10 Ghandi Quotes That Will Change Your Life

By Truth | The Healers Journal

The beauty of these profound truths lies in their innate simplicity.  They are unambiguous as to their true meaning and speak directly to the soul, piercing the veil of seeming normalcy that permeates our lives.  Truly every moment is divine and holds the potential for our self realization.  These words of wisdom connect us to our true divine nature and higher selves, causing us to reflect on that which we may take for granted as simply another aspect of day to day lives.  If something is boring or mundane, that is only our perception.  If you truly want a glimpse into the complexity of the universe, try to draw what you see and you will instantly realize the incredible intrciacy of every-little-thing in existence.  Even the most humble stone is incredibly complex when we really begin to ponder and examine its true nature.  Ghandi, as do all great spiritual leaders, recognized this and was able to coherently translate into language that is accessible by all.

1) Be the change you wish to see in the world

2) What you think, you become

3) Where there is love, there is life

4) Learn as if you’ll live forever

5) Your health is your true wealth

6) Have a sense of humor

7) Your life is your message

8) Action expresses priorities

9) Our greatness is being able to remake ourselves

10) Find yourself in the service of others

If you feel inspired by these words, write them down!  Create reminders that you can post in places you visit everyday such as your bedroom, office, or car so that you are constantly reminded of your true spiritual nature.  We must never forget that all originates from spirit first and is then manifest into physical reality.  This perspective helps keep us from getting lost in the powerful illusion of the external world.

List Credit: Collective Evolution


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