Cosmic Awareness: Remain Calm, Focused, Positive and Pure in These Tumultuous Times


Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff |

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness has a message for those seeking information from this Awareness – an update if you will, into the energies of these times. At this particular moment in time there is an energy afoot that is akin to the holding of one’s breath, but this is a collective holding of the collective breath. These times are such that there is an apprehension of the unfolding energies and what they entail. The majority of the collective have no idea of what is coming, and yet still there is apprehension and high levels of anxiety. Many think that this is the result of negative markets and a downturn in the economy.

Many dwell on the negative energies that are being promoted by those in charge to convince the masses that they are in bad shape. Even during the middle of the Olympics in Great Britain, their financial spokesperson came on to tell the nation what bad financial shape it was in. This was a deliberate act to burst the high positive energy bubble that Britain is currently experiencing due to the Olympics and the great success the home team was having. This is but an example of how the media is constantly putting out negative messages at this time while also suppressing the news and certain information that it would be well for the masses to know.

So it is and so it will remain as long as those who are the Elites are in charge. But this is about to change drastically, and even the Elites themselves know this. At the beginning of the Olympics there was information released that suggested the Galactic Federation forces had issued an ultimatum to the Elites that they were to come forward with the truth or else they would be ousted by the Galactic Federation and be shown for what they truly are – these extraterrestrial Orion/ Reptilians. There was much talk that August 4th would be a crucial day in the exposure process of bringing the Elites to public attention and even possible criminal actions against them. Needless to say the 4th came and went for it was not necessarily the intent of the Divine to be fully tested at this time.

And so the journey moves inward, the responsibility being on the shoulders of those seeking spiritual enlightenment. This means that in these intense times it is the most perfect of times to do one’s inner work. True recapitulation of one’s life where one looks very, very strongly at their own life histories will make it possible to understand the strategies that are currently being used against humanity. The question for each and every individual at this time is whether or not one will take on personal responsibility and look deeply within oneself to address and acknowledge criticism, and defamation of character from others who are still trapped in the mire of 3D.

As such, it is the personal responsibility at this time of great deception and denial by the Powers That Be, to not be led astray by the machinations of the dark cabal, as they seek to manipulate the current world situation in such a way that the majority of individuals in 3D-reality remain asleep.

It is for this reason that certain plans are currently being initiated that will bring several extreme events to the surface of the world’s stage where they can be played out. This Awareness does see that for many in the next several weeks it will be a time of great upheaval and being thrown off-center. Despite the outer conditions and situations, it is recommended by this Awareness that one stay true to one’s own spiritual journey and that one does not look to the outer events that are being manipulated and created by the dark ones, thus becoming caught up in them, but rather that they look at these events as reflections of their own creations.

This creative act is being done in ignorance with little or no awareness that it is even being done at all. The masses remain in a state of somnambulism at this time, and it is for this reason that the dramatic and powerful events are scheduled to proceed at this time. It is to awaken the many who need the spiritual 2×4 to hit them so that they will awaken. The unfortunate counterpoint to this is that many may not survive the times ahead. This is seen by this Awareness as simply the traditional form of Ascension back to Spirit.

Therefore in these times of great upheaval, stay focused on your own spiritual journey – DO NOT SUCCUMB to the treacherousness of corrupt officials and leaders who would have you believe that the future is not a shiny one. It is indeed the NEW DAWN, the new beginning of a bright future for many. Many will create the new Planet A along with Mother Earth, Gaia, in cooperation and harmony with her and in deepest understanding of her. They will understand that her upheaval is necessary to shake herself free of the chains of enslavement that are currently holding her down. In the long order of things, Planet A will recognize and acknowledge always those who have assisted her in her own personal process of Ascension.

Then there are those many good individuals who, while they are not ready or prepared to investigate metaphysics, will nonetheless be available to support the process of transformation. As for those who will go to that which will be the new Planet A/B they will do so with a new opportunity to create a dualistic physical experience, no longer shrouded in darkness, but imbued with the love and light of Spirit Itself, creating a quite different physical reality than that which currently exists now. But to reach this new beginning point, the planet itself must go through the death throes of these End Times.

As this Awareness has already said, the Powers That Be will try and dumb down the world populace and keep them ignorant and asleep. But even these efforts will fail, for it is time for the many timelines to coalesce for a period of time, so that the new futures can emerge. If one stays focused on their inner experience and works on themselves for greater self-awareness and understanding, one will be able to look through the maya that is being created by the Powers That Be. Equally, one can lose oneself in the illusion being created by the Powers That Be that one has no control over their life or their reality, and that one is a victim, receiving the energies of chaos and death and destruction that surrounds them.

It is therefore of extreme importance in these End Times to remain calm, focused, positive and pure to the positive future that lies ahead. Sometimes one must go through disruption and the loss of all that is loved and familiar in order to move forward. One can do so in resentment and hostility, becoming lost in the unfolding chaos, or one can do so with great positivity, faith and trust that what they may be experiencing directly or indirectly needs to transpire for the old ways to come to an end so that the new times may be birthed. Do not go meekly into the dark night full of fear and trepidation but rather greet it with a sense of power and certainty that as things unfold, all will be well and one will be led into the New Dawn of the world being born before your very eyes. The choice is yours.

This completes the message from this Awareness at this time. This Awareness sends Its light, Its love and Its blessings to one and all.

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