Archangel Metatron: The Artifical Moon of Saturn & The Lunar Effect

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Masters, I am Metatron Lord of Light, and I greet each of you warmly, knowingly, in a vector of unconditional love !

Dear Ones, the changes taking place on the Earth, are prompted by changes taking place in the Cosmos. Every celestial body, every, planet star and moon in your Galaxy are in harmonic symphony, in support of what is happening in 2012 on your planet Earth. We have told you before that your religions have excluded the science, and that science has omitted the spiritual. Now in 2012, the two are joining full circle. Your scientists are beginning to recognize that there is intelligent design in the Cosmos, and your religious leaders are beginning to acknowledge that ‘you are not alone’.

There are visionary academics and writers such as Graham Hancock, David Childress, Richard Hoagland and Semir Osmanagich who are leading the way in revealing more to you about humanity’s true origins and history. And we tell you removing the shadow is tantamount to clarity and wisdom.

The Cosmos is shifting, physics are expanding. You are discovering that the Laws of Physics, which  you thought were written in stone, are shifting and expanding. That expansion is multidimensionality. And moreover Masters, you are discovering that thought, divine thought is the creator of all that is…and that you are a part of that.  Even the most die-hard main stream scientific think-tanks are being invaded by a younger generation of more dilatant unsuppressed researchers, who are aware that there is intelligence in the Cosmos, in the changing order of physics. Not just in the realization that you are not alone, but in the knowledge that the creation around you could not be random. There is a guiding force in physics, an aware intelligence. We have told you before that certain of what you term ‘Angels’ are the holders of the ‘Laws of Physics’, and we tell you now, that everything in the Cosmos is aware. The planets, stars, moons and even that you term the void, is alive, conscious, aware and in support of humanity.

Moons, Planets & the Living Cosmos

Lunar effects on planets, solar systems and indeed Galaxies are extremely important and vastly influential. You academics are becoming more and more aware of the myriad intelligence & energetics of planetary, stellar & indeed lunar gravities.

Your own planet has had more than one moon, in its history. We tell you a truth that many have already speculated…and that is that your present moon was ‘put in place’ billenia after the Earth’s formation. At that time, it was much closer to the planet, and the backward drift it is currently orbiting within, is much further than its original placement.

Does it not seem very interesting & compelling that your present moon is capable of perfectly concealing your Sun during a total eclipse? Do you understand then, that if the moon were not on the precise orbit it is in, not located on the specific distance between earth and sun that this would not occur? Perhaps you will consider that an intricate engineering design & plan is in place!

We also share with you that one of the moons in your solar system is artificial, and it is a stabilizing auto regulated computer. Evidence of its unusual properties and design has been captured in the photos of the Cassini mission. These photos are raising serious speculation among your scientists.

Saturn & Iapetus

One of the moons of Saturn, is a technically conceived construct, and was put in place for specific purpose. Its gravity and orbit influence Saturn. And we tell you that your Earth is very influenced by the energy of Saturn, and thus by the effect of Iapetus on the Saturnian system.

Most of you on the discovery path of metaphysics acknowledge to some degree the influence of astrology on humanity and the earth. Astrology  is not folklore, rather it is science of how the planets affect you through their succinct gravitational waves and energetic emissions. Every planet in your solar system exudes unique frequecial gravitational waves as well as a ‘singature’ energy. The energy is plasmic, subatomic charged particles that are projected geometrically through the northern poles of each planet. In a manner of speaking they are similar to ‘white holes’ in the sense that the energy projected is hyper-dimensional, meaning that it is multidimensional energy, received from higher dimension and projected into your solar system. The projection poles have a geometric signature, and that polar geometry is determined by the rotational factors (inner and outer torque) of the planet and the vibratory rate of the hyper-dimensional energy emission. Every planet and moon in your solar system supports the earth and vice-versa.

There is somewhat of a simplistic comparative analogy between planets and their moons, suns and their planets and atoms with circulating electrons. Just as the addition of one orbiting electron changes the energy and nature of an atom, and indeed molecule, additions of moons change the resonant energy of each planet. Each planet affects the energy of its stellar centre.

The Voyager & Cassini Saturn Probes

The images sent back to Earth by the missions of Voyager and more recently, the Cassini probe have revealed specific anomalies about Iapetus that are intriguing, and are perhaps some of the most uncloakable evidence of extra terrestrial existence. Although in truth your own planet abounds with such evidence in what has been for the most part, dismissed and unacknowledged; appropriately termed forbidden archeology.   The Voyager and Cassini probes have revealed quite a few extraordinary anomalies on Saturn’s moon Iapetus, including its 4 million-foot-long equatorial wall, hexagonal craters, box-like surface structures, and tower-like antennae structure, as well as its dark/light aspects and unusual circular orbit.

Though this is explained away by main stream science, we tell you even now your more enlightened astrophysicist are becoming increasingly aware that Iapetus (moon of Saturn)  is ‘artificial’, though most  dare not as yet seriously express such nonconventional belief. We tell you that the moon called Iapetus which satellites the extreme outer orbit of the ‘Ringed-Planet’ was put in place for specific purpose by the highly advanced extra terrestrials. Iapetus is of intelligent design and there is great purpose in this.


In Arthur C Clarkes visionary book, 2001 a Space Odyssey, Dr Bowman, the main character, discovers  that the true purpose of the mission is to explore Iapetus, the third-largest moon of Saturn, in the hope of contacting the society that buried the monolith’s on Earth and on the Moon.

As he nears Iapetus, he sees a similar monolith on its surface. He decides to go out in one of the extra-vehicular pods to make a closer inspection of the monolith. Programmed for just such an occurrence, the monolith reveals its true purpose as a star gate when it opens and pulls in Bowman’s pod. Before he vanishes, Mission control hears him proclaim: “I’m inside Iapetus…The things hollow and it goes on forever ! … Oh my God, it’s full of stars!”

Interestingly the book was written years before the Voyager and Cassini craft revealed the ‘black hole’ on Iapetus. The Cassini mission also revealed images that show the unusual characteristics of radar reflectivity on Iapetus, as well as mystifying anomalies of light and dark, brightness variation as if portions of the moon were illuminated by an artificial or internal process. It was also revealed that an unusual linear wall 12 miles high, 12 miles wide and over 800 miles long, appearing much like a symmetrical weld, stood in a straight line across the equator of Iapetus. This was not un-noticed by your NASA scientists. One took the risky stance of speculating that Iapetus appeared to be ‘artificially modified’ and represented the best case evidence of advanced life in the solar system. Visionary scientist Richard Hoagland has made many conjunctures about Iapetus, many of which are indeed correct.

Your scientists are well aware that Iapetus orbits Saturn in an unusual 15 degree elliptical path, affording a interesting non parallel route around Saturn. All other moons rotate at precisely the same plane as the rings of Saturn. The moon Phoebe, alters at 5 degrees and flows in the reverse direction.

We tell you that Iapetus is of ‘ancient’ Arcturian construct. Its architecture is indeed a derivative of the Platonic solids, and is in fact what may be termed a truncated dodecahedron. The Cassini images reveal that it is not truly spherical as are most celestial bodies, and in fact has geometric lines that adhere to the dodecahedron mass, although billions of years of ice & dust collation on the surface skew the signature dodec-shape somewhat.

Those of you who are familiar with the science of that termed ‘Sacred Geometry’ are aware that tetrahedrons will fit perfectly inside the polyhedronal dodecahedron.  The flattened surfaces that appear as platelets on the surface of Iapetus have been surmised by some visionary scientists as geo surfaces of the tetrahedrons, and we tell you they are correct. This is verified by the specific 120 degree angled star tetrahedronal spacing.

Iapetus is indeed an ‘artificial’ moon, constructed with purpose, and specifically placed in its succinct orbit around Saturn. It was put in place to modulate the gravities & frequency of Saturn’s Crystalline symphonics, projected frequencially by what you term the crystal Rings of Saturn.

The Rings of Saturn

Humanity has always known that Saturn was different from the other planets. Its incredible rings stood out in a serendipitous beauty that differentiated it from the other planets, once humanity regained the ability to observe celestial bodies. We tell you that Saturn and her rings play an incredible role in your solar system.

The rings of Saturn are in constant flux, and provide the vibration coherency that modulates the resonance of your solar system, and indeed the Ascension process ongoing of the Earth. The rings of Saturn are composed of unique crystals that emit a harmonic vibratory resonance, a coherent frequencial song.

Saturn represents the stargate/entry point of Arcturius into your solar system physical and nonphysical realms. More complex, it is the wormhole of the Torus effect for your system. As observed by your Voyager explorer craft and indeed the more recent Cassini mission, the north pole of Saturn is composed of a remarkable double concentric hexagon, and the south pole is an elliptical swirling ovid. This mystifies your main stream astrophysist. It is a phenomenon of ‘base-60′ hyper dimensional torsion physics, as yet not grasped by your current science.

We tell you the hexagonal pole of Saturn emits incredible energy, far more energy than the planet absorbs from your sun. (as do all planets in your solar system). The hexagonal  geometric pattern is an energy signature, a wave pattern indicative of the torsion-energy level being emitted. The incredible energy is coming from another hyper-dimension of the Cosmos.

The entire ‘Saturnal System’ is an immense regulatory force that affects not only your solar system, but the Earth and humanity. Saturn, the rings of Saturn, and several of its moons, particularly Enceladus emit crystalline harmonics, massive waves of gravitational energies and plasma. This directly affects the energy of humanity at this time.

Strong correlations absolutely exist between the energetic state of the earth’s field and the effect on the field of each human. Energies such as coronal mass ejections, and indeed the plasma ratio of anions to cations  not only effect human behavior, but by induction effect the ability of the human Auric Field and chakric Mer-Ka-Na to more efficiently access the manifold of multidimensionality, parallel realms and time holograms.

Just as you are aware that magnetic portals exist on the planet Earth, collating the suns massive energies , so are there crystalline portals that collate the coherency of plasma emissions  & light waves.

All forces that alter the earth’s electromagnetic & crystalline fields are also changing yours. The Saturn system is generating an accelerated coherency in the Ascension of your Earth, for indeed the Ascension can truly be defined as the expansion of the earth’s dimensional matrix into higher fields of crystalline resonance. As such the Crystalline Grid is absolutely receiving the crystalline codes from the Saturn system.

Iapetus is a massive auto-regulated computer that is involved in tracking and indeed moderating the Saturnian system, you see. Its specific orbital path is aimed at influencing the Rings and pattern waves emitted from the icy crystals. It triangulates with Saturn’s reverse orbit moon, Phoebe, and Saturn itself in this effort.

The Saturnian system played a major role in combination with the Cosmos and indeed the Earth’s moon in the explosion of life on your planet that took place in what is termed the ‘Cambrian Radiation’.

(Insert Note: The Cambrian explosion or Cambrian radiation was the relatively rapid appearance (over a period of many millions of years), around 530 million years ago, of most major animal phyla, as demonstrated in the fossil record, accompanied by major diversification of organisms including animals, phytoplankton, and calcimicrobes.)

The current activation of the Saturnian system is again playing a major role in the shifts of the planet. Specifically in the environmental alterations and energy shifts, that will code the crystal grid as well as the crysto sun disc within the Crystal Vortexes of Arkansas and Brazil. This synergizes symbiotically with the biological shifts in the human into opalesque crysto- silicon base body.

The coherence within the field generated by your Mer-Ka-Na Chakric system, is directly influenced into more vibrant optimal states by the crystalline coherency generated from Saturn.  There is a stability therein. Those who are in a more incoherent state are more mal-affected by the ongoing changes in the earth’s field while those in a coherent state are less affected.

The Earth’s Moon

The Earth’s Moon enables physical life to occur on the planet.

Beyond this essential enabling, your moon additionally affects humanity far more than most of you in current times recognize. You are familiar with the moon through your recognized sciences and through your mythology and fables. Some of you are aware of the moons influences in what the main stream considers to be loric or pseudo science, termed astrology, although more advances civilization of your past and future recognize astrology for its validity in terms of its effect on your emotional, physical and mental aspects.

The moon provides vast service to the Earth, but the Earth also reciprocates, and provide advantageous service to the moon.

The Moon effects humanity in many  spiritual means  that are not as well remembered, not as well understood in current times as in the past. The Moon is absolutely conscious and sentient, and in many ways is responsible for the Earth’s ability to support not only physical life, but the spiritual development of humankind whilst in the Earth-Plane energies.

The phases of the moon allow for specific periods that the adept human can utilize to seek deeper understanding. Certain phases are embellished with both gravity and light that absolutely balances the human Auric Field , which of course includes the mental and emotional bodies. We will tell you that without this living ‘lunar’ cycle, your ability to dream, to enter into that essential field  of re-calibration, which you term the  sleeping state, would not be as easily or effectively accessed.

Just as the Moon brings reflection, offers light in areas of darkness, so then does the Living Moon’ assist you in gaining clarity in your life’s movement,  in gaining a great and greater understanding of how to move forward in areas of uncertainty or shadow.

The reflective light of the moon is very different from the direct light of the sun. It influences you quite differently. Yet, in many ways it is just as essential to your well being as is the light of the sun.  The lunar effect is that there is prolific correlation between specific stages of the Earth’s lunar cycle and the emotional field and aura of humans that is far more than just variation in light levels. Lunar field waves vary according to moon phases.

Crysto-Electric Aura

You are aware that human biology generates an electromagnetic field similar to that of the earth. And we tell you that the human aura is shifting into a Crysto-Electric Field (CEF), with greater & different arrays of circuitry, frequency, potency and colors.  Similarly the earth’s ionosphere and magnetosphere are shifting.

2012 is an extreme year of shift. While a glorious event, the 2012 year of Ascension is also an intense time of great frequencial movement. As the 144 Crystalline Grid completes on the 12-12-12, telluric frequencies accelerate and drastically so. Strong correlations have been drawn between the state of the earth’s field and the effect on the auric field of each human. We tell you that anything that is changing the earth’s field is also affecting yours. It is the physics of induction. As such, the human aura must convert to crysto-electric Mer-Ka-Na in order to optimally up-shift and manage the stress of these alterations. The new circuitry operates in coherent light.

This is why we have channeled the importance of Auric Maintenance as the cornerstone of the teachings provided in the Metatronic Keys. The use of living gems and coherent phi crystals are important tools in this process. Take time to study the energies offered by single refractive, double refractive gems in combination with lapis lazuli as taught in establishing the ‘Metatronic Energy Shield’ applicable to the crysto-electric aura.

These not only fortify the crysto-electric aura, but also symbiotically assist & enable the ‘biological coherence shift ‘that can now be more effectively  projected from within each human cell, and indeed the human heart in the crystalline age you call the Ascension.

Those who are in a more incoherent state are more affected by changes in the earth’s field while those in a coherent state are capable of managing the shift without auric circuitry disruption through mechanical equalization of the exterior increase in hertzian frequency ‘standing waves’ on your planet.

We tell you that piezoelectric gems as well as the opal are extremely helpful in the Saturnian and lunar shifts molding the energy of the Ascending Earth.


It is a prolific time, and shadows are being removed. Energies are bombarding the planet, and doing so in an intelligent and divine benevolence.

The tremendous energies now bathing the earth, the grid and humanity are myriad. It is coronal mass ejections, gamma energy and a harmonic showering from the planets, moons and stars, from sources that are unimaginable to your scientists. Saturn plays a key role, as does your moon.

It is  quantum, it is hyper and multi dimensional. It is divine intelligence.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

…And so it is…and it is so…

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