Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters: Cosmic Reflections on the Dawn of 2013

HJ: I first became aware of Judith K. Moore through the Sedona Journal, which I highly recommend to all readers of the Healers Journal.  It is by far, the best source for channeled…


Kuthumi: Coming Home to Your Soul

By Lynette Leckie-Clark | Kuthumi School — My love and peace to you at this time as you traverse the final stages in this ascension level. Only when you pause and look back on your…

soul light from heaven

The Ascended Masters: There Will Be No Stopping the Inpouring Revelations Ascended Masters via Wes Annac All of the time you are being exposed to the increasingly pure measures of your higher selves which are coming forth in your bodies in increased rapidity,…

sananda spiritual hierarchy

The Ascended Masters: Societal Conditioning, the Ego Complex and Difficult Life Lessons

Ascended Masters via Wes Annac Are you beginning now to feel the sweeping energies of 2012, which are to act further upon the drastic shift of your consciousness that has been on…

tide rock blur

Ruth Ryden: The Masters on the Akashic Records

Ascended Masters via Ruth Ryden December 31, 2012 You are a part of a tremendous broadcast system that connects you to the entire world and the universe. (Excerpted) Over and above the…

sunrise ascension

Ascended Masters: Our Energies Must be Felt before our Words can be Processed

Ascended Masters via Wes Annac Dearest souls, we wish to guide to you now to treat yourselves and others with much ease, grace and caring. Your body is going through a very…

galactic flower

Ascended Masters: The Time Ahead is Going to be Busy, Uplifting, Energetic and Wonderful

Ascended Masters via Wes Annac Wes: Hello dear friends. What is transpiring in your realm on this day? Ascended Masters: Hello dear Wesley, much is and has been happening in favor of the Light….

ascended master star of life

The Ascended Masters: Ascension Never Stops

The Ascended Masters via Wes Annac Dearest ascending souls of Planet Earth, we are the Ascended Masters. We are but a small collective of the Infinite ascended souls present in the higher…

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