The Healers Journal Releases New Sound Healing Download: ‘The Soul Defragmentation’

SoulDefragmentationThe Healers Journal is proud to offer the latest installment in an ongoing series of sound healings that will be released exclusively on this website.  This series has been created with the intention of offering powerful tools for personal transformation and healing at an affordable price.  The sound healing series being released through the Healers Journal is meant to empower individuals to take control of their innate healing abilities and advance the process of learning to understand themselves, rather than relying on outside sources to deliver that which they are capable of.

The Soul Defragmentation is a powerful combination of delta wave binaural beats, organic harmonic overtones and a guided meditation that form a potent healing triad working at the deepest levels of consciousness.  We all harbor varying levels of soul fragments and the soul defragmentation is a critical process in the healing and reintegration of these pieces.

To download the Soul Defragmentation and read the complete overview, click below:

Soul Defragmentation Download and Overview

View the entire collection of available downloads in the Healers Journal Sound Healing Series here:  Sound Healing Collection

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