The Universal Laws: The Law of Dharma

Commentary by Truth (The Healers Journal)

Law Interpreted by Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

The Law of Dharma outlines the conditions under which our actions can be considered ‘in alignment’ with a higher purpose.  When everyone directly affected by an action is ‘rightly served, according to his or her needs’, an action is considered to be ‘good karma’ or positive dharma.  While that is a somewhat ambiguous description, it must be so, as it a description intended to cover all possible circumstances and hence it must be generalized.  By using our own internal moral compass (one that has been cultivated and is in integrity) we can easily discern what actions are in alignment with the law of Dharma and begin to act in ways that serve to benefit all involved.  While this may seem like a difficult balance to maintain, it is simply an indicator that we must not rush into decisions hastily, but cultivate an appreciation for the forces and people involved.  With a little practice, it becomes much easier to identify which choice leads to the highest good and outcome for all.  When in doubt, it is recommended to defer to the choice that seems to offer the best possible outcome for all.  Our intention is at the core of any decision.  If a decision is authentically made with the highest intention for the good of all, one cannot be at fault for their ignorance, if that indeed is at play.  As we have been guided many times before, act from the heart and you cannot go wrong.

The Law of Dharma — The Law of Dharma is that which may be described as the principle of “right action” this refers to that which is universally right, right for all who are affected by the action. An action by an individual, a group, a nation or culture is right only when everyone is rightly served by the action according to his or her needs and earnings. Dharma brings about that which may be called “good karma” or “right results’.

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