Cosmic Awareness: Preparing for Ascension – Dec. 12th – Dec. 21st, 2012

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

We welcome you tonight, Cosmic Awareness, and ask if you have an opening message for us.

This Awareness has an opening message, but It will first invoke the Law of Light, the Law of Love, the energies of which are added to the energies this Awareness is projecting.

That this Awareness does indeed, as has been said, have an opening message for this evening and for this time. That indeed the time goes quickly now, as you stand on the threshold of the month of December. And it is indeed in this month that so much will take place now. That this Awareness wishes to remark on this matter, yet again. For It is aware that for many, this is a surreal time indeed. Many are aware that there is great significance in December 21st. Some are now aware of that time interval from December 12 until December 29th [please see the next question regarding this date], The nine-day period which will see much activity and upheaval. But few understand that this process is not one that will simply complete itself at that time, December 21st. It is the date that this Awareness has always maintained will see the completion of the ascension process, the energies of ascension here to assist one and all towards ascension, towards the completion of the process that has indeed been underway for many years. Indeed, this Awareness would even say, for many decades, centuries, and millennia. For it has long been understood and known that around this time, the energies of the planet would come to completion. This being the energies of Mother Earth in her present state, as well as the sojourn of humanity upon the surface of Mother Earth.

That there have been many who have spoken of this time. That there are indeed the prophecies in the Bible. There are the prophecies of Nostradamus. There are prophecies in every major culture of this planet about these times. And indeed many are those who have known within themselves that they are here to be part of these end times, part of this shifting of consciousness. Many are there that feel that they will ascend at this time, and have put all of their hopes onto this date, December 21st, as the crucial date indeed. The Mayan calendar is often cited as stating that December 21st will be the end point. But, this Awareness says now, that It gives information now, that while the ascension process that has been underway for so long will complete itself on December 21st. That it does not mean that the energies are all done and complete, and that all will simply vanish at that point.

For many will not experience it this way. That they will indeed arise on December 22nd and see that, for them, the world still continues. That this is part of that which this Awareness will call the wind-down period of time, from the build-up to the 21st of December, where certain convergences of the planet, certain energies of the cosmos, certain powers and forces from the Sun itself, will all come together to open the gateways to the Divine energy of God.

But, that which will follow for many who have not experienced a full ascension transition, will find that they are indeed still here. Maybe one might be disappointed that this is so. Maybe not. But, that this Awareness says that for those who will find themselves still on this planet, still having a 3D experience, that the process, although it has been completed on the 21st energetically, will still need time to wind down to fully implement the new structure of the planet, the new consciousness that will be available on this planet. This planet being Planet A/B, the new balanced and harmonized Planet A/B. And that a nine-month period of time will follow, where many will assimilate those events that they experience, one way or another.

Thus, on and by the 21st of September, 2013, the wind-down of the build-up of energies towards ascension will come to a completion. This means, for those who have not directly ascended to Planet A, nor have gone to Planet B, that many will experience the aftermath of the events that have occurred during the time period from the 12th of December to the 21st. Many others will have no memory of these events for, during that time period after the 21st, that there will be for many who are going on to re-inhabit Planet A/B, a period of time that is often called “the three days of darkness.”

Thus, it is that many timelines of individuals who were not ascending directly, who wish to continue their planetary sojourn on a dualistic, third-dimensional planet, will go through a period of the Void, where they, those who do not seek to remember, those whose timelines will not include the memories of the upheaval and the events of the last few days of December 21st, will experience a type of amnesia. For in the three days of darkness, the three days of the Void, consciousness will be in suspension for those who wish to come back and continue their existences, but choose not to remember the events.

It will also be a time of reformulation of the planet itself. This Awareness has spoken of this previously, but introduces it again for people to see and know and understand. That even those who will have no memory of the events, will indeed still carry the energies of them. As well, they will come onto this planet ready to start afresh, start anew, with the context of their beliefs holding that this is a balanced planet, this new Planet A/B. And that those forces that previously had such control simply do not exist in their minds, and in the new paradigms that will affect this new planet.

Thus, it is, their expectation will be to work from this new state and not even realizing it is a new state, but in full preparation and readiness, in full expectation and belief that governments are indeed fair and just. That Mother Earth is of importance and that it is extremely vital to be in alignment with her. To live lives where there is integrity, honesty, courage, courtesy, and compassion. Where the concerns of all are understood as paramount, and gone are the attitudes of greed and avarice, control, manipulation, and the seeking of power for the sake of power.

Thus, it is, the new Planet A/B will be one that has the potential of truly becoming all that God intended. And in this new experiment in consciousness, there will be the energetic force available to build towards a new level of conscious awareness. That the purpose of the ascension process at this time was to see many more ascending into full consciousness and full awareness. But not the entire planet’s populace. That many are not here at this time to ascend. Many are here to have a quasi-ascension experience. This being one where they are not seeking ascension, where they are still very involved in the present scenario of Planet A/B, and where they will pass over, knowing that they were not meant for this ascension process at this time. Many are indeed here to have this experience, both personally as well as being part of a collective that has come together to assist humanity and, in particular, Mother Earth, in her ascension process.

But, many simply have the desire to be in the energies of a planet in ascension and be part of a society that has not chosen to ascend. That the next phase or plan is for total ascension of the entire human race. This is seen as the ultimate goal and purpose of the new balanced and harmonized Planet A/B, a goal that will take several thousand years to reach. Thus, it will be that many who ascend will still return to Planet A/B, but from a level of conscious awareness of their fifth-dimensional, multi-dimensional, nature. They will partake in the events of the unfolding planet, helping the populace who are here to move towards ascension, to grow into ascension. That the nine-month period, the wind-down period, that this Awareness has spoken of, will be a crucial period for the re-establishment, not of old norms, but of the old ideas of peace and harmony, cooperation and respect and honor for all living things, including oneself. And this re-establishment of principles that are deep in the human psyche will indeed fully begin to truly establish itself within the nine-month period. And whence it is locked in on September 21st, that it will be a journey then over the next several thousand years to reach a point of heightened consciousness and awareness for the whole of humankind, and not just a handful, even if it is a large handful at this time.

Many have asked this Awareness how it will be for them, those who would ascend to Planet A. That, for many, they will be complete and finished their work upon the planet. They have chosen to come in to hold the space of the Divine, of Spirit, during these crucial times, not necessarily seeing their own actions manifest anything, often wondering, “What was the point?” What was their purpose? But, many who are the spiritual volunteers, the spiritual lightworkers and warriors, have come onto this planet to hold space, to be silent conduits of consciousness, Divine consciousness, spiritual awareness, to assist in the ascension process that is underway and soon to come to completion.

Thus, it is that many who have come for this purpose will treat the ascension experience as a one-way trip, a return back to their spiritual homes, and then the continuance of their spiritual experiences will be individual and unique from that point on. But, many will still return through the process of transmogrification, of re-assembling the physical body, so that they can sojourn on the physical three-dimensional planet once again. This time, in roles as active teachers and participants in the new world that is beginning. That they will not be impeded by their former consciousness, their limited consciousness, that was in agreement to participate on the third-dimensional level of consciousness, without knowing or understanding who and what they really were. That the Law of Forgetfulness, that which is often called the “veil of forgetfulness,” ensured that to fully participate in the experience of an unbalanced third-dimensional reality, that those spirit beings who came upon this planet to assume human form, have physical lives, would not remember their spiritual nature. In this, they would be fully committed to the experience and not back off, not check out or run away, when things got difficult. This would ensure and did ensure the unique nature of each and every individual’s life. Not all, as this Awareness has said, with the intent that they would ascend or develop their higher levels of conscious awareness. That this being so, that the end of the experiment that is now upon the planet and humanity, will see those who have had their physical experience, but do not wish to go further, check out. To experience the death experience so that they may return back into their spiritual form.

For those who have consciously chosen to ascend, who are not returning back to their spiritual source, to stay at the fifth-dimensional level and beyond, that those who have chosen to still participate in this new reality, will no longer be confined by the law of forgetfulness, the veil of forgetfulness. That they will be fully cognitive and aware of who and what they really are. They will know themselves as creator beings. But, there will be a new agreement. This new agreement will be one that, although they know themselves, they know their higher spiritual nature, they will not simply divulge this. They will not flaunt it. They will not use it to gain advantage. The new law that they will follow in their work and in their service is: “do no harm”. Guide and assist those who are ready, towards spiritual awakening. But, do no harm. This means that they will come, the many who will still choose to be of service to humanity and to Mother Earth, with the intent of teaching and guiding, but not interfering, not taking control. That they, in their private and personal lives, with their level of awareness, will be able to create around themselves the realities that they will indeed be able to create instantly, manifestation at all levels. But, they will not necessarily flaunt this and show this to others.

But, it is also seen that there will begin to develop mystery schools. Mystery schools, of course, being those ancient schools where the truths of spirit were taught and powers realized that are no longer known or understood by the majority. These mystery schools will often be in the form of new communities of spiritual beings in full awareness, coming together to create a higher resonance on the planet and that this resonance will extend outwards to the many who are still having physical experiences. There will be a new atmosphere of acceptance to those views and beliefs that, at this time, are largely rejected, ridiculed and even attacked. And many will start to be intrigued by those who have such views and beliefs and attitudes. Slowly, this will seep into human consciousness, driving the human spirit forward in its journey toward full ascension of the full populace, the full human race. And this is, as this Awareness said, the purpose and the goal of the new Planet A/B.

In the meantime, those who will choose to live on Planet A/B will be able to have lives that many have wished for and dreamed for, but have never seen in the present planet’s situation. That they will be in service to the greater populace, but they will also be available to their spiritual brothers and sisters, both of an extraterrestrial nature as well as those who have indeed come with them from the levels of spirit. It will indeed be a bright, brave, new world, and this Awareness does say that many who are now readying themselves for ascension will still continue to be involved on the planet, the new Planet A/B.

That this is that which this Awareness sees and that this Awareness shares at this time.


Thank you, Awareness. That was very informative. Can I just ask for clarification of some dates that you gave at the beginning of the message? You stated that the time between the 12th and the 29th of December was nine days.

12th and 21st of December.

Thank you. That’s what I thought.

This Awareness was tuning in to the nine-day period and inadvertently said “the 29th.” It is, of course, the 21st of December.

Thank you for that clarification.

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