Aisha North: The Old Truths No Longer Apply

By Aisha North | The Manuscript of Survival – Part 207

As you have noticed, these swirls of energy that are enveloping you have become more and more tangible to you all in so many ways. Both your physical body and your mental body have become almost battlefields it seems at times, because there is such an ebb and flow going through your whole system that is constantly changing. Keeping your balance and your focus will seem almost impossible at times, at least if you go about it in the ”old fashioned” way. Let us explain.

As we have talked about earlier, you have certainly entered the flux now, and with it, all concepts of stability and certainty must be left by the wayside. For if you expect to find true balance in the sense of keeping yourselves standing rigid and unmoving throughout all of this, you will literally break into pieces. That is because you have to adapt to a new sort of fluidity that will entail being in balance even when everything both around you and inside you is wildly fluctuating. And that is no mean feat, because it will literally go against so much of what you have taken for granted before. But that is just it, as the old ”truths” do not any longer apply, not even in this. You see, as everything is speeding up, so too are your abilities to maintain balance even if you seem to be tottering to and fro with no set pattern. That is, if you understand what we mean by ”balance” now. Balance used to be described as keeping a stable equilibrium, like the eye of a storm, where everything seems to be motionless while everything else is in constant motion. Well, that used to be the right way of describing balance, but now, it is actually something else completely. The best way we can describe it to you now, is by using the image of someone balancing on small segments of ice floating on the surface of a lake. If you stand still for too long, you will literally fall into the water, but if you keep moving in a fluid motion, you will be able to keep your balance. This will probably be a diffiult notion to wrap your head around, as we have used the image of a tree so many times. But now, being as hunkered down as a tree will not serve you any good, as then you will in many ways be wrenched away from your roots and end up toppling to the ground or splintering into pieces because the pull of the forward movement will be too strong.

Do not get us wrong here, we are not talking about giving up your equilibrium and your grounding in any way, we are just talking about finding a way to keep that whilst not being bogged down by it in a way that will stop you moving with these incoming energies. For as you all have noticed by now, they do not pause any more, they just keep on coming, and so, you will hardly have any time to stop and take a breath before the next one hits you and starts to propel you forward again. So yes, the challenges keep mounting, as you need to take this on in a very different way than before. Whereas it used to be the case that you would get a period for assimiliating and adjusting to the new levels of energy in between these bouts, now they keep coming at you like an incessant flow of waves that just rolls in without any pause between them. Hence, the increased pressure you all feel that seems to take forever to get used to. In all of this action, you have mayhaps not noticed the fact that you are in fact becoming very adept at this, and that your physical body, albeit somewhat battered and bruised by now, actually have the ability to keep going forwards anyway. That is because you have been well trained by now, and you would not be exposed to this seemingly relentless barrage of energy if we were not absolutely sure that you could take them.

We know that for many, this will seem to be very far from the truth, but believe us when we say that you are so much stronger than you can actually fathom yourselves. And even if your physical body keeps up the choir of moans and groans, aches and pains it is only for show, as it too has become more adept at taking in whatever it is exposed to. So all of these physical complaints and mental downturns are actually mostly for ”show”, if we can use such a word. Because you are all thoroughly readied for all of this change, and so all of these ”symptoms” are much like the phantom pains we have discussed earlier. In other words, your body still thinks it has to protest loudly whenever it is hit by one of these magnificent waves if energy, so it will comply and do it’s best to tell you that it is not very happy at the moment. But in fact, it is happy to comply each and every time and start to readjust itself once more, because you do not any longer have those physical and mental barriers set into place in order to restrict you. So take these complaints for what they really are, a mere echo from the past, when you were a much frailer person. And learn to stay in balance in the new way, where you flex and bend and keep moving with the flow, without losing your focus or your inner strength. It may sound like a tall order, but you are already doing this unconsciously. It is only a matter of becoming conscious of this whole process, and then you will start to relish all of this movement, as you will see that it is taking you faster and faster towards that ultimate goal you are all dreaming of.

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