HJ:  You are not insignificant.  Despite what you may have been told or despite what you believe about yourself, your life has great meaning.  You are an expression of the divine God consciousness in physical form — having an experience of the senses.  And like all incarnated at this time, you are here to gain a greater understanding of yourself and to raise your consciousness to higher levels of spiritual understanding and awareness.  No one individual is greater or less than any other.  Each individuated experience and lifetime is equally important and necessary to encompass the full range of experience to be had as an expression of consciousness in physical form.  You are part of the fabric of creation, as is everything else, and the fabric of creation is the body of the Creator/God.  Therefore you are an aspect, or cell, if you will, in the body of the Creator/God.  And the fractal nature of the universe allows it to also be so that you are but an aspect of your soul — your soul being an aspect of the body/mind of God.  You must never forget this, and if you have, it is your prime directive in this incarnation to remember and embrace this fact, expressing it to the best of your ability.

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

QUESTIONER: Thank you, this next one is from OG. She writes, “Thank you for this opportunity to ask questions of Cosmic Awareness. I have two thoughts that have been mulling around lately and I would like to ask about them. The first one: While it is accepted that we are striving for Unity and “remembering” because we are in fact All One in source energy and part of the same “Body”, are we also unique in that “Body” like an individuated cell in the biological form?
I ask this because I am getting the feeling that each being is experiencing this “Wave of Consciousness” differently because as their individuated being is “activated,” different senses, abilities and perceptions come on line for them that are unique to them. An example of this would be how a nerve cell functions is completely different from how a mucous cell functions but both are cells in the one body, both are required for normal function, yet both require different nutrients and environments.
Are we as beings set up the same way under the umbrella of the body of source and are we each “activated” at this time in a different way and so our experiences should NOT be compared with others but evaluated based on our own “old base level?” Your observations please?
COSMIC AWARENESS: That which is presented in the comments of this individual has a high degree of accuracy and understanding and it is true that each individual is a cell within the body first of the soul. The soul itself is contained within the body of the higher consciousness, the next stage or level of consciousness, and this then repeats itself further until finally the grouping of all consciousness, from the individuated state of the consciousness of an individual to the higher dimensional collective consciousness, such as what this Awareness is part of and is, until all merge into that which is God Consciousness, the completion of all levels, the body of God Reality, and this also does explain how it is that an individual having his/her individual experience cannot then assume that all other experiences must be exactly the same. Yet this is the propensity of civilization and of humanity itself to presume that what they are experiencing and what they hold as truth and reality must be incorporated by all others, and if they do not incorporate it and exhibit it, then they are the enemy, they are somehow that which must be destroyed, for they must hold the same concepts and beliefs.
This is actually the Orion mentality of division, that which is known as “divide and conquer,” where they treat the individual as insignificant, and the will of the nation is governed by the leaders of the nation on the economic levels, the spiritual levels, and all other levels of leadership and authority within a civilization. The individual is taught that they are insignificant and they do not matter. They are only part of a collective, and as long as they hold that the collective is correct and they hold the proper attitudes and morals of the collective then they are correct, and they can then be controlled and manipulated.
What is now unfolding is that the individual is of extreme importance. The individual is involved in the discovery of his/her collective nature in the understanding that all are integrated; all are part and parcel of the same body, the body of Divine Consciousness that has chosen to express Itself at the lower physical levels. As one begins to become aware of the individual nature of each and every soul aspect and as one begins to delineate the difference and understand that they are creator beings having an experience in a collective dream that is the dream of their life, the dream of their region, the dream of their nation, the dream of their planet, they can then start to see their
importance in the whole picture and begin to step beyond their own imagined insignificance. To do this one must truly begin to understand how one is part of greater consciousness, part of collective consciousnesses that exist beyond the physical 3rd dimensional level. They must start to understand that they are a cell in the body of the Divine Consciousness, the Divine God Body or Form. They are of great significance as a cell, but they are also of great worth and significance as an organ in the cell, a process in the body of the Divine Consciousness, and as they begin to understand as a cell they are part of bigger and bigger organs, processes of Divine Consciousness,
they can adapt and understand that in actuality as they realize themselves, they realize their greater truth, and their greater being.

Ultimately, they understand they are the reflection of God Consciousness having an individuated experience in consciousness. Does this sufficiently answer the question or is more needed?
QUESTIONER: No I think that is great. Getting on with her second question, “I have noticed in my experience, which has been a very positive one, that the laws of intent and attraction are extremely
strong at the present time and the time buffer for manifestation is much shorter. Could you please discuss if there have been any changes in the way things manifest in this reality: consciousness to
thought, to word, to form is the basis that I am familiar with. While focusing on my intent through my feelings in the Now, I am getting a sense that we are coming online to a powerful creator being
construct that we will each start to express that will very much show us strongly and directly that we are the creators of our reality and we must consciously set our intentions through our “Now”
moment. Any discussion on this aspect of the “Wave of Consciousness” and Ascension into higher levels as they apply to creating in the “Now” would be greatly appreciated. Your comments please?
COSMIC AWARENESS: Again, this Awareness must congratulate this individual for her perception, awareness and understanding and its high level of accuracy. It is so. It is a most intense and critical
period that is now underway. This Awareness has described it as the crucible, where high temperatures are reached to burn off the dross, to burn off the clinging of old beliefs and old understandings to reach that high level of purity that is expressed in this individual’s comments where there is realization that one is more than what one thought they were.
It is also a time period of accelerated development, where instantaneous results can occur from one’s thoughts and beliefs. It is why this Awareness has said that it is extremely important at this
time to be cognitive of one’s thinking and one’s conclusions. Although decisions have been made as to the way to progress, there is still latitude in reexamining those areas where one is entrenched in
their negativity, but it is essential to realize that as one plays in these levels of negativity and looks only outside of themselves for the external proof, they will be manifesting their negativity in their
external circumstances which will then reinforce their negativity, which will then spiral out of control until they are completely absorbed in the negative belief system they are creating, equally
as those who are moving toward more positivity, they will also find that they will be experiencing more positive realities that are reflective of the higher truths and the higher changes that they
have been awaiting.
Therefore, in this most crucial period of time it is essential that all hold to the inner perceptions and understandings and allow them to begin manifesting outward in reflection, in intent, and in
attraction. The attraction principles will be even more powerfully observed at this time, hence the importance of staying in a mindframe that while still perhaps needing to deal with negative beliefs
and factors as exhibited seemingly in outside factors, it is not 100% endorsed, but rather the inner perspective is allowed its own growth to occur in a way that will allow evidence to start presenting
itself of a stronger more positive nature. It is extremely critical to be aware that as one gives in to their negative beliefs, they are unfortunately creating them.
This Awareness has always maintained that as creator beings you create reality in accordance to the beliefs and attitudes that you hold. This will become even more the case, even more crucial and
critical in this extreme and intense time, and it is why this Awareness speaks strongly to the merit of holding positive inner perspectives and beliefs and allowing them to grow and manifest in this
intense time and to truly look at the reasons for their negativity to truly work with the inner negative beliefs and constructs and to try at the very least to overcome them, to see how one is
creating through the Law of Intent, the Law of Belief, and the Law of Attraction, that which cannot be of the highest nature.
This is still the time period to re-assess and re-assimilate the higher understanding of such matters, but it is also the time one could spiral deeply into the negativity of things and that will
lead one to participate in further lifetimes where the journey is to rediscover that inner truth or understanding that is there and that is available but that many are now beginning to abandon for
their own soul reasons, but this is still the golden time of opportunity to renegotiate these negative beliefs or to hold strongly to the positive expression, allowing it to exhibit itself and present itself
in one’s external environment and lives

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