Kara Schallock: The 13th Gateway: December 21, 2012

HJ: The comments are already coming in (by some, not by all — an important distinction!) that nothing has ‘happened’ or ‘changed’ and I, or rather ‘we’ as providers of information and ideas regarding Ascension somehow ‘owe’ everybody an explanation.  Well, here you go:  The reason you did not feel anything shift or change is simply that your level of awareness has not reached that level of sensitivity and discernment where you are able to perceive these changes physically, mentally or spiritually.  It is that simple.  When you remove your ego from the picture, you can easily understand this to be the case.  Let me state for the record there is no judgement here…  We are all at different levels on the path…

While I will not relate my life story here, I can say that I have been through many very intense tribulations since I came into being on this plane and have used them as catalysts for spiritual advancement.  I have maintained a very disciplined spiritual practice over the years and that has given me a solid foundation for higher conscious awareness.  As such, I have developed the heightened sensitivity and awareness necessary to have been feeling this shift for years and have most definitely felt the intensity rachet up around sacred dates (but also seemingly randomly at times).  I am not claiming to be a master and I am sure there are many more spiritually advanced than I, however, I have reached a level of consciousness where I am able to access and work with these higher energies.  I have dedicated myself to developing spiritually, mentally and physically and am now reaping the harvest I have sown.  This path has required great physical (dietary/health), mental (removal of negative and limiting beliefs and cultivation of higher forms of conscious thought and manifestation) and spiritual (meditation, in all its forms, among many other things) discipline, self respect and confidence, and trust through intuition.  If you have not been seriously dedicated to cultivating these qualities and activities in your life, you have not laid the foundation for higher awareness and therefore will likely find it more difficult to feel the energetic shift that is occurring.  Again, I can already hear people saying “But I have done these things and still nothing!”.  To that I reply, remove your ego from the situation and truly assess the effort you have given these things.  Perhaps what you feel is great effort is only but a small step…

Anyways, this is not meant to be a scathing critique nor bragging, but merely an explanation for those who are bewildered at this point as to why they did not experience ‘great events’.  The explanation above is one facet of a set of multiple scenarios involving many reasons.  I hope I have not confused anyone more than they already were.

Hopefully Kara’s article will clear up some of the confusion as well and perhaps further dismantle the programmed consciousness of great upheaval and physical change/cataclysm that his plagued this date for centuries.

– Truth

By Kara Schallock | Soulstice Rising

Are you ready for a phenomenal shift forward in New consciousness (actually, it’s already begun)? The Thirteenth Gateway (also a Mayan number for death and rebirth…Ascension) represents going from one consciousness to another. December 21st is the beginning of a 3-Day cycle that propels us into the New World (with our permission and active participation of course). So, it’s important to keep focused on the New; One Love and Unity.

In the last Ascension Note I put a meditation at the end to take you through the 12th Gateway. The 12th Gateway is linked to the 13th Gateway, so if you do this mediation; and you pass through the 12th Gateway, notice that there is another Gateway before you and go through that one (the 13th Gateway). This anchors the completion of the old and stepping into the New. Our job then is to stay focused on the New Earth of Love and Unity for those three days of December 31 through December 23. And then the energies of December 24-25 anchor the Christ Consciousness and Divine Love. Of course, we will continue well after this time.

From here there will be an integration of these energies for the next several years. So rather than seeing December 21 as the end of our work; it really is the beginning. I suggest joining in with one of the many virtual or physical events that focuses on the powerful energies present over the next week. Or if you choose, do it on your own, as you will still be linked into Global Unity. An interesting video, as shared by Jill Miller, is this…(use your Discernment to see if it resonates with you. I checked in with my own Guidance and it basically agrees with what is said here). Many of us have already ascended (which continues and is infinite) and lead others through the Gateway. Know that we have ascended many times on Earth and beyond, which was on an individual level; this time we help the Earth and all of life ascend. It’s like the 100th Monkey; when enough of us have ascended, staying on Earth, the Earth and others will then follow suit. So this isn’t a one-time event; it’s a process. The December 21 human date is only a Gateway to the New.

Because there are still so many that remain unconscious or haven’t done the work required to let go of the old in earnest or are still clinging to life as it always has been, we must stay focused on Love. Be patient with those who seem confused and frightened. Do not engage in battle; simply be ever-focused on Love and Unity within. You might want to just be in a quiet space in order to not be drawn into drama or distraction. Know that for even those who are seemingly asleep that they are feeling the inner stirrings of The Shift. By staying focused you help them, since we radiate whatever vibration we hold. And that is the best way to help others. Be kind and compassionate and patient.

Yes, we’re stepping, and have been for several years and especially this year, into a Grand Awakening. For those who are already awake, this is Ascension. The massive Light influx will certainly clear much uncertainty and more of the old, bringing us more Awareness. For this year especially, we have been more focused on our clearing and integrating.

Now we join with others in Unity and express ourselves as We. Pay attention, as always, to how you feel, for with our Ascension we rise more profoundly in Unconditional Love. There is more focus on the Joy and Peace within than on thoughts of duality and separate ego. The separate ego says, “Look at me; look at me; see how wonderful I am?” When ascended, we don’t have a need to receive recognition outside of ourselves; we simply and quietly do our work as we are guided to do. In the We consciousness, the ego dissolves into Soul and Unity consciousness. And the Soul simply does its work without fanfare.

The 12-12-12 Gateway opened us up to merging with our True Selves, as well as with Unity Consciousness; the 12-21-12 Gateway anchors this. Remember that this isn’t an automatic merge of Soul and ego; it takes your active participation. Our 12-Strand DNA is set in place as the Light Codes have continued to come into us since the 12th Gateway. The more you have focused on this acknowledgment of Who you are, the more it integrates as absolute Truth. Our New Blueprint replaces our Original Blueprint, carrying with it the absolute potential of creating Heaven on Earth. See the interconnection between all of life; see how far removed you are from the old 3D duality. Feel how free you are to create anew; creating a life that you haven’t experienced before and couldn’t have imagined.

On Saturday, the Light Beam emanating from our Galactic Center (Source) strengthens all we know (not believe) to be possible. So hold the intention of receiving this powerful infusion of Divine Love; and from this Heart-knowing, we release any vestiges of the separation illusion…from Source or from each other. While many of us have felt alone during this time due to our individual timelines, we now do not feel alone and realize that that was an illusion (being alone). We have an opportunity to step off of our individual timeline and step onto the Unity timeline, where we join all others.

We, Dear Ones, are creating a new paradigm. What do you intend it to be? Be as a child, full of Innocence yet with Wisdom to create. The images and intentions you hold create the New World. If you still see the world as broken or get lost in the “ain’t it awful” of the current world view, you are missing an opportunity. Instead, hold the vision of a world of Love, Peace and Joy. Hold that vision for yourself first and then ask yourself what that would look like for not only yourself, but for the entire world.


The Emissaries of Light from the Pleiades especially, have shared two scenarios from a few years back. One was that there would be something like a rapture in which those who chose not to ascend are taken to another planet that is still 3D. The other scenario was that we stay and co-exist in two different dimensions. There is a third one. In this potential scenario, we stay and continue our work, raising the vibration of all including Gaia to a place of Oneness for all of life. Currently, it is this third scenario that is coming to fruition. And as such, we ascend in our bodies, our egos ascend as they merge completely with Soul and by being all that we are, because of Unity Consciousness, in time all ascend, bringing Heaven to Earth and we and Gaia rise in unified vibration into the higher dimensions of Love as One. What is required is for us to continue to keep our vibration high, to not energize fear, but energize Love by focusing that in everything we say, feel and do.

We are now completing our 26,000 year cycle; completing what we couldn’t back then and moving into a New Earth; a Golden Age.

Copyright: Feel free to share any portion of the Ascension Notes. I would appreciate being credited.

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  1. This 21st Dec 2012 Ascension has been hyped up so much by many gurus and teachers that it is very natural for any spiritual practitioners, ordinary people like us who had anticipated this and done a tremendous amount of homework to prepare for the shit to question about the external. Another question for some of us is, how far have we gone into looking within our ‘self’ for answers and how have we evolved thus far and reap the fruit of our labours on Ascension Day.
    To feel nothing on the external is without a doubt a very disappointing thought, especially for those who live half a world away from South America. Thus, it is rather normal to question it. We have definitely felt different in our soul, a lighter body and in our meditation which has taken us to a whole new level of consciousness but we don’t see the external environment changing. That is the question which most of us are posing. This is definitely not about ego.

    For those who are disheartened, have a look at Jesus’ message which has indeed lifted my spirits:
    “…… there are times when you will say, “well, I’m not feeling too much different. That is because you have already allowed love into your being.”
    This is a far more encouraging remark which many would bring it to their hearts. Our hard work is paying off. My feeling is that we should wait and see as glory awaits us in the not too distant future.

    In any case, for the record, no one, not even divine beings at the Melchizedek level had memories or experience of this Galactic Alignment and this experiment. It has never happened before in this galaxy. it is an experiment and no god can tell you how it is going to unfold. Humanity will. So, do feel hopeful that many realities can unfold because we are creating our present and future by the choices we make and the ability to access the crystalline energy. We have indeed received it with grace. We did it!

    So we are treading on something that no man has ever trod into for “we are pioneers and as we look back, we will say, ”I did it, and so did millions of others, and together, we changed not only the world that we live in, but we also helped the rest of Creation to attain the brilliance it shines with today and change the course of human history.”

    Give ourselves a pat on the back. I mighty Fine Work we did!

  2. Quote: “How have we evolved thus far and reap the fruit of our labors on Ascension Day?”

    I think right there is a beginning of a misunderstanding. Is ascension really a “day”? I have come to believe that it is a process. But, as the author puts it, “Ascension has been hyped up so much by many gurus and teachers” … well then, it is inevitable that there be some disappointment for all who had specific expectations around an immediate event. It might be useful to remember that expectation is not within the “here and now.”

    Much has been said that now appears to be absolutely “wrong after the fact,” so to speak. But again, there is no “wrong.” I truly believe that every moment is an opportunity to learn and grow. I too felt disappointment and had to struggle with this. What is important to me is remembering that the truth is within me and not in the views, comments, or actions of others, regardless of how much I admire their spirituality. I am responsible for proper discernment through the filter of my own heart. I am the one who wants to bring the state of love to all that I experience. I fail constantly, but not because something didn’t happen. I fail because it is in my path to evolve and failure is part of that path. So I wish now to remember that there is only love and I want to choose love as often as I am able. Beyond that, I think there is much happening that I (and others) do not see or understand. This thought, for me, brings a sense of hope and joy towards that which I believe will eventually transpire. With intention, all things become possible.

    Regarding HJ’s prologue. I get the sense that behind these comments is a subtle belief, hidden like a black ant on a black rock on a moonless night, that one does, and then can measure the quality of that doing. I may be wrong, and forgive me for that. But, for those like me that have a similar sense, I would say that one does not “do.” In the deepest sense, our efforts and their quality are a function of our individual path (or life’s plan). But, in the end, ascension “the process” is a gift available to all and not a product of our effort, which, in itself, are conceived in and by the ego.

    Finally, thank you so much HJ for bringing us such high-quality channelings, especially CA, who never fails to inspire me. Love to all.

  3. I know I am totally different from what I was a year ago, even 6 months ago.
    My counciousness has expanded and my ego has diminished, especially since 11/11/12.

    But then, I watch the news today and I see more killer shootings, violence, storms, fire and destruction. I thought after Dec 21 there would be no more negativity but it is still everywhere. Is this residual negativity? I wonder how long the transition period will be before we see some external positive changes.

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