Study Reveals New Findings on Veganism, Health, and Nutrition

Life-long vegans show no sign of anticipated deficiencies

by Raw Michelle 

Natural News

(Natural News) A study of the bone health of long term vegan women showed density that surprised many western physicians. Comparing the bones of over two hundred vegan and non-vegan women, researchers were caught off-guard by the finding almost identical density levels, despite the vegan womens’ intake of substantially lower amounts of calcium and protein.

Culture teaches us what to eat and how to eat it

There is a lot of concern about the ability of vegetarian and vegan diets being able to meet the required nutritional intake, particularly with regard to nutrients that are in the greatest abundance in animal products. Some of their main concerns are about the amount of dietary calcium, vitamin B12, and iron. There is a lesser concern about amounts of dietary protein, but even western medicine has now reluctantly acknowledged that protein from non-animal sources is abundantly available from nuts, legumes and other sources.

It is true that many vegans and vegetarians are at risk for anemia, but this may be a problem with cultural adaptation rather than lack of alternative bioavailable food sources. Since the standard American diet derives its calcium from dairy sources, and iron and B12 from meats, conventional medical doctrine expects elimination of these foods to result in deficiencies in the nutrients they supplied.

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