Cosmic Awareness: Collapse of the Economy and Events in October

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

Cosmic Awareness


QUESTIONER: Indeed. There is a similar question here in a sense that the person writes, “There has been much optimism from David Wilcock, Ben Fulford, Drake and notably Cobra, that there will be financial liens against the banks followed by arrests of leading members of the cabal, then disclosure. Some Light Workers have reacted to these claims with skepticism bordering on derision. Would Awareness comment on the sincerity of these entities and the likelihood of these claims proving to be correct?” Your comment please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: Mainly some of these are sincere and truly and honestly believe what they are claiming is the truth of it. But there are others who are misleaders, misinformers who know better, who are participants in the deception and the misleading of the masses into alternatives that will still be controlled by the Orion/Reptilians. This Awareness simply states that the world events that are ready to unfold that will bring Gaia into her new body, into her new level of selfawareness, will see the ending of all that is known; not simply through the mass physical events as the planet shifts and changes, but also through the collapse of that which the Orions have built up and delivered as the norm of things.

Therefore all economic financial institutes, banks, and stock markets- the world economy as it is now practiced and run, will cease to be. There are other ways of living that do not involve economic enslavement, but there are those who would still try to pretend that even though those who are the masters and controllers now will be exposed, another economic system will come about to replace it. This is simply another form of Orion/Reptilian enslavement. They are indeed aware that the changes are coming. It is their intent, these ones who have so long controlled, to still be in charge and if through deception they can create illusions that others will again buy into, then they will continue to be the masters after events have changed. That is why this Awareness says to be alert and aware. Understand and know that it is no minor event that is about to occur but the mass-completion of one reality paradigm and the expansion in
consciousness, either into higher consciousness or into a new experience of physicality. For those who will not shift, change or desire at all to experience this, the old form of control and enslavement will express itself in the many scenarios which this Awareness has called the Planet B scenario where those who would experience the continuation of enslavement of body, mind and soul can continue to be the victims of those Powers That Be. But they would need to understand they are choosing to be victims. This is why this Awareness has always said to question all. Do not simply blindly believe one authority above another, not even this Awareness. Be open to what you experience, question the reality of it, be open to the greater truth that comes from within, the portal of consciousness opening within you, and as your portal of consciousness opens within you will find it reflecting in your life experiences outside of yourself.

This Awareness would say any individual has the right to believe anything they wish to believe. They can believe David Wilcock, Fulford, Cobra, or whomever they wish, but understand that when 10one believes in another before one believes in oneself and the truth of their own being, then they will always be followers, not those who are the leaders of their own lives.


QUESTIONER: That’s true, thank you indeed. The next one is, “Awareness has spoken of the positive role of the Galactic Federation as being somewhat stymied and thwarted in recent history by the retaliatory threats of the Powers That Be, and hints have been given by other channels that the Galactic Federation may spring an ‘October surprise’. Awareness has spoken of the current Galactic Federation activity around Saturn. Without giving too much information away to the Powers That Be, is Awareness able to comment further on this?”

COSMIC AWARENESS: At this time it is not appropriate for Awareness to comment further. It simply wishes to say that much more is occurring than many suspect and that when the September-October surprise is sprung then the evidence of what the Galactic Federation have been truly doing will be presented. It is presumptuous to give too much away at this time. It is indeed why this Awareness spoke out at the beginning of today’s session that it is unlikely that dates will be given. Information precious in terms of tipping one’s hand is not normally presented to those who are the opponents so that they cannot block the actions. This is still the case here. Be that as it may be, this Awareness does say much is unfolding and if one looks and feels their way through one can feel and see evidence of this all around them. One must simply look to the news and to the events in their lives to see the evidence of their own creating of a new reality. The willingness to shift and to move and to grow is part of this and if one responds to the inner inclinations one will be led to where one needs to be and the information one is seeking will present itself.