How to Eat for Higher Health and Consciousness

HJ: Essentially, the closer we are able to eat foods to their natural state — whole, unprocessed, fresh and natural/organic, the more life force energy we are able to derive from them.  Life force does not refer specifically to vitamins or minerals per se, but foods with high life force energy typically contain the highest levels of vitamins and minerals.  While a pure, high vibrational diet is not requisite for advancement of consciousness, when one achieves higher levels of awareness, ones diet naturally follows suit, and is upgraded accordingly.  Furthermore, if one has reached a high level of awareness without addressing the physical aspect of the mind-body-spirit triad, then they will encounter a glass ceiling, in which they are limited from further awareness or advancement until the physical health aspect of their nature is addressed.  As is explained in the article below, all foodstuffs contain consciousness.  Therefore if one is of a higher consciousness, but still consumes food of a lower consciousness and life force energy, there is a fundamental disconnect that will ultimately hinder upward progress and self realization.   By the same logic, one can also invite higher consciousness into their lives by setting the stage for it through the changing of dietary and lifestyle habits to those that are naturally supportive of such states.  By adopting a diet of whole, unprocessed, organic, mostly (if not totally) vegetarian foods, one can greatly facilitate their progress on the spiritual path and simultaneously experience higher states of health and wellbeing.

– Truth

Prana: Life Force: Divine Mother Earth

From The Wholeness

Your physiology is alive; you should feed it live food. If we want the body to be radiant, to be dynamic and full of life, then we should feed it foods with the corresponding qualities. Your physiology is an intrinsic part of Mother Earth; seek her nourishment in every item that you consume.

You are what you eat — quite literally. Our bodies are made up of food. Literally, our cells, our bones, our tissues, and organs are built from the nourishment that we provide our body through the foods that we eat.  Food may be perceived as external, but the moment it enters our mouths, it becomes the fabric of our physical, energetic and emotional bodies: our individual self. 

With this in mind, it is easy to see the importance of proper diet.

Most people think of food as separate from themselves— an external substance foreign to the body, but this is not the case. Food is essential to life,your life, and the kinds of food you eat directly correlates to the intelligence of your body, to your ability to experience higher states of awareness, and to maintain God-Realization.

What would you choose to build your home out of? Dust and straw, or wood and stone?

These little pieces of food that you consume throughout the day literally merge with your being; they are like the bricks and mortar of your physical and energetic form. Food has this level of influence.

This dramatic influence is why The Wholeness offers this unique approach to choosing a proper diet. We call this ‘Pranic Eating’, or ‘Elemental Eating.’

When it comes to Elemental Eating, there are a few simple guidelines that one can follow in order to establish a radiant physical and energetic body.

The first and most important thing to recognize is that your physical body is a cell in Mother Earth’s physiology. The key to your perfect health and awakening is the simple yet profound connection and enlivenment of Mother Earth’s intelligence within your individual form.

One way to do this is through proper diet — we want to eat only those foods that are lively with the grounding energy of Divine Mother Earth. This means a diet that is high in prana, or life force energy.

In general fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and fresh meats have the highest life force energy available. If it is high in prana, it is lively with Mother Earth’s energy.

So, when choosing your food just follow these simple guidelines:

Is it fresh?

Has it been frozen, dried or processed?

Has it been sitting on a shelf for months or even years at a time?

This concept of eating foods with high ‘pranic’ content is revolutionary for many, but grains, legumes, and items that have been frozen, dried or aged have very little life force left in them. Grains can even be considered dead, or completely lacking in prana.

Check in with your body, digestion and energy levels. Be your own judge.

How does your physiology feel? These foods that are lacking in life force energy cause much dullness in the physiology, the mind, and in the emotions.

Ask yourself… how radiant is your skin? How radiant is your body?

Even that organic pasta, that organic rice, how long has it been sitting on the shelf? How long has it been stored in mills, packaged, and traveled since it has been harvested? The reality is, it may have been many years before that product lands in your cupboard.

The body’s function is so deeply correlated to its fuel, but even ‘fuel’ is an understatement. Food is the material that makes up the body.

Although eating meat can be controversial for some, organic meat is remarkably high in prana or life force energy. Although the animal may be eating these grains and legumes, their bodies act as a filter, which processes the harmful effects of these grains so that there is not a great negative effect on the body. [HJ Note:  This is not entirely accurate.  As soon as the animal is killed, the life force energy begins to leave the animals body en masse and this only accelerates over days/weeks since the animals slaughter.  Meat is considered a rajasic food in the Ayurvedic tradition, meaning that it is highly disruptive and agitating to one’s prana and constitution.  It has been my experience that sensitive individuals will not be able to consume meat once they reach a certain point of awareness as doing so severely interrupts their balanced state and awareness.]

Vegetarianism was advocated during a very different time in human history, when farming was not as compromised as it is now. The grain supply had not yet been deeply affected by genetic engineering, stripping of the soil’s nutrients and other modern farming practices. [HJ Note: This is also quite an unfounded statement, as Vegetarianism is most definitely still quite real and valid as a concept.  Typically vegetarianism is derided by those who still hold beliefs at certain levels that meat is essential to health and wellbeing, which is not true in the least bit.  Remember your beliefs dictate reality, not the other way around.]

This timely knowledge of how to provide your physiology with the life force energy it needs to awaken is essential.

Your physiology must be radiant with cosmic life force, and this life force is simply available in the foods we consume.

There is always a choice to make, and it is good to have all of the knowledge available. The purpose of sharing this knowledge is to assist in the awakening of the full spectrum of your energetic physiology.

Elemental Eating Diet Do’s and Don’t


  • heavily processed, packaged, frozen foods
  • dried fruits, vegetables
  • grains: rices / bread products / quinoa / millet etc
  • legumes
  • aged cheeses
  • dairy that is not immediately fresh
  • sugar
  • agave
  • butter


  • fresh vegetables
  • fresh fruits
  • fresh nuts
  • fresh fish
  • fresh poultry
  • fresh meats
  • fresh eggs
  • fresh oils and ghee or clarified butter

Note: The main point is not whether the food is cooked or raw—simply honor the concept of freshness, and listen to how your body responds. If your body is craving warm cooked foods, eat them. Cooked foods are very nourishing and equally life-supporting.

Learn to distinguish your cravings. Often the body craves old habits, because that is what it has become accustomed to. Trust that if your body is craving a giant bowl of rice, it is most likely doing so out of habit, not out of necessity.

Once you become highly conscious of what your body is telling you, what you crave will be what your body truly needs in that moment, not only what it is used to consuming. This is simply conscious eating. The body has been so long accustomed to consuming cardboard that it might take a period of adjustment before it can comfortably metabolize this high-prana food. Simply allow for the adjustment process—let the body experience any adjustments, with a deep intention to giving the body only what it truly deserves.

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