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The 5 Keys to Becoming Wildly Successful in Life

HJ: Success is not about luck, it’s about discipline.  Anyone can become successful so long as they commit to doing whatever it takes.  It is the constant upward spiral and refinement of ones…


How to Set and Achieve Big, Life-Changing Goals

HJ: You may be surprised to learn that achieving big goals is often times no harder than achieving smaller goals.  Learn about the power of scale and some wise insights and tips to…


7 Keys to Staying Strong and Centered When Life Gets Intense

HJ: When life gets intense, all kinds of deep mental and emotional patterns come bubbling to the surface and we are faced with the reality of those areas of ourselves that still need…


7 Powerful Habits That Guarantee Happiness and Success

HJ: Success and happiness are not random.  They arise from specific habits and states of mind and being and you can pick these up as soon as you make a decision to do so….


7 Creativity Boosting Hacks You Can Learn From the World’s Most Creative People

HJ: Creativity is the essence of being human, and therefore to increase your creativity is to live more fully.  Whether or not you believe it or realize it (although I would imagine as…


5 Secrets of Success and Achievement We Can Learn From Olympians

HJ: By studying the habits and mindset of the world’s top athletic performers — Olympic athlete’s — we can discover some foundational pieces of wisdom for achieving higher levels of success and abundance…


How to Discover and Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs About Yourself (So You Can Achieve Anything you Set Your Mind To)

HJ: The old adage ‘anything is possible’ is absolutely true IF you have removed your biggest limiting beliefs.  Thankfully doing so is a relatively easy and effective process.  It can be accomplished on…


The 7 Keys to Creating Success in Your Life

HJ: Success does not just happen randomly, it is created by a very precise set of qualities you can cultivate in your life.  When it seems like success just came out of nowhere…


15 Powerful Tips to Help You Dream Big and Achieve What You Set Your Heart and Mind To

HJ: Dream big.  Live big.  Play big. Ask big.  Because even if you don’t get what you want, you’ll still get more than you would have playing small.  And thinking and living big,…


The Spiritual Secrets to Achieving Anything You Want

HJ: Anything is possible if you are willing to do and become what is necessary to get it.  It may take you FAR outside of your comfort zone, and that can be scary…

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