Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 161

By Aisha North

Aisha North

Let us begin this missive by saying that todays message will delve further into a topic we have touched upon many a time earlier, namely those physical and mental changes you are all going through. It is, as you may know, an ongoing process, as you are all in so many ways ”under construction”. Let us explain. Your journey from a mere third dimensional existence and into a multi layered one is one that will take you far, far out of your old comfort zone in so many ways. That will not be news to any of you, as you have all been suffering through many periods already that can best be described as ”uncomfortable”. This a little pun on the familiar words, but as you have already been through numerous upgradings already, you will be familiar with what they come laden with. Both your physical and your mental body will be feeling sore and bruised by this process, and for many, these ”ascension symptoms” to use a familiar phrase, will be almost too overwhelming at times. It is certainly not something that will be perceived as positive, but as we have already touched upon in earlier missives, they are all signals of evolution. ”No pain, no gain” is a wording many use, and in this case, it could almost said to be true. Unfortunately, for some, they will get lost in some of the ”pain” so they actually lose the sight of the ”gain”. In other words, going through this process in itself is so taxing, it may lead many astray and deeper into the territory of despair and despondence.

That is not something we scoff at, in fact, we take this very seriously, as we know that this is what will have many of you thinking about literally giving up this work and calling it quits. Therefore, this sharing of words and energy is necessary, and that is why you will find a whole profusion of messages like these flooding the internet. You are supported in so many ways, so also through this, but we all know that we can only act as a supporting crew for you all, as you are the ones that will have to endure seemingly endless hours of discomfort and unease.

Again, for many, this will feel like some kind of punishment, and as all of this activity intensifies, they will rack their brains, trying to figure out ”what did I do wrong in order to make me suffer like this?” As always the answer is you are not doing anything wrong, you are doing everything right, and you are doing it at the exact time that you should. But as this truth have a hard time coming through at times like this, we will indeed repeat it again and again. This process has been carefully planned in advance, and you are all carefully monitored throughout it, and as such, nothing will be left to chance, and there are no chances that any of you shold ”fall through the cracks” as it were. But your perception of this process might be a very, very different one from this, and therefore we find it prudent to keep repeating this mantra that you are all perfectly poised and prepared to take the next step on this journey, and as such, there is nothing to fear except your own possible lack of perseverance and patience. It will be running thin, more so in some than in others, so please remember to find a place, both internally and externally, where you can reconnect to your own core and to your brothers in arms as it were, because it is imperative that you do not sit and suffer in solitude.

Again, this is so important, because the only way to be able to stay in this race to the finishing line is to consciously connect with likeminded souls out there, and more importantly: connect with that all-enduring and everlasting powerhouse you all carry inside. In addition, you have so many helping hands surrounding you at all times, but just remember to ask for assistance if you need it, as we are not allowed to interfere unless we are asked to do so. You are all sovereing beings, and as such, you all carry the full responsibility for how you will approach this process. In other words, if you choose to literally suffer in silence throughout this, your choice will as always be respected, and we will leave you in peace to do just that. But if you choose to open up and invite us in, we will do everything we can to help you carry this burden of personal and communal liberation from the yokes of a third dimensional existence.

After all, you are not on this journey for a purely personal reason, you are doing this for the sake of not only this planet, but the whole of Creation. It might seem like this message will only add weight to an already overly heavy burden, but we say it in order to repeat the message that even if you feel more than overwhelmed by this task already, you must remember that you are working on behalf of All of creation, so no matter what it might feel like, it is certainly not a solitary journey. Or, it is only that if you choose to make it so. You are in fact travelling in good company, in more ways than you can think of, and we ask you again to take the opportunity to engage with your fellow travellers in any way you can. And by fellow travellers, we refer of course both to the present company, but also to all of those you have yet to make the acquaintance of. They are so many, and if you could see them all, your heart would certainly lift, because then you would know that even if the road seems long and overly steep at times, you would also see that there is no question that you will all make it to the end. You are so many, and you are so powerful, you are literally bathing this whole planet in light already.

So please make sure to focus on this light as you start out on the next leg of this journey, and do not fall into the trap of looking only at the despair that surrounds you on all sides from the crumbling pieces of the old world. That will only help to make you feel so much smaller than you really are, because you must never ever again forget your greatness. It is what has taken you this far, and it is what will see you through to the end. And remember, it is only YOU that can make you feel small again, as the rest of the universe and beyond can only see your greatness.

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