Kuthumi: Coming Home to Your Soul

By Lynette Leckie-Clark | Kuthumi School

My love and peace to you at this time as you traverse the final stages in this ascension level. Only when you pause and look back on your milestone year of development, will you see how you have advanced in that process. Of course how you managed the process will either assist you through the great portal of December, or stand as an obstacle to be cleared before you. Therefore I give you two pathways. Yet be clear. For those of you who have further to advance on your spiritual pathway I tell you, if you begin now in earnest you can still transit through the great transitional portal preparing to open for mankind in the coming weeks.For those of you who have listened to our words of guidance, you can now see what has fallen away behind you. In that debris will be your old concepts of time, of previous inner knowing, even old friends who chose not to join you on your path in the final stages of transition, and on to a higher level. Now as you look back, you understand why all of these events have occurred. You have now grown much closer to your soul Light and the wisdom contained there. During this year you have released and healed. The inner emotional work you endured and overcame was not always easy. That is because those emotions were held very deeply within you. Previously your ego had given a number of excuses why you didn’t have to clear and heal those issues you have held hidden for so long. Often over life times my friend. As you endured much anguish and the many healing tears flowed, you came to a point of willing release, a letting go. We here are overjoyed and celebrate this process in your awakening.

A New Sense Of Freedom Emerges

The space left enabled a new sense of freedom to enter your lower emotional body. In this space you touched infinity. Yes. You saw a much larger picture of the energy of your Universe and your place in that vast Universe. You entered your soul space and made delightful contact. This in turn helped you to understand the energy which you know as Light. The peace, the love, the infinite joy, all contained in the Light.I have guided you how to work with this Light energy to heal, to clear and cleanse, to transmute, to empower your entire being. Each time you worked with this energy you were able to hold some of the Light energy within you. Over time this built up to be measured as your very own Light quotient. I dearly hope you understand the importance of this. Not only to your physical, emotional and mental bodies, but also your planet Earth and all it’s inhabitants including humans, and out further to the Universe itself.You see the Light energy is powerful. More powerful than you currently realize or understand. It is a vital component in your current ascension process. Vital. Do not underestimate the importance. Further, as you proceed through the final days of this year, it is even more important to fill your being with the Light energy upon waking each day.Do this by sitting quietly and connecting with our realm. This can be done by feeling, word or heart intent.Visualize white Light merging around you. Imagine a white mist.Then open your arms fully and breathe in deeply. As you do so know the Light is entering your physical body down to your base chakra, circling and coming back up before breathing it out your mouth.Do this 3 times.Close by visualizing yourself in a large white balloon.This exercise will regenerate every cell of your being on every level. It will fill you with a higher peace.For those on another pathway who have not yet fully awakened, please do so quickly. The exercise I have just given would assist you immensely if completed on waking and before going to sleep. Meditation is also essential. Your higher self, linked so closely to your soul, will bring up whatever needs to be released on your emotional body. You see you cannot take the old emotions, hurts etc with you as mankind opens to the higher octaves of Light and a higher purpose. That is why I say, begin now. Begin in earnest with a clear intent of clearing out the deep closets of your mind. I have spoken of the importance of this many times. Perhaps now you see why. It is the clearing of your emotions that is so important. If your path seems a difficult one, it is because your soul is yearning for you to step forward and clear your past quickly.


It is imperative no matter which pathway you are presently on, to keep guard over your mental body – your thoughts and words. All need to observe this practice. The energies entering your atmosphere are very powerful and I can tell you gaining more strength each day until the grand gateway opening on December 3 this year. The portal offered to mankind at that time will be only for a very brief time. So it is necessary to be watchful and to step forward quickly. This grand gateway will be a rare occurrence in your Linear time, and will align with the three great pyramids in Egypt. These pyramids were built by another race who sought to inhabit Earth. They understood more of the Universal races and energies than mankind does today. However, in meditating one hour before dawn, Egyptian time, you will gain a glimpse of the future, of coming home to your soul Light and knowledge.

Higher Octaves

Your soul is expansive and grows even larger when merged with the great Over Soul. Like a fish in the oceans of the planet, you are separate yet part of a greater expanse. Many call this great Over Soul God.This expanse of energy is what many of Earth’s Light workers experience and connect to. It is only those who have observed past experiences as teaching and soul expansion, who work with and hold the Light within, who are ready and able to now begin to accept and work with a higher octave of Light energy. Those ones have now outgrown the lower mental and emotional bodies.Those ones have experienced many changes in their physical bodies. Their DNA strands have expanded with the new Light energies. A new template has been forming within you over the previous forty years, accelerating greatly over the last eighteen months. I say to those of you experiencing tiredness, aches in the physical and enduring various sudden emotions, to breathe. Simply breathe in Light energy very deeply. Hold the Light within you. This will greatly assist you during this ascension phase.I tell you again that is what this time, December 2012, is all about. Ascension to another higher level. Raising your consciousness. Preparing for new higher learning and experiences. Learning to live in an ‘updated’ physical body. Moving on to a higher mental level while accepting a higher emotional level of existence. Working within new higher, finer vibrational levels. This is before you.

A Year Of Light Awareness

Yes. Your new year, 2013, will indeed be a year of learning to live and exist with a higher level of awareness and all that entails. Your higher channels of communication will grow immensely – ( clairvoyance and clairaudience.) Many will begin to communicate with loved ones who have passed over. You will begin to traverse the higher dimensions with ease. Your Light energies will ignite others still struggling, yet wanting a new path ahead. Your Light energy will provide the ‘switch’ they need to push forward. This is before you.Understand you cannot bring your old baggage, your old fears and hurts with you, no. So I implore you, each one of you, scan your emotional body. Employ your higher self to lead you on a journey of final clearing. Let go and experience true freedom that is only available through your own soul Light. My brother Buddha said,“Your sorrows and hurts are healed only when you touch them with compassion.”Master Kuthumi

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