Taoist Hand Gesture (Mudra) to Unlock Intuitive Powers and Remedy Depression

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Tse Mudra – remedy for depression and a key to unlock intuitive powers

Tse Mudra is practiced and recommended by Taoist monks. It is also called as exercise of three secrets. This mudra affects water element and all the organs associated with it, particularly the excretory organs like Kidney and Urinary bladder. Tse mudra increases magnetism, develops mental ability, sharpens intuition and let you get rid of depression. Taoist monks describe it as an exercise to remove sadness and bring about good luck.

How to do Tse Mudra?

Sit in a comfortable position. Spine should be erect. Place both the hands on your thighs. Place the tip of the thumb on the base of your little finger as indicated in the picture. Now encircle the thumb with the four fingers.

Inhale deeply and do a mental chant of OM seven times during the inhalation. Observe the vibration of the chant in your right ear. Now, release your fist as you exhale (your abdominal walls should be involved) feeling as if all the misfortune, worries, anxiety and fears are leaving your body through open fist. Do this exercise for minimum of 7 times and for a maximum of 49 times.

Affirm that I am a divine being and capable of overcoming all obstacles.

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