The Universal Laws: The Law of Authority

Commentary by Truth (The Healers Journal)

Law Interpreted by Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

In its essence, I believe this to be a law concerning responsibility, primarily.  As I understand it, it states that he/she who has in some way been given or established authority is simultaneously responsible for it and the use of it.  Notice how no moral judgement is placed on the interpretation of the law by Awareness.  In fact, he/she specifically says “to dispose of as they wish…” showing that the outcome of how this law is used (either positively or negatively) is based solely on the intentions and consciousness of the one who has been given responsibility/authority.  Therefore it can be used as a rationale to take advantage of the bestowed authority, as is the case with most governments (and especially the cabal) around the world.

The whole idea of government rests on the notion that we give them the responsibility of and authority to provide basic social services like protection (police/military, etc.), in some cases food, health services, and so on.  Therefore we bestow upon them the responsibility in exchange for them having the authority to execute these services how they best see fit.  This is a fundamental notion underlying the concept with which those in power base the legitimacy of their actions.  It is seen to them as a fair trade.  We ask them to take responsibility for certain things and they assume the authority to execute them how they see fit.  It also happens that they simply establish responsibility (with force or coercion, perhaps) and then also assume the authority to do what they wish with it.  This formal, though little known, agreement which abides by this universal law then lays the foundation for abuses, as the law can either be used to manipulate or truly serve.  In the case of the cabal and most governments, it has been used to manipulate.

And so, if we are ever to take back our freedom, it means taking full responsibility for our own lives, choices, care, wellbeing, etc. and hence assuming authority over our own destiny.  It is now obvious that relying on governments (in most cases) to provide food leads to pesticide-ridden, GMO crops that are not healthy in the least, the overuse and abuse of pharmaceutical drugs, a medical industry that promotes sickness and disease, and endless wars and financial manipulation.  So if we are to truly change our society to a more enlightened version of its current incarnation, we must assume responsibility for these things ourselves, wherein we will have the authority to execute them as we see fit.  We must understand and work with the Law of Authority in its highest incarnation. Is that not the nature of reality anyways– that we create it as we go?  That surely takes great responsibility and authority.

Without further ado, the Law of Authority…

The Law of Authority — The Law of Authority states that whoever is liable has the authority, and to the degree of that liability the degree of authority should be given. The author of an action or work who is liable for that work has the authority over that work, to dispose of as they wish, along with the liability.

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