve any unfinished business from their past. If we are someone who feels a pull to do any of these things, then that is part of the ‘everything is new again’ energy happening right now.

A big part of the current ‘everything is new again’ experience is actually creating a massive collective healing for our world. We are being guided to go back to those times and locations in our lives that have simply become a distant memory and are being asked to shift any old or out-dated belief systems we may still be carrying around them.

By doing this, we are able to heal them and actually bring them back to our present moment where we can have a brand new perspective on them. With this new way of looking at our past, we no longer allow it to hinder us in anyway. In fact, we can now easily move forward and create the miraculous lives we have always known is possible for ourselves.

The New Children

A big part of this magical new energy we are able to connect with has a lot to do with the children coming in at this time. These luminous children are holding a sacred space of love, magic, joy, play, unity, wholeness, Divinity, and peace that is drastically raising the collective vibration of the world. They are gifts to us and we are gifts to them.

It’s a symbiotic relationship in the sense that, those ‘Love Workers’ who have diligently been working towards raising the consciousness of the world for over half a century have made it so that these beautiful children can return and support us across that finish line to the world we may have only once read, heard, or dreamed about.

Till next time,

Miraculously Yours,


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