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Tai Chi Master Shares the Seven Secrets of Cultivating Qi Energy in the Body

HJ: There are seven core principles for cultivating the powerful, innate healing energy known as Qi in the body.  These practices will unlock your ability to harness this sacred force and direct it around the…


How to Eat for Health and Longevity: A Taoist Guide to Diet and Nutrition

HJ: With all the conflicting information about diet we get nowadays, it can leave one confused as to what steps to take in order to be as healthy as possible.  The problem with…


Taoist Hand Gesture (Mudra) to Unlock Intuitive Powers and Remedy Depression

Tse Mudra – remedy for depression and a key to unlock intuitive powers Tse Mudra is practiced and recommended by Taoist monks. It is also called as exercise of three secrets. This mudra…

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