The Universal Laws: The Law of Currency Exchange

Commentary by Truth (The Healers Journal)

Law Interpreted by Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

The Law of Currency Exchange has massive implications for how we interact with each other and the universe as a whole.  As a fundamental governing principle that underlies many scientific as well as social and etheric concepts, getting a grip on the Law of Currency Exchange is essential to the process of living up to our highest potential.

As described here, energy is dynamic and in constant motion.  This is its natural state.  Trying to contain or bottle energy tends to only causes problems and dysfunction.  We can learn much from this last statement.  By understanding that everything is in constant flux and adapting to this, we can live harmoniously with the natural flow of energy in the universe.  When we resist or hold back, we fight that natural flow resulting in problems associated with trying to stifle energy– as stated here namely: heat, friction, temper, fever, combustion, rashes, rash behavior, an over-load on the circulation or circuitry, or an inflamed, short-circuited or explosive situation, among others.

I can think of two poignant examples of where this law is highly relevant for almost any individual alive today.  The first would be in relation to energetic blockages.  When left unacknowledged or untreated, these always cause problems.  In many cases, when they are left unattended for years or lifetimes, they ultimately result in serious illness or death along with suffering throughout the entire period in which the blockage is occurring.  Part of the path to higher consciousness is releasing these blockages and letting the energy flow at the spiritual/etheric/emotional level, which can have profound influences on our life.

The second scenario in which this law is highly relevant for most people is in relation to money.  While many demonize money as the “root of all evil”, this is a fundamental misunderstanding of its purpose.  Money is a form of energetic exchange, nothing else.  In our complex world we need a simple, mutually agreed upon means of energy transference that is both convenient and practical.  Money fills this niche by allowing us to represent stored energy in a physical, highly portable way.  Therefore money is a form of energy.  When looked at from this point of view, it must then be subject to the Law of Currency Exchange.  And so here we have one of the major secrets of manifestation: those who assist/facilitate the flow of money (energy) are rewarded with more money (energy) for they are working in harmony with this universal law.  When this is done in integrity and in harmony with other universal laws such as the Law of Giving and the Law of Gratitude, it can be an extremely powerful force.  It can also be manipulated as many choose to do in this current time.  However, such are the laws of the universe.

By acknowledging the fundamental nature of energy via the Law of Currency exchange, we can begin to actively and consciously work with it in ways that not only heal ourselves, but everything around us as we continue our upwards spiral towards realization.

The Law of Currency Exchange — The Law of Currency Exchange states that energy flows like water or electricity in currents which may be tapped for use elsewhere, and may be exchanged for other energies, or may be stored in containers such as bottles,cups, foods, batteries, notes, valuables, ideas, bodies, properties, words, monies, contracts, friendships, banks, gardens, arrangements, music, titles, talents, and all other areas of consciousness to be used or exchanged at another time or place. An excess of energy in a container unable to handle it, creates heat, friction, temper, fever, combustion, rashes, rash behavior, an over-load on the circulation or circuitry, or an inflamed, short-circuited or explosive situation. Containers vary in nature, purpose, durability, dependability, utility and adaptability as they may leak, lose, use, transform, diffuse, absorb or deplete energies. Containers may give, take, store or deny energies from others, but energy in movement serves to move other energies. Energy currents are alive; while stored energy is dead until moved. A few small energies, carefully placed, can tap into greater energies in such a way that multitudes are fed, clothed and sheltered, and entire civilizations are raised to higher energy levels.

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