The Universal Laws: The Archetypal Law

Commentary by Truth (The Healers Journal)

Law Interpreted by Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

The Archetypal Law may be seen as cryptic or difficult to comprehend.  While each person should try to come to an understanding of this law on their own that works for them, I will attempt to explain what I believe to be the meaning and purpose of this law.

Essentially, the Archetypal Law states that there must be a foundational context or framework for all that exists in the universe.  By stating that the Law of One is the first Archetypal Law, Awareness is hinting at its importance.  Awareness states that the Law of One is the context from which all other laws are derived, highlighting the law’s vast implications and profundity.

Awareness’s reference to the archetypal/pattern nature of the pyramid and zodiac are highly relevant metaphors for the Archetypal Law.  The more I think about it, I can see how this law is foundational to the manifestation of all that is.  First, the thought occurs, which is the archetype (or blueprint) for that which will then be created, if brought to fruition according to the universal laws.

I realize the complexity of my descriptions may not help all that much in the clarification of this law, but I know that the elucidation of the laws referenced within the explanation of this law will help shed some light on the meaning of the Archetypal Law.  These laws will be forthcoming in the Universal Laws series.  For now, I believe it is appropriate to wrestle with the ideas contained within the Archetypal Law internally until some deeper understanding emerges. After all, that is the foundation of truth.

The Archetypal Law — The Archetypal Law is that Law which is the prototype for the echoing reflections of other Laws. The Law of Archetypes as that which serves as the skeleton or framework for other Laws. The first Archetype Law is the Law of One. The second as the Law of Two, the third as the Law of Three. This apparent division as never-ending so long as the Law of Description is in effect. Concepts and personalities, numbers, shapes, forms, situations that serve as patterns for others to follow are archetypes, even as the pyramid was an archetype for the hierarchy systems and the zodiac shall be the archetype for the New World.

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