The Universal Laws: The Law of Awareness

Commentary by Truth (The Healers Journal)

Law Interpreted by Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

Mastering the law of awareness is critical to overcoming the polarities of life in duality.  Essentially, this law elucidates the concept of ‘being without being affected by your environment or emotions’.  To simply observe and experience without creating attachments.  To acknowledge what is occurring and still maintain your unshakeable centeredness.  To be aware of those things which exist — without denial.

This is an important point– to not deny that which is occurring in your reality.  A common problem within the spiritual and new age communities is the ‘ostrich complex’, by which one refuses to acknowledge the occurrence of ‘negative’ events by completely shutting their existence out of  ones personal awareness.  This is a reaction to the event, not a transcending of it.  The law of awareness describes transcending all potential disturbances to centeredness, not simply ignoring them or pretending that they don’t exist.  When one can maintain their center despite all outside forces and circumstances, one has mastered the law of awareness.

The law of awareness also implies transcending judgement, as judgement is a reaction to external stimuli and also a result of lack of centeredness, and in some cases, self-worth as well.  There is no judgement in pure awareness.  Pure awareness is the enlightened perspective, implying a knowing that indeed all is as it should be.  To view events as good or bad, even positive or negative, is a judgement and therefore lacks the higher perspective that everything is perfect as it is.

Awareness is the state of stillness, inner peace, centeredness and oneness.  Mastering the law of awareness is critical to the process of liberation from the false chains of duality.

The Law of Awareness — There is that Law of Awareness where this Awareness may observe that which is the illusion of separateness, yet not be confused by this illusion; whereby this Awareness may be aware of that which is the illusion of death, yet not be caught in that illusion; whereby this Awareness may observe that which is the illusion of Free Will, yet not be caught in that illusion. There are certain limitations placed upon this Awareness that it cannot break. One of these being It cannot break Its own Principles and Laws. It cannot deny or reject those who would appear to separate themselves from this Awareness nor the movement and illusion of Free Will whereby they would do so.

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  1. When I label adversity I observe outside of myself as “negative” it is easier for
    me to ignore taking any form of action to help restore the perceived adversity.
    I can also get off on the adrenal thrill of judgement of the” others” courageously taking action to heal adversity.Let us remember that Jesus amonst many others, was an activist. I am open to truth and proper discernment so that I might take right action toward justice for our Mother Earth,
    the cells of my body, and all sentients.

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