The Universal Laws: The Law of Actuality

Commentary by Truth (The Healers Journal)

Law Interpreted by Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

This cryptic law ties into the profound universal truth that we create our own reality — what we think about, we bring about.  The actualization of our beliefs begins in the mind, independent of (yet still influenced by) our physical, waking reality.  If we were to cut our most of the text from the description of this law by Awareness, it would read: “The Law of Actuality is what is believed.”  And so we have, that which we believe, is actuality.  Profound in its simplicity and huge in in its ramifications for those who understand the possible implications.

My understanding of the Law of Actuality is that it is more subtle compared to the Law of One or the Law of Gratitude.  It is a law that governs an aspect of existence, but it does not necessarily ‘define’ it as starkly as some of the others do.  It can be seen as a law that keeps things running smoothly without notice.  A background process of sorts thats is critical yet only obvious to those who have chosen to probe the depths of reality and consciousness.

I could write more about this law, but I think it is best to leave the commentary up to you, my readers to chime in on what this law means to you.  Our collective pontification will shed light on its meaning for us.  So, what is your take on the Law of Actuality?

The Law of Actuality — The Law of Actuality is a very different idea. It is that Law which exists in the mind but not necessarily in the material form. It does not have to have dimension. It does not have to have form. It is what is believed.

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