Autumn Ascension: Uranus, Pluto and Equinox Activations

By VerDarLuz

Reality Sandwich

Here we are now,

Educate us

We can heal

by Caduceus….

Perhaps our mantra for the 2010’s will echo the early 90’s grunge theme, but upgraded to reflect our current cocoon to butterfly trance-formations.

New Moon Virgo

The caduceus was the staff of Hermes, the messenger god. With his caduceus, Mercury was able to soar and transmigrate between the lower, middle, and upper worlds as the psychopomp, or shaman, familiar with the magical and mysterious. But he never stayed in one world for long, symbolizing our incessant need to shapeshift at this time.

Mercury rules the sign of Virgo, where our New Moon occurs this Saturday at 23 degrees.  Mercury is also conjunct the New Moon, emphasizing our networking and busy-ness at this time.  This new moon reminds us to continue to discipline ourselves at our crafts, to carve out the sacred pocket of time to devote to our daily practice, and to give intention to the subtle details in the collective web each individual is weaving.

Even as the aspens outside my window glow their Autumn reminder of golden impermanence, we can feel not only the outer season shifting, but an inner aroma churning the cauldron of our being.

As we approach the end date of the Mayan calendar on December 21, the ascension energy bubbles up and overflows as more of us have heard the call and our now invoking the teacher and healer within, thus the blossoming of workshops, conferences, and conscious festivals all over the country and world at this momentous time.

Uranus-Pluto PT. 2

We are about to be shaped yet again by the exact square alignment, the first of which occurred the weeks surrounding June 24th.   This second of an unprecedented total of seven alignments will take place in the weeks leading up to and following the Fall Equinox on September 21st.

The square will first be triggered by Mercury’s movement into Libra on the 17th, so we must get completely transparent with our communications and notice any self-defeating statements, while recognizing the potential for both powerful positive or negative influence through our vocabulary, tone of voice, and content of our speech.  The intensity really heats up the week after the Equinox as the Sun will ignite the square.

The first few exact alignments may be a little more rough and tumble than the later alignments as we brace ourselves through the shifts.  If we are ascending in our vibrations, we must purge our extra weight, which includes unleashing those unconscious control issues, challenging us to reinvent ourselves as we destroy the old patterns and move beyond our previous limits.

I once went to a Tool concert with a few friends and got pretty altered in my consciousness that evening.  Back at my friend of a friend’s souped up car, he turned the ignition and I heard the turbo fire as huge flames came out of the tail pipe.  All this was normal.  And this was my ride home.  I can’t remember what substances the driver of the car had taken that night, but he assured us that we were all safe, no problem.  I braced myself, said a prayer, took the red pill, and let myself be sucked into Alice’s rabbit hole and through the screeching wails and wide eyed wonderment of the Joyship ride.  And I am still alive.

The transits this Autumn may feel a bit like that queasy joyship.  We don’t really know who’s driving or exactly where our destination will be, but we know we’re in for a wild ride and we’re in good company.  So you take your necessary precautions, you buckle the seatbelt, you center yourself in your breath,  and you laugh, from the belly up, because you remember that you chose to be here on Mother Earth at this crazy time, and some grand design, which you can never possibly understand, is guiding you exactly to where you need to be, always.

Psychedelics and Sexual Liberation

I’m very excited to be a part of some truly revolutionary events in the coming months which reflect much of the transformational and evolutionary potential of this dynamic Uranus-Pluto square, defining all of our lives at this time.

Now the last time we experienced the Uranus-Pluto journey was the majority of the 1960’s.  As we all know, sexual taboos were confronted and transfigured, much of it due to the psychedelic culture which proliferated through the mediums of art, music, writing, and fashion.

The square demands that we must collectively mature what was seeded in the 60‘s.  How are we updating and evolving the energy seeded in that pivotal decade?

Well, I will be at the upcoming Psychedemia conference in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania.  This revolutionary conference will bridge the academic world and the hyperreal dream-worlds of the psychonautic travelers as researchers will share their clinical findings in scientific studies with plant medicines such as psilocybin, found in mushrooms.  Some of the presenters were featured in the monumental film, DMT: The Spirit Molecule.  Just weeks after this conference, another psychedelic conference occurs in New York: the 6th year of Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics

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