HJ: You may be surprised to learn that achieving big goals is often times no harder than achieving smaller goals.  Learn about the power of scale and some wise insights and tips to help you set and achieve big goals.

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Are Your Goals Big Enough?

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All too often peoples success is hindered by the limitations they place upon themselves, if you don’t aim high you wont achieve much. As Napoleon Hill said: “the starting point of all achievement is desire.” Don’t forget this crucial first step, it is a rare thing for people to achieve amazing results without trying to, millionaires don’t become millionaires by accident and pro sports people don’t develop their amazing skill sets by accident. Setting yourself a specific and purposeful goal is the first step to success.

Set Yourself Apart

If you’re reading this i’m going to assume you don’t want to live an average life, i’ll assume that you want to achieve more than the majority of society.

The way to set yourself apart from everyone else is to dream bigger than everyone else, you can’t stumble your way into being elite, you need to stride there. The majority of people don’t know what they want to do in their life, they don’t know their life purpose, they get up late, walk into the first job and live an average life on an average salary until they die at an average age. These people have the attitude of what will be will be. Don’t let your environment dictate the future of your life, take the reins and ride to where you want to be.

Get Out Of The Competitive Plane

What people often don’t realise is that aiming high reduces the competition, only a few people ever aim high. Most people go for what they believe is in their reach, they will aim for a job that pays $50,000 a year instead of the job that pays $500,000 a year. They believe this will be easier to get, but every single average person is going for that job. They are in direct competition with the majority of society. But only a few will aim for the job that pays $500,000 a year and someones going to get it. Rise out of mediocrity, stop fighting for the scraps left by the elite. Aim to be the best and raise yourself to another level, a level where no one can compete with you.

Motivate Yourself

Big dreams lead to you being dedicated, committed and hard working. Do your current dreams leave you feeling this way? Do you skip out of bed in the morning because of the prospect that you may achieve your goal? Because that is when you know you have the right goal, if you cannot rest because of your intent to achieve it you are on the right track. You will only feel this way if your dreams are large enough. You will always here people with small dreams saying: “i’ll get round to it” or “i’m busy this year I think i’ll wait till next,” they never achieve anything. You would never hear large dreamers saying things like this, they would be too busy achieving their goals to spare the time. If you can dream big enough and believe that you can achieve, then you will never lack for motivation.

Don’t Risk Under Achieving

I like the old proverb “Is it not better to aim your spear at the moon and strike only an eagle, than to aim your spear at the eagle, and strike only a rock?” If you don’t aim high enough you will sacrifice your potential. Lots of people restrict themselves from trying to achieve for fear that they may fail, they are right to be scared. There is a probability that your goals may be too high even for you to achieve, you may never be able to fully complete what you set out to do. But this is no reason to stop yourself from trying, as the famous book by Susan Jeffers says: “feel the fear and do it anyway.” As i’m sure you’ve heard before, it is better to try and fail than to have never tried. Either you can stick to the average income or you can aim to be a trillionaire and settle for being a billionaire, the choice is yours.

Achieve Unimaginable Things

200 years ago the prospect of flying over oceans in a piece of metal would seem unimaginable, as would communicating halfway across the world with something the size of a pack of cards. 200 years ago it would seem ludicrous to think you could walk into a room flick a switch and illuminate it. Yet all of these things have come to pass because of the unique individuals that believed it could happen. It wasn’t the average man that invented the plane, the lightbulb or the mobile phone, it was geniuses like Thomas Edison who did those things. People aren’t remembered for hundreds of years for living an average life, they are remembered for turning the impossible into reality. Don’t believe things cant happen because other people say they can’t, be like Arnold Schwarzenegger who said: “I love it when someone says that no one has ever done this before, because then when I do it that means that I’m the first one that has done it.”

Set out to find your life purpose today, find yourself a goal that gets you skipping out of bed in the morning, a goal that you cant stop yourself from achieving. You will find that the journey in life is more rewarding than the end product, with a large enough desire to achieve every day will be a happy one.

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