The Universal Laws: The Law of Affection

Commentary by Truth (The Healers Journal)

Law Interpreted by Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

The Law of Affection can be seen a s a blueprint for the emotional state of affection– how to keep it from turning into possession or even obsession.  Affection, in its purest form, is a subset of unconditional love, a manifestation, if you will, of its many myriad forms.  It is the selfless giving of adoration and the hope of the highest and best for that which its light is shone upon.

As stated here, it is heavily intertwined with the state of freedom.  It is wishing freedom selflessly for another without any strings attached.  It is the intention that the manifestation of the highest good be given to the object of affection in its own due time.  It is that which seeks to see the universe return to its highest order and state.  In this sense, it is the nature and flow of the universe, all eventually returning to source — the highest expression of consciousness known at this time.

The Law of Affection is to be given, selflessly, for the benefit of one and all.  It is  manifestation of service to others in a very high and pure state.

The Law of Affection — The Law of Affection states that affection is a beam of love, which may light upon a subject and create an object of adoration. The Law of Affection holds closely but with open arms; one wishing to see all creatures free beings by freeing others from oneself, then from themselves, their fears, their guilt and inhibitions, and from those blocks that hide their preciousness. The Law of Affection possesses not, yet sacrifices nothing of itself, for it gives without an expectation – even from the joy of giving. As the sun must shine to the sun, so affection must be given if one is to be affectionate. The Law of Affection cannot be manipulated or controlled, for its only purpose is to give. Nor can it be possessed or used, but when one’s heart is open, it enters and possesses it and uses it to shine its warmth of love upon the world.