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HJ: Awareness’ messages are controversial, to say the least.  They do not pander as many channeled messages do.  Some say they are inconsistent.  While I acknowledge minor discrepancies, the major themes and ideas presented here have been unwavering for over 50 years (check the archives on  Additionally, while I can understand why some claim that there is contradiction, it is not Awareness who is actually in contradiction, it is simply that the persons claiming so are unable to fully grasp what is being said.  I cannot respond with detailed explanations to everyone who asks complex questions about the messages of Awareness, as this would be the only thing I would be able to do in a day.  I suggest rereading the information and meditating on it further for clarity in these situations.  When you truly understand what is being said, then the ‘puzzle’ pieces will fall into place.

Be Well,

– Truth

Note: This message was transmitted on Dec. 20th, 2012.  Remember, the Ascension window is wide open for the next 3 days.  There will be forthcoming messages from Awareness clarifying many questions I am sure you already have about this time in the coming days (literally), weeks and months.

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

We welcome you, Cosmic Awareness, to be with us tonight. Do you have any special comments or messages for us?

That this Awareness indeed has a message, a message of welcome to one and all, to those present tonight in this space, and to all others present in their own space, for in truth one can only occupy their own space, one can only be present in their own selves, and that on the eve of that which is the most monumental event, the eve of that most long awaited day that so many have been looking forward to for so very long, that still all are in their own space, and that it is important to realise that when one makes their journey towards Ascension they will be doing it alone, for this is simply the way of it. It is the same way that each and every human being must travel when they approach that point of their crossing, of their physical ending of life, that each comes into life alone, and despite all the experiences throughout life, one is always an independent and autonomous being. That this follows through to the ending of one’s life, where one leaves the body to begin the journey back to the soul, to spirit and the divine. That it is only when one is once again within the soul essence, the spiritual body, that one is again reunited with those loved ones who are there waiting. For it is then that one remerges oneself, one goes back into the soul and is again part of the soul collective. That on this occasion, the eve of the day of Ascension, that this Awareness speaks of this. For when that event occurs each and every being will face it alone, even if one is in a roomful of other individuals, or if one is truly on their own in their own space and place, but what this Awareness must now add is that when the crossing occurs it will not be a physical death, unless that is the purpose for those who have decided and have known and have planned for it to be their physical ending, that even they and all others who have the Ascension experience will experience a coming together within divine consciousness, and they will find that they are not truly alone, nor have they ever been alone, for even that state of loneliness that is often experienced by many who have been seeking so long, questing for the grail of life and light and love, those who have journeyed for the many years, who have felt isolated abandoned, alone, will realise that in truth that they have always been part of the greater whole, part of the spiritual family from which they originate, the soul pod that they are part of, and that one and all have always had around them those spiritual ones who have walked with them, beside them, in front of them, behind them, and that in that moment of Ascension which they face physically on their own, that they will be extended into the greater realisation of their total being, that they will finally remember that no being is truly alone, when one understands that all are part of the greater whole, part of divine consciousness, part of the heart of God, and it is God’s light and essence, that which is the source of all, that is always available to all, and the sense of separation that so many have felt in their sojourn in the physical life will be seen to be the greatest illusion of all, and in the moments when one is contained within God consciousness, when one is reviewing and reflecting on one’s life, they will not do it alone even though they must face this moment in their own unique and individual way. That this is a paradox, to be in the position of reviewing and reflecting on one’s life as an individual, but at the same time being surrounded by the totality of one’s spiritual family, one’s brothers and sisters in spirit, of being immersed in the consciousness of the divine source, and it will be this remembering that will truly open the hearts and the minds of those who have the experience, and all will have the experience.
Not all will be able to accept this state of ultimate God consciousness, of extreme God love, but for those who have prepared themselves, those who are ready to receive such love, such beauty, such radiance, such forgiveness, that they will see and know the truth without measure, without compare. They will know their own beauty, they will know their own radiance, they will know the forgiveness of their own being, and in this moment, this eternal moment, they will find their redemption.
For those who may not at this stage be prepared or ready to see within themselves the greatest truth of their being, that they will simply return back into a state of preparation, preparing for that moment when it is their time to face this moment, to face this event, to face God, and even if their preparations take many more lifetimes, that they too will eventually return back to such a moment where they will see again into the face of God, into the heart of God, into the soul of God.
That the Grail mythology has as one of the central characters the knight known as Percival, and that in the quest for the Holy Grail he arrived at that which was the Grail Castle, where the object of the Grail quest, the vessel of love and spirit was contained, and he was welcomed in, and there was great celebration, and finally that which was the chalice that which was the Holy Grail was brought into the room held high, but Percival did not recognise this chalice this Grail, and in that moment when he did not recognise that he faced the Grail and it was being presented to him, all faded, all disappeared, and he was left to search many years more, until he again found the Grail Castle, until he again was in the hall, until he again faced the holy Grail and it was brought into this banquet room but this time after years of searching and suffering, years of experience, he finally recognised the Grail and acknowledged it and received it. That this is so for the soul’s journey through eternity, that it sends often many aspects of itself into various dimensions, into various realities, into various lifetimes, and those aspects, those focus personalities have their journey, have their experiences and ultimately the Grail is brought to them, that when they are ready they acknowledge the Grail and they receive it, they receive the gift of divine acceptance, for they accept themselves as part of the Godhead and they come back home, for Ascension is an experience of finally returning home to one’s greater being and that for those who ascend there will be no further need if it is their desire to have more lives as they prepare themselves for the Grail. They have come home, and for the others, the many who are not quite ready, the journey continues, the search continues until they too, one-time one-way, find their way back to the Grail Castle, back to the Godhead, back to the source where they are presented with the Grail, for God’s love is eternal and unquestionably always available, and now you stand at the very precipice of that experience that is the return into the God source, it comes to you now and many will have the experience, and many will indeed be prepared and ready to accept the Grail, to accept that they are the Grail, and in this acceptance they will return home.
For those who may come through this experience on the 21st and not ascend, that they will return back in to a space where they have stepped at least into the Grail Castle, have returned back into the God force, God energy, and will have the chance to quest further, to have more experiences, until they too are finally ready to face that challenge, to face that moment where they will again be given the Grail and the opportunity to accept it. That this journey is eternal: it does not matter if one achieves this event on 21 December and many may even feel that nothing happened and that life goes on, but that this Awareness has already spoken that this is a monumental event, and that all will review and reflect on their lives, and that there will be many changes and that a new planet will be reformed, that is no longer the old planet, nor subject to the old laws.
A new game will be introduced and new lifetimes available to grow and to expand. That this new planet will work with a different principle, it will no longer be the planet of pain and suffering, but the planet of joy and pleasure, happiness and laughter. This does not mean that there will be no pain or suffering for it will still be a dualistic planet, that there will still be the dark energies on this planet, but it will not be under the control of that which has been the Orion reptilian, agenda and that in choices in the future, that those who choose to play in darkness will be held accountable for their actions for more than is now the case, and those who preach doctrines of hatred and violence will no longer be tolerated, for pain will no longer be the way. Joy, happiness, humour, love, will become the new keywords of this experience in the new balanced harmonised A/B, and this awareness asks those who find themselves back on planet A/B to hold these principles as their highest principles, to understand it is their responsibility to live this in their lives, to understand that they are the creators of their life, and that they do not need to choose pain and suffering any longer, and that as they see things shift and change around them, that they will reflect that they saw this somewhere before, that they were told there would be a new vision, a new way, a new plan and there will be then the confirmation in their lives that it is so. That this occasion, this evening before 21 December 2012, is a point where one can reflect indeed for those who hear this message on the opposite side of the world where the morning is just beginning and the day is advancing, that this Awareness says to all, reflect, hold the space, know that you stand at the precipice of this most amazing event, that when you go into the day on the 21st, hold it as sacred the whole day. This does not mean you will not be involved with the events of the day but you can indeed go through those events holding this space, holding this inner peace, this joy, this happiness, to know that things are about to change at the deepest level, and those who are ready to jump, to take the leap of faith will do so, and those who are not ready will also do so, all will do so, but that one does not need to worry about it. Many are indeed worried: they have not done enough, they are not prepared. they are not ready. Perhaps 2 more years, perhaps 20 more years, perhaps 2000 more years, but as this Awareness was saying in its own way, that even if they are not prepared they will still face this experience, and if in that moment when the Grail is presented, when the opportunity is there, when they reflect and review, and they decide and determine they are not ready, they will be given more time and you will find that you are still here, you are still on the journey. For those who find this to be so, remember much has changed internally and within the fabric of this planet, new planet A/B, and for those who are about to ascend, be joyous, be happy, be content that you are finally on your way home. That this Awareness sends all its light, its love, its joy, its happiness on this most monumental of occasions.


Thank you Cosmic Awareness.


That this Awareness says to one and all, know that you are ready, hold the space, know that there are no more preparations to be done. For those who wish a final word of what they need to hold at the time of the Ascension, or what they could hold during the day, that this Awareness again offers that which is the heart chamber meditation, that it would ask individuals who wish to do this during the day, to see themselves in the heart chamber, to see themselves in that hidden chamber of God within the heart, to find their way to the throne, to see themselves in the glory light and love of God as it fills the chamber, as they sit on the throne, to allow their energies to emerge through the top of the head, through the crown chakra, spiralling upward spilling out at the top of the vortex around the torus shape, that sacred doughnut shape, back down and into the bottom vortex and up back into the heart, their own being, to circulate this several times over, to then visualise around the torus, the two intersecting tetrahedron, triangles, pyramids that which is known as the merkabah. To see the new sacred solid tetrahedron starting to spin, and then to tumble so quickly that one cannot see any more the distinct outline of this sacred solid, and as it tumbles faster and faster, lines upon lines forming a sphere around the merkabah as it spins and tumbles, as it surrounds the totality of the merkabah and the sacred torus shape and the heart chamber. That one can do this in quiet meditation, or one can do this quickly, holding the image of this combinations of shapes. One can infuse it with colour, one can hear sound, but hold this shape several times during the day, especially at those times where energies build up for one. That this will protect one from distraction, will focus one, will open the Gateway from the heart into the essence of God, and will be that which makes the transition through that wave front this Awareness has spoken of, the wave of cosmic consciousness, God consciousness, easier to make. That the day should be one of reflection, but if one is busy during the day for one cannot simply call in to work and say I cannot make it to work today, I have to ascend, that this may not always go down well, that one can indeed still be in the day, still hold this image, this quietness, this sense of gratitude, joy and happiness and excitement, and face the day knowing that whatever and whenever, one is ready, one is prepared, one is available.
That this Awareness says to all, it is the most joyous event and the most miraculous opportunity to find oneself calm and peaceful, when one is at the very edge of this cliff, and then when it occurs and that when one must take the leap of faith, one does so with a still and content heart, and puts the faith, their faith and trust in the process of God, in the hands of God. That there is a saying, “let go and let God”, and while this is a Christian saying, it applies to this experience that awaits. That in the end no amount of preparation will ever truly prepare one for this monumental event, therefore one must let go and let God. Let God be the guide, the source, the container. Let one go into this space with open heart, and then one will see that this letting go is all the preparation one truly needs. That this Awareness will accompany many on the journey, indeed this Awareness would say it accompanies all, that not all will be aware that this Awareness walks with them, but for those who hear these words, know this, that this Awareness promises you it will be there as will the many loved ones, spirit guides, mentors, teachers, archangels, ascended ones, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers who have passed, who await you, who stand there cheering that you have come finally to this place and that it is now time for you to make your decisions, to find the spark of God within, and to hold it in your heart for evermore, for it is always there, it has always been there, it will always be there. Go bravely into the day, go bravely into the moment, and let God guide you. That this completes this final message before the day of Ascension, this Awareness wishes all a happy Ascension, this Awareness is complete. That it is done in beauty and in beauty it is now done.

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  1. my portal isn’t showing up what do i need to do.

  2. according to guac at icheckyoursoul i am set to ascend within 7 days of March 22, 2013. he said i would have to do something really bad to not be able to ascend, thing is i believe him. i am super disapointed that nothing significant seems to have happened but i know that something has, i can feel it.

  3. Well for me, who btw i had on experience on 12/12/12 (seeing white light and feeling elevated and euphoric), there have been no life review on Dec 21. Nothing like that happened in the night either. But during the whole day i feel there is a distinct difference in calmness and peacefulness from the day before and it keeps going. If you are sensitive and “tuned” you can for sure tell there was a difference, it was like a magic day.

    Maybe the life review thing will be something that will happen, but i really don’t care. I just want this world to get on the right track and become a heaven. That’s what really matters.

    Also according to Bashar, yesterday was the day where the world would become, collectively speaking, slightly positive. Yay if it happened.

    And the quarantine must have been lifted. Save some parking space for our visiting friends

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