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How to Set and Achieve Big, Life-Changing Goals

HJ: You may be surprised to learn that achieving big goals is often times no harder than achieving smaller goals.  Learn about the power of scale and some wise insights and tips to…


The 3 Keys to Turning Your Dreams Into Reality

HJ: People who are consistently able to turn their dreams into reality all share a similar set of characteristics. As they say, “Success leaves clues.” It is easy to fall into the trap…


How to Set Goals Correctly So That You Will Actually Achieve Them

HJ: What if you could set goals that virtually guaranteed that you would achieve them, no matter how audacious or grand?  Goals that improved your life starting the moment you made them?  This…

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Akashic Wisdom Keepers: Commentary on the 11-11-11 Stargate

Akashic Wisdom Keepers via Irma Kaye Sawyer http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/commentary-111111-stargate-akashic-wisdom-keepers Beloveds, we are in agreement with your other communication channels that this will be a potent energetic time. This Stargate will have a unique feel…

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