The Incredible Benefits of Walking Barefoot Daily

The Benefits of Walking Barefoot: The Science Behind Earthing

By Truth | The Healers Journal and Carolanne Wright

Have you ever wondered why you feel so great after being at the beach all day? Well, in part, it’s due to the fact that you were walking barefoot the whole time — a practice which is now known as ‘Earthing’ in the scientific community.

The ‘Rediscovery’ of Walking Barefoot

Clint Ober, the proverbial ‘father’ of Earthing and the science behind walking barefoot led a relatively normal life — he spent much of his adult years in the telecommunications industry working with broadcast and radio communications equipment.  He eventually went on to run his own CATV company, but was sidetracked with a serious illness that nearly killed him and left him bedridden in the hospital for 28 days.  You could say he had an awakening of sorts during this time and decided to sell everything he owned and travel the country searching for answers.  What he found was more than anyone could have expected.

Connecting the Dots

Due to his background in the telecommunications industry, Clint was no stranger to electronics and the knowledge that they all needed to be grounded (attached to a some sort of metal pipe — usually copper — stuck into bare earth) in order to release any electrical charge buildup.  It is common knowledge that the Earth accepts electrons and maintains an electric charge — take the phenomenon of lighting as a rather dramatic example.

In a series of what can only be called revelations, Clint made the connection between the electrical and conductive nature of the human body and the fact that the Earth was an abundant source of free electrons.  Over the next few years he worked with various MD’s and Ph.D’s to validate the concept proving that indeed the human body naturally conducts the electrons that the Earth emits — and that these free electrons are responsible for an impressive array of health benefits.

Nature is the Best Medicine

What Clint essentially discovered is what ancient societies have always known — Nature is the best medicine.  Clint’s research beautifully explained exactly why this is on a scientific and subatomic level.  Nature is our optimal environment and the further we cut ourselves off from it, the worse we feel and the more our health suffers.  It should come as no surprise then that when we reconnect to it through walking barefoot — earthing — we experience incredible health benefits.  This is our natural state and we are simply returning to it.

The Connection With Going Barefoot

However, in order to reap the benefits of the electrons the Earth emits, we need to have our bare skin touching it or a natural, highly conductive material.  Historically, traditional societies used leather soled shoes, which worked beautifully.  Post-industrial revolution, however, we have largely switched to shoes with artificial soles or those that are made of non-conductive material, as they tend to be far more durable.  While this may have improved certain aspects of our standard of living, it cut us off from our connection to the Earth and the natural flow of electrons our bodies are built to receive.

The Benefits of Earthing

Earthing is all the rage among those who want to be more energetic, grounded, clear, healthy and youthful. One simply places their bare feet on sand or a moist patch of grass for at least 5 minutes. Really, that’s it. The benefits are truly exceptional — a strong immune system along with reduced inflammation and cardiovascular disease are just a few of earthing’s many, impressive rewards.

Antioxidants, Free Radicals and the Root of Disease

It’s incredible to think that merely walking barefoot on the earth can heal disease. But Dr. James Oschman, recognized as a top expert of biophysics energy medicine, has shown that the earth is a powerful healing tool. When bare feet connect with the ground, there is a transfer of free electrons from the earth through the skin. These electrons are the most powerful antioxidants known. By scavenging and neutralizing free radicals in the body, antioxidants help to ease inflammation as well as cell and tissue damage. Remember, inflammation is the bane of health — contributing to everything from heart disease to cancer to diabetes. Free electrons have a negative charge while free radicals are positive — they cancel each other out. With the advent of rubber soled shoes, we have essentially cut ourselves off from the earth’s supply of healing free electrons — all the while promoting the rise of modern illness.

Earthing 101

We all know how enjoyable it is to walk barefoot along a sandy beach or grassy patch. There is a reason for this delight — the foot contains an intricate (and sensitive) network of nerves and acupuncture points. Because of this, the feet are especially adept at picking up free electrons. Have a look at the perks of tossing those shoes and connecting with the earth:

– Anti-aging

– Sound sleep

– Heightened clarity

– A calm nervous system

– Accelerated healing from injuries

– Cardiovascular health

– Enhanced immune system

– Reduced PMS symptoms

– Increased energy

– Reduction in inflammation

– Elimination of jet lag

– Protection against electromagnetic fields (EMFs)

Salt water is an incredible source of free electrons. For a full earthing experience, walk barefoot along the seashore in the water. A close second would be dewy grass in the morning. Keep in mind that earthing helps to speed tissue repair — encouraging a pain-free workout. With so many benefits and very little cost, you just may never wear shoes again.

For a list of the current research in support of Earthing see the Earthing Institute Research Page

For a series of videos with top medical experts explaining exactly what Earthing is and how it works, see this page: Balanced By Earth

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  1. Hi Justin,
    Thanks for the reminder about the many benefits of walking barefoot. In the winter it is a little more challenging though :). Walking barefoot is something indigenous cultures have been doing all their life and i wrote about it in my post Simple Africa Healing( ) on my blog Thanks again. Lori

  2. thanks very much for such missing health care, but i will want to ask if walking bare foot reduces cholestroy.

  3. Great article! I am SO incredibly fortunate to live right near a small and pristine town beach where I can walk barefoot. I’ve known about the benefits of being *grounded* for some time, but it takes great intention and discipline in this modern world to drop everything and honor ourselves.

    My wish and prayer for ALL of us today is that we incorporate healing practices into our everyday lives, making these practices as common and frequent as brushing our teeth or making coffee/tea in the morning!

    Justin ~ I hope you are having a lovely and joyous Spring!

    Much Love,


  4. Hello,

    Thanks for great news. I have been walking barefoot from time to time so far, but after this article, no shoes would seen me.

    Also I have a question. Does walking on asphalt and similar materials also bring same benefits to our health or not?


    • Hi Dan,

      As I understand it, asphalt provides little to no benefit. Cement, however, does provide a bit more than asphalt, but still minimal in comparison to bare earth.


  5. Awesome post, i recently applied earthing into my daily life and i have noticed some dramtic results expecially in my balance. I have a blog talking about all my improvments i would like people to read. Also if anyone has Plantar fasciitis there’s a cure here as well.

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