The Universal Laws: The Law of Correspondance

Commentary by Truth (The Healers Journal)

Law Interpreted by Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

The Law of Correspondence is highly esoteric in nature, but if the advice that Awareness gives is taken — that is, to look beyond the immediate understanding of the words of the law to the deeper meanings they allude to, one can begin to understand their true meaning.  “As above, so below” is a ubiquitous saying that many simply parrot without a real understanding of the underlying concepts to which it is referring.  This Hermetic axiom refers to two distinct concepts which are foundational to the reality of life in this universe.  The first being that we create our own reality.  What we experience within, we create (manifest) without.

The second concept refers to the inherent polarity of our universe, that for every state, for every force, for every concept, there is an equal and opposite complementary force/state/concept that balances and corresponds to the other.  The Law of Correspondence defines the context for this force and lays a framework with which we can begin to understand the existence of polarities.  By understanding the implications of these two concepts in relation to the Law of Correspondance, we can begin to foresee the effects our actions and thoughts will have in our lives/realities.  In this way, we can beging to create exactly what it is we want, desire, and need.

The Law of Correspondence — An ancient axiom of Hermetics so states: “As above – ho, In Fact, You Really Are so below.” In ancient times this Law of Correspondence was clearly understood by entities as entities were not bombarded by thought, words, and ideas to the extent that they are today in this present plane. “As above, so below” in ancient days was a clear and meaningful experience. For prior to the multiplication of words, where few words were used and the words were simple, like the times, entities knew how to look beyond the words at the inner meanings, whereby the words stood halfway between the seeker and the sought, and the words themselves were like signposts pointing toward a city, rather than the final destination for the questioner, as in present time, whereby the question is asked and the words are answered, and the answer is the final movement of the mind which perceives no further than the word which was given as an answer. The true meaning of the Law of Correspondences: “As above, so below” teaches you, as it is above, so likewise there is a corresponding action below. As it is within, so likewise there is a corresponding action without. As it is in the past, so likewise, there shall be a corresponding action in the future and in the present. Yet these correspondences are not exact; are distorted, like a reflective mirror that does not have a perfectly flat surface. As the cycle of one level is in correspondence to the cycle of another level, so likewise, the souls of one entity have a correspondence to the souls of humanity. For each face is every other face.

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