Dr. Joshua David Stone: The Importance of Developing Full Consciousness and The Three Levels of Enlightenment

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I AM University

My Beloved Friends, this understanding of developing a “full consciousness” is a revolutionary new understanding for the Aquarian Age!

Most people on the Spiritual path focus on Spiritual enlightenment or learning how to channel, Soul travel, achieve initiations, anchor Chakras, anchor Lightbodies, psychic development, the development of esoteric and occult knowledge which is all on the Heavenly Realm!

However, of equal importance is developing a “full consciousness” and doing one’s Spiritual mission, puzzle piece in the Divine Plan on Earth! These are the three great lessons of the Spiritual path: Spiritual enlightenment, full consciousness, and the fulfillment of one’s Spiritual mission and puzzle piece on Earth.

Most Lightworkers and Spiritual leaders focus on the first one, and some focus on the third; however, most do not. The second one of developing “full consciousness” is the great blind spot in the New Age Movement and world! So the key question is what does this term the development of “full consciousness” mean? It is one of the most important Spiritual ideals and concepts you will ever come across and after 50 years of living on this Earth, this is the first time I have ever heard it talked about in any book, lecture, seminar, workshop or anywhere!

Developing a Full Consciousness

The development of “full consciousness” is a crucial ingredient to passing your initiations, achieving Lightbodies, anchoring Chakras, doing your Spiritual mission on Earth, becoming the Christ, the Mighty I AM Presence and becoming an Integrated Ascended Master! There are many lenses for understanding this new Spiritual ideal for the Aquarian Age in balance with the Spiritual and Earthly aspects of enlightenment! In truth, one could say there are three levels of enlightenment! In the New Age Movement and the Eastern world most believe the achievement of one aspect makes them an Integrated Ascended Master, this is in truth self-delusion and self-deception! The achievement of only one aspect makes one nothing more than a fragmented disintegrated being!

I have to tell you I absolutely love this term “full consciousness,” I really think it is totally revolutionary and cutting-edge. The profundity of the I AM University is that it teaches and trains you to achieve Spiritual enlightenment, full consciousness and enlightenment of how to fulfill your Spiritual mission and puzzle piece on Earth.

Most of you know what Spiritual and Earthly enlightenment are for I have spoken about this a great deal in my books, correspondence courses and articles on the website. However, on this day of our Lord I would like to give a precise and clear definition of what is the development of a “full consciousness!”

This is an incredibly exciting Spiritual ideal and concept! The development of a “full consciousness” must be explained in a multi-faceted way. The first is, it is a consciousness that is developed on all Seven Chakra levels, which means you have developed the Spiritual / Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Moses / Mohammed / God / Goddess Qualities in your consciousness to open your Seven Seals and Chakras, and turned them into Seven Golden Candlesticks or Churches!

Secondly, it is the development of all Seven Rays and their corresponding qualities!

The development of a “full consciousness” means you have opened your Third Eye fully meaning you have developed and refined your consciousness!

The development of a “full consciousness” means you are integrated and balanced and have developed your consciousness on all three levels!

The development of a “full consciousness” means you see life from an “Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Synthesis Consciousness” and not from a limited lenses consciousness!

The development of a “full consciousness” means you see life from the your Spiritual / Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Mohammed / Moses / Lao Tse / Zoroaster / Integrated Ascended Master / God / Goddess Mind, and not from the negative ego / lower self / fear-based / separative / selfish / self-centered / lower-self desire / materialistic / victim consciousness mind!

It means you cause your reality and you are not an effect. You are a Master, and not a victim.

It means you know yourself which means you consciously are aware of what your subconscious mind is doing, and you are the master of your subconscious mind, and have completely reprogrammed your subconscious mind.

The development of a “full consciousness” means you know how to properly parent your inner child and do so.

The development of a “full consciousness” means you practice what you preach, walk your talk, and are in complete integrity in all that you do.

The development of a “full consciousness” means you only make conscious decisions in life and you never do anything, and I mean anything without making a conscious choice to do it.

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