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I intend describing for you those areas of turbulence that are called disturbances. I wish to describe these for you in the way they begin and to give you as clear an idea as I can pass to you of their nature, their beginning, and their end.  Also, in particular, I wish to describe the procedure to be followed in treating people who are disturbed.

Initially, you must understand that these areas of turbulence are inherent throughout the cosmos, and in such, mankind must participate; not only mankind, but all entities embodied or disembodied.  All suffer, but suffer is not really the correct word; it would be better to say that all experience these turbulences.  It could be said that they are the negative side of a positive process and, of course, yet not. But coming down to specific matters as far as embodied people are concerned, the emotional part of the person is the residence, or the genesis of disturbances through the entity.

If you care to question afterwards, I will explain the development of an entity particularly through the incarnated period.  The emphasis always is on emotion initially, lessening as evolution proceeds.  Therefore, it is not necessarily obvious but somewhat apparent that the basis of all troubles will be the emotional part.  So you can accept the fact from me that all sickness, I can say unequivocally, the root cause of ALL sickness, is based in the emotional part of the person.  Now, this cause is of very, very great interest.

It begins with an experience which is unpleasant, non-natural, something that is unhappy according to your definition of unhappiness. Therefore, there is a slight turbulence beginning, growing, growing.  That turbulence is the attraction of energized particles one to the other.  If you understand, the emotional body is composed of energized particles otherwise it couldn’t function by itself. The disturbance is not something that is unnatural; it is something that is part of the emotional body itself.

So this little maelstrom begins, due to something unhappy, not natural, not good, not in concert, not in pitch, not in resonance with the beam.  So you have the attraction of particle for particle, giving rise to a nucleus.  If the condition continues or has been sufficiently serious, this nucleus begins to increase in its potency, its power, to shall we say, disturb.  And so you have the beginning of turbulence.  This grows, this continues; then, and only then, when that turbulence is there, you have the appropriate focus of energy attracted from outside that takes advantage of that particular turbulence.

The turbulence in itself is not the end effect.  The turbulence does not attract of itself, of course.  The entities whose function it is to cause any one of the thousands and thousands of functions—the entity who is most appropriate, is attracted and comes into the circumstances which it is utterly, utterly geared for.  Then it begins to increase the turbulence and to grow of itself.  It is being nurtured by the circumstance.

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