How to Turn Your Dreams of a Better Life Into Reality

HJ: I know many talented, gifted individuals who have incredible gifts to offer the world — gifts that have the potential to transform lives and offer great benefit to many people.  And yet, they are not offering them readily even though they claim to want to do so.  While we could delve into the psychological reasons for this, and they are important to a certain degree, the principal quality keeping them from stepping into their destiny or continuing down the same well-worn path of mediocrity they have been on for years, is the ability to take concerted action towards their dreams and goals.  This single step is the catalyst to a life of fulfillment and the only thing separating you from walking the path towards full manifestation of your dreams and destiny.

Taking action forces us to confront our fears and step out of our comfort zones.  We can never fail if we do not try and yet not trying is essentially failing.  It is a catch-22, and so, the only viable alternative is to simply take action and trust that we will be supported by the universe, which is the case whether we believe it or not. Taking action leaves us feeling vulnerable (which is an illusion), however, it also instills in us a great strength and confidence (not an illusion) as we begin to achieve and live out our deepest dreams and desires for ourselves.  It is liberating and empowering and sees us take our freedom to new levels.  Taking action will change your life.  Taking action will give meaning to your life beyond that which it already has.  Taking action towards your goals and dreams — you’re true soul desires — is a major step on the path to self-realization and one that is absolutely necessary to step into your role as a true creator of your own reality.

– Truth

Are You Playing The Some Day Game?

By Glen Andrews |

Have you ever heard a friend, family member, or colleague mutter… “Someday I’m going to write that book, start that business, increase my earnings, loose that weight, learn that skill, take that vacation?” I know I’ve said many of these things to myself many times as I’m sure you have.

No matter where we find ourselves today, there was a time when we looked at a competitor, a neighbor, or another person only to wish we had what they have, or could do what they do, or accomplish what they’ve accomplished.

Now I’ve spoken with seven figure earners, and I’ve spoken with five and six figure earners. And the reality is, seven figure earners are no different than me and you. They just DO MORE than the rest of us and they’re COMMITTED to their desired outcome.

Commitment to your desired outcome is HUGE!

Without commitment it’s way too easy to give up when the Going-Gets-Tough. Being an action taker and not just a dreamer is the key to setting and obtaining your most desired goals.

Seriously, I’ve seen (and I’m one of them) folks with less than average capabilities make BIG changes in their lives, and businesses, simply because they took massive action day in and day out when most others gave up.

You see, we’re no different than any other successful person. In fact, we have every capability that the most successful entrepreneurs posses.

We have access to information, we have resources that were once out of reach for average folks like you and me. We have the internet! We have knowledge at our fingertips just waiting to be discovered! We can literally reach across the globe to anyone anywhere.

So don’t ever let yourself or anyone else imply, or paint the picture that you don’t have what it takes.

YOU have everything you need to get all that you want.

YOU can and will achieve everything you put your mind to if you fully commit to the outcome and take the necessary action EVERY DAY. ACTION is like the oceans current – it will pull you towards your desired goals.

Honestly – I think we all sell ourselves way to short when it comes to getting what we really want.

Our inner voice begins to whisper… “I’m not smart enough, I’m not qualified, I don’t have enough money, I’m too short, I’m too fat, I’m not college educated, I’m not certified, I’m afraid of what people might think, or I have kids to take care of.

We take away our true power by belittling ourselves into thinking we’re less than we truly are. This keeps us from taking action. It keeps us from becoming the person we wish to be. It keeps us from fulfilling our dreams.

We allow these whispers (fears) to keep us on the sidelines peering out as we watch others play the game, only to find ourselves sitting in quiet desperation hoping that some day our turn will come.

Make YOUR some day TODAY! I truly believe we’re all champions! We all have our own game to play. So let’s take the necessary action NOW so we’re not waiting for that someday.

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