Cosmic Awareness: Loved ones and Ascension – Cutting Through the Belief that “Family” is More Important than Personal Spiritual Development


Cutting Through the Belief that “Family” is More Important than Personal Spiritual Development

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

QUESTIONER: Does Awareness have an opening message please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness does have an opening message. It has to do with a concern that many Light Workers have at this crucial time when Ascension is looming, when many are preparing for the changes that are already taking place and that will continue to accelerate. It is a concern over loved ones, over family and family members. It is the experience of many Lightworkers that while they may themselves be quite concerned and interested in matters regarding Ascension and personal Ascension, often they do not find support in their own families or other family members towards their interests and concerns.

In fact, many Light Workers find that some of the greatest opposition and ridicule comes not from strangers but from their own families. This makes it difficult often, for the journey towards Ascension is one of gathering conviction that the changes are coming and that which one has waited on for so long, and has sought out for so long without apparent validation to prove matters to others, is finally coming together. Yet the irony of ironies is that as it comes together many become very concerned about those very same loved ones who have not supported them or believed them or trusted that they are indeed tuning into information of great worth and great value.


Many are the loved ones who reject the concepts held by a Light Worker and yet when it comes closer to that point of a departure from the world that is known into that world which is promised, that world that is possible beyond the constraints of physicality, many of the Light Workers suddenly become concerned about their family, and whether or not they can make this tremendous move, for it might mean they have to let go of the family, of their children, of their spouses, of their aunts and uncles, mothers and fathers, and there are many who would not do this.


Many of the Lightworkers will find when they talk to others, the immediate objection against pursuing Ascension is that it might cause such a situation where the individual would have to choose between family and their own Ascension. There are not many mothers, for example, who would give up their families so that they can ascend, and the very concept seems almost selfish to some; for why would a mother give up her children if she was nothing but an inconsiderate mother?


Society Promotes Family as the Most Important Thing


As a concerned, loving, caring mother such a concept is even considered sinful or criminal by many. It must be remembered that the concept of family has always been highly touted, has always been highly held as the most important thing of all especially in this physical reality. Because of the strong bonds and ties that exist in families between mother and children, father and child, sisters and brothers, spouses; these family ties promoted as they are by society become the primary values held in a society and the concept of leaving one’s family behind becomes almost intolerable and many are those who could pursue a spiritual path who will be stymied and blocked and held back because they will not do so if it means abandoning the family.

Thus it is that many, even Light Workers, will hold back and will not go the distance, will not pursue the ultimate solution and the ultimate course of their own spiritual growth and development, their own personal Ascension; if it means that for them to ascend they must abandon the family, they must choose between their own selfish path and the support of the family – many will simply not do this. They will determine that the family is far more important and in the end they will step away from a path that might take them to Ascension because they will not make this choice.


Each Spiritual Being Must Choose Between Their Own Spiritual Journey and the Spiritual Journey of the Family


This brings this Awareness to the crux of this matter, which is that ultimately each spiritual being who is in a position to ascend to the highest level of their own personal Ascension must make such a choice, and must choose between their own spiritual journey and the spiritual journey of the family. This Awareness is not saying that the family is not important, but this Awareness is saying that what is even more important is the realization of every spiritual being that they are spiritual beings, that the world around them is illusionary, that the choice towards a spiritual advancement in consciousness is a choice that will promote the Divine, that will promote the spiritual being- him or herself- that will always move them forward and not backwards.


One of the greatest lessons to learn in this physical realm is that the concept of families, while a social concept, a concept that allegedly keeps the family together, putting it as the most important social unit on the planet, putting this forward is held by the majority of individuals on the planet; it is at the same time the biggest trap there is towards Ascension and spiritual advancement. So deep is it in the psyche of the human condition that many would find it even taboo to talk about it to the degree that this Awareness is talking now and to even suggest that one’s true obligation is to oneself and their own spiritual advancement, their own spiritual uplifting, is nothing short but mercenary and irresponsible.


Yet even the entity known as Jesus the Christed One did state in his lessons, in his parables, that the true family and the True Father was the Divine Family and was God. Even Jesus suggested that ultimately one must choose between God or one’s family.        What this       entity was      truly         talking about was not simply as it is held in many faiths – that one must devote themselves to this entity/being known as God – but rather that when one comes to that final departure from the illusionary state of consciousness of third dimensionality one must also finally break through that illusionary concept that the family is a social unit above all else, even above the individual, and one needs to stay loyal and dependent on the family before one even considers the loyalty to God, the Divine or even one’s own spiritual nature.


It is an illusion because each member of that family is truly first and foremost a spiritual being having a physical experience. Thus if one comes into one’s family of origin one must always understand that their mother and their father, their siblings and their cousins and their aunts and their uncles and their grandparents and all who construct that original family unit are spiritual beings, each having their own journey in life.

If one begins to understand that you as a spiritual being are obligated first and foremost to your spiritual destiny, to your own path that you planned as a spiritual being before your conception and birth, and if this is supported and held and understood by all, then there would be no problem, and each would walk that path of their own destiny. But since one comes into a physical reality where all is forgotten, where the family social unit becomes the most powerful motivating factor in one’s personal life and also the most powerful factor to restrict and constrain one, to misdirect one in all of society; then one often does not walk their path of destiny but rather tries to walk the path that is expected by the parents and by the social unit that is the family.


One will often forego their spiritual destination, even though it cries deeply within them to be followed, because it is not accepted or ordained to be the path of power, the path towards one’s destiny. Most do not wake up from this and never realize how tyrannical the family can become, how parents can dominate children and force them through a socialization process into not following their own destiny but to follow what is expected of them. Bear in mind that this is all part of the purpose that many come onto the Earth plane to experience: how to be dominated by loved ones, and by family.


The Strong Taboo against Abandoning the Family


As one takes responsibility for their social/spiritual journey they do begin to understand that there are forces high within consciousness, high in themselves, that direct them to seek out their highest expression and to move towards the Ascension process, and they come finally to a point in their journey where what may be stopping them is that fear, that doubt, that uncertainty around the family and abandoning the family, that sense of guilt that one should not pursue one’s own spiritual destiny if it means that the family must be abandoned. There is still that strong taboo against abandoning the family, that primary unit of social responsibility that exists in the hearts of many.


This Awareness is mentioning this today, for many are coming to this point of recognition that they will have to choose between themselves and their spiritual journey and their loved ones, their families of origin and their families of creation, those they created themselves, their wives, their children. Those are the families, the two family units this Awareness is referring to when It speaks of family. As one comes to a point in one’s life where one realizes that perhaps those of the family who have so long rejected those notions of spiritual growth and development or of Ascension itself may indeed not be here to experience Ascension at this time. It may be that their spiritual inclination and purpose is to have a near Ascension experience versus a full Ascension experience. They may be here to experience what it might be like not to ascend and to see cataclysm and destruction and upheaval all around them, or to slip-slide silently down a dark tube into a dark reality, or even to step straight into the new concept of the balanced Planet A/B; but it may not be about ascending.


At this point one must make the decision of whether or not one will forego their own Ascension process possible to them at this time by their own choice, their own plans of destiny, because there are those in the family that will not come and one thinks that it is nobler to stay with those who will not ascend, not realizing that in this choice, which will be honored, there is also the loss of possibility to move forward as one needs to do in that journey of spiritual unfolding and development.

One may indeed bypass that experience and opportunity of Ascension and lose that opportunity because one has not confronted a final obstacle, a final realization of the True Being that one is. One has not understood that they are a spiritual being having a physical experience, part of which is to bring them into Ascension, and those around them they call family, each and every member of the family, is also a spiritual being having an experience. To choose the favor of others who are less informed, less enlightened, less aware simply because a social context states that one must first and foremost be loyal to family is indeed the final test, if you will, of whether one is ready for Ascension or not.


One of The Least Understood Teachings of Jesus


Remember that it was Jesus the Christed one who advised that to follow the path towards higher salvation, to pass into the realm of his Father, one must give up one’s family. He was not trying to be cruel and this has been one of the least understood parables or lessons of the enlightened Messiah. What he was actually speaking to is what this Awareness is speaking to at this moment; that when one comes to the final edge and it is time to jump off, to take the leap of faith, to move into the full trust that one is a spiritual being having this Ascension experience, one must understand that the chains the family holds can prevent one from taking that leap of faith and one must break the shackles, and must remove the chains.

It is not to say one cannot love those in one’s family but one must accept that they too, each and every one, have their own divine destiny, and it may or may not be a destiny of Ascension. Thus it is a mother must finally realize that the child she raised may him or herself not choose to follow the


mother or the father. One may decide as a child that they will not follow a father or a mother who are not ready to ascend. This is a challenge, but when one truly understands, honors and accepts that each human being is a spiritual being having a human experience, and will finally at one point or another in the long journey of spiritual evolution come to that point that they must make this very decision that they must ascend for themselves and not for anyone else, not even for their own family.


Equally they cannot restrain themselves from diverting their course simply because they are afraid they will leave their families behind. If this is their choice then this Awareness says those who make such a choice are simply not ready for Ascension but will have learned valuable lessons coming to this point, and those who have made that choice and will proceed forward, even knowing their beloved family members will not come with them, have reached that higher point of conscious understanding and awareness that signifies they are truly ready for that singular experience known as Ascension.


This Awareness realizes this may be a topic that deeply challenges individuals in their own journey but it may also bring a type of comfort and support, if one realizes that all will ascend eventually, and even those who will not ascend in the manner that is being made available will ascend with their own personal deaths, will return back into their spiritual bodies and will be reunited    with    those   who     have    ascended.       Thus there is no loss, even if in death one perceives loss or feels that they will lose those loved ones.


Ultimately the love and compassion of the Divine is so great that all will eventually come back and it is just the illusion that is the obstacle that must be confronted and passed through. It is the illusion that the family must not be abandoned, the illusion and concept that one owes their fidelity and loyalty first and foremost to the family that must finally be challenged and finally be overcome.


At this time, as many are looking towards their Spiritual Ascension, this Awareness offers this infor-mation for them so that they may truly confront this situation, and truly come to the deepest understanding that in this illusionary world this is but another trap to prevent those who are here to ascend at this time from doing so. But as one gives up this illusion, this con, one becomes free in spirit and when one is free in spirit, Ascension will follow. This completes the opening message.


Reuniting with The Family After Ascension


QUESTIONER: Thank you, it was excellent. Just so that I’m understanding correctly, will there come a point in time when the individual is reunited with the family after Ascension?


COSMIC AWARENESS: Indeed this is so. This is what this Awareness was referring to when It said that everyone, every spiritual being, will be reunited back into Spirit and back into the body of the Divine. As one realizes the soul’s purpose is always to evolve, to move forward, to reunite and to grow and develop into that multidimensional being it truly is – those who choose not to ascend for they are too wrapped up, for example, in their physical lives and their physical journey – will still come to a point in that physical journey where they must die, for such is the order of events that the physical body will eventually expire.


When this occurs the soul fragment or soul aspect is once again released. Those who have ascended through design and purpose have already gone into the higher realm of consciousness. Those who have not made this choice and choose to follow their physical life journey will come to that part of their lives when the body no longer can survive and deceases. At this point the spirit, as this Awareness has said, is released to return back into its spiritual being and at that point those who have already ascended will be reunited with them.


This is specific to those who do not choose to move for-ward in the Ascension experience but rather choose to continue a physical journey. Even if they proceed on that physical path, be it on Planet A, the new balanced Planet A/B, or on Planet B, they will still come to physical conclusion at some point and the spirit being or body will return to its full soul context and that is when those who have already moved into spiritual consciousness through Ascension will be able to meet and be reunited. Does this answer the energizer’s question?

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  1. A question comes to mind. Where does the Twin Flame relationship come into the ascension process? ?
    My life keeps me here on Mother Earth. . .
    My Twin Flame whom I met while she was here on earth. . .then she entered back into the spirit realm seven days after we had met. We did not know when we met that we were twin flames.

    A friend of mine was dying from a brain tumor in the hospital in Sun City, Az. After Aggie passed into the spirit realm I made the statement before going to sleep. . .”I wish i knew more about what takes place between earth life and life in the spirit realm?”

    I did not know that my Twin Flame Shawbana, had passed over
    to spirit only hours after my friend Aggie had left this life.
    while mourning the loss of Aggie. . .one night as I lay in bed I wished to know more about what takes place between Earth life and the Spirit Realm.

    Not long after that Shawbana began bringing me messages. One of those messages was, “Melvin I was allowed to hear your request and ask the spirits in charge if I could be the one to answer your request. I was granted permission.”
    That was over ten years ago. The lines of communication are still open. Good deeds always bring rewards. Especially in the realm of spirit.

    My question is. . .after my transition and ascension into spirit realm. . .when and how does a Twin Flame union take place?
    Thanks for your reply.


  2. This is complete misinformation, does not correspond to what other lightworkers
    have channelled thru from the Archangels.
    Please be more responsible and do not post information that is not correct.

  3. If the world around us is “illusionary” as Cosmic A always says, why do any of these coming events matter? They must not be real either. If indeed illusionary then is ” A Course in Miracles” correct in that we are not really here but in the presence of God and dreaming all this? Our choices whether good or bad don’t matter as they affect nothing and not real?

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