DL Zeta: The Role of Chaos in Fifth-Dimensional Transitions

By DL Zeta

July 2012


Creative energies abound as we move deeper into July. The creative flow offers new ideas and opportunities – if we’re able to ride the wave of these new energies.

Mercury retrograde is in effect until August 7, slowing things down a bit, but with Uranus heading back for another meet-up with Pluto, it’s a time to expect the unexpected. Mercury is also getting into the mix, forming a volatile t-square with the Uranus-Pluto square. Solar flares are another ingredient in the transitioning energies.

This is an ideal time for a personal retreat to get yourself reoriented. It’s time to attend to matters at home base, eat healthy, meditate, read a good book and whatever feeds your soul.

Regardless of how the next few weeks shape up for you, chaos will be the order of the day.

As the old energies of the past come up against new, more expansive energies, expect some shake ups as the energies merge and attempt to reorder themselves. It’s impossible to have change without some turbulence; this is likely to be the pattern of things for the next few years to come.

Chaos Rules the Space between Realities

As you complete one level of experience and prepare to enter another, you find yourself in an “in-between” place where old realities unravel as new ones begin to take form. This is a delicate transition where it’s easy to lose focus. Chaos rules the space between realities, creating a vortex where past, present and future weave a unique tapestry that is the essence of your purpose.

During this transition, old markers and signposts dissolve around you. Well-used navigational tools no longer work. This is the place where you are called upon to unite with your courage and inner strength and take a leap of believing in yourself in new and daring ways.

This process of allowing the past to unravel while the future has not fully crystallized is a rite of passage where you are presented with the opportunity to test your spiritual alignment.

As the safe harbor of what you have known recedes into the distance, a vast ocean of unknown possibilities stretches before you. To navigate this ocean of unrealized possibility, it’s necessary to connect with your inner guidance, to set your sights on the bright star of your spiritual purpose, and begin to navigate by its light.

Your Wounded Child Selves

When you enter a void, this is often the time when those aspects of your consciousness that are seeking healing come forward. Wounded child selves tend to feel vulnerable and threatened as you steer into the swirling chaos of the unknown.

During a time in the void, you can create healing and inner unification with these selves by bringing your focus to them and listening to their fears and concerns. Just spending time with these selves and loving them can be very healing.

Entering the Dark Night of the Soul

The willingness to undertake a journey into the wilderness of the unknown with only the light of your inner guidance to steer by is sometimes known as the “desert experience” or “the dark night of the soul.” This is the inner working of the process also referred to as a “rite of passage.” During this passage, your higher self directs your attention to those parts of yourself that need healing and love. As these aspects cry out for understanding, sit with them, hold their hand and ask your guides and angels to surround them with love.

For some, it is only during such trials that they are able to access wounded parts of themselves and bring about needed healing. As wounded parts of yourself receive the healing and love they need to grow, mature, and expand, you’re able to achieve a new level of inner unification. This is what allows you to burn through any remaining barriers that serve as gatekeepers to fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Your Higher Self Orchestrates Rites of Passage

You may experience a multitude of tests during a rite of passage. Keep in mind that your higher self orchestrated these rites of passage prior to your birth. They are designed to help you advance your understanding and spiritual awareness by creating opportunities to release old habits such as self-pity, fear and resistance.

The quicker you’re able to embrace times of chaos and transformation, the sooner you will arrive at the shore of the next phase of your becoming.

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